Wrestling Q&A – September 11, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
September 11, 2017

Let’s talk wrestling. It’s time to do a Q&A of some great questions about the world’s greatest sport. These questions come from my Facebook timeline and mainly from the group Kult of Kayfabe, aka the “KoK”. Let’s get busy.

Long title reigns. Good for business or bad?

I prefer the longer reigns for champions. It helps build the credibility of the wrestler holding the championship as well as that of the championship itself. Longer is generally better and means more than the short, transitional reigns.

Which wrestler(s) has impressed you the most in the 1st Round of the Mae Young Classic?

I haven’t watched the Mae Young Classic yet. Who has the time? But one of the participants, Tessa Blanchard, has impressed me time and time again. As the daughter of a Hall of Famer (Tully) and step-daughter of another future Hall of Famer (Magnum TA) and a damn good wrestler in her own right, she’s one talent that the WWE really needs to be looking at signing in the near future.

Does anyone else hate i quit matches?

“I Quit” matches can be entertaining if done properly. Of course, the last time one was done properly was the Ric Flair versus Terry Funk match back in WCW. Before that, it was Magmun TA versus Tully Blanchard in the cage in the Carolinas. Generally, they tend to be lame and suck more often than not. But the concept is a good one and the matches can be good. They’re best as a few and far between “final match” to end a feud or rivalry. But I don’t hate them. I just want to see them done correctly.

Which wrestler was the best actor during skits?

Miz and Maryse were awesome during their skits mocking John Cena and Nikki Bella during the build to their match at Wrestlemania. Triple H and HBK in their parodies of Vince and Shane McMahon back in the day were great too. But the best and most entertaining wrestler to do a variety of roles has to be Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac. He played Mark Henry in the DX parody of the Nation of Domination. He played Ric Flair in the nWo parody of the Horsemen. And he played Chyna’s bitch in those two movies of the adult nature. Yeppers, X-Pac definitely gets the nod as best actor.

Todd Pettengill for the WWE Hall of Fame?

Maybe at some point way down the road, but there are many, many people who deserve to go in first and if we’re doing announcers and commentators, Bob Caudle and Lance Russell should have the first spots, followed by Tony Schiavone and Michael Cole. Also Gordon Solie should be inducted first. On second thought, Todd doesn’t even make the list. Forget about him. Deal with the true legends first.

Anybody miss Taz’s wrestling commentary either in WWE or TNA/impact wrestling?

Some people may, but I don’t. Not a big Taz fan here.

More likely Brock has another UFC fight or Bryan has another wrestling match?

I think that eventually, so long as he can keep getting cleared by doctors and in order to avoid losing him, that WWE will eventually give in and give Daniel Bryan the chance to wrestle one more match, hopefully against Miz at Wrestlemania. They both worked so hard for it and it really should happen. Brock back in UFC? I’m not going to say it’ll never happen, but he’s getting older and with all of the problems involving his last return to the Octagon, it seems less likely each and every day. So I’ll go with Bryan getting one last match.

Could you see WWE doing a women’s Royal Rumble (with less competitors maybe 15-20) at the next Rumble in 2018?

I could see it and I hope that they do decide to do exactly what you suggest. It would be awesome.

WWE have announced that Asuka will be leaving NXT. My question is which brand would you put her on.

One is about as good as the other, but I think I’d go with Smackdown Live. I want to see Asuka versus Charlotte.

And that’s it? I thought I had more questions than this. Oh well. I’m gone then and off to do other stuff. Thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and especially questions are welome and appeciated. Unitl the next time, I’m down and gone. Have a great day.


@00 @ 1 a wrestling meme

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