This & That – September 16, 2017

This & That
September 16, 2017

Good morning and salutations and all of that lovely crap that people use to greet each other. It’s 7:00 in the AM and I’m getting ready for an eleven-hour day of “customer service” and “people”. Just shoot me now! So politeness and friendly greetings are not necessarily the rule of the day here. Once I clock in at work and am getting paid, I’ll be Mr. Friendly. Right now, I’m just wishing that myself and my bed could stay acquainted for about two more hours. Mornings suck and not in the good way.

So how is everyone this morning? I’m Doug and this will be an all-over-the-place rant of the day type deal. I was going to type up a new Wrestling Q&A, but I did that at least twice already this week and I haven’t done a rant, aka “This or That” in a while. That’s a lie. I did one early in the week and I posted one from eight years ago yesterday, but I haven’t been writing these as regularly as the Q&A’s and the other stuff so I’ll go with it anyhow… cause that’s one of the things I do. So are you ready for a ride? Hang on and away we go, just like on a roller coaster… of love. (Say what?) That one’s for you, Kenneth. You’re welcome.

My arms, I’ve noticed recently in the mirror, are getting really skinny. I’ve got a fat face and fat belly (cause I’m a middle-aged and crazy fat man), but I look at my forearms and wrists and they’re getting kind of stringly. Is that even a word? No one else would probably notice or even care, but I have noticed and I do care. It’s weird. If I didn’t hate doctors so much, I’d go get it checked out. No, I wouldn’t. That’s another lie. I don’t do doctors unless I absolutely have to.

Speaking of which, so far I’m still doing really well (I think) on my diabetes crap. I’m doing the shots and pills as told and sticking myself 4 times a day to keep track of my sugar, which generally stays in the 180 to 240 range with occasional spikes, but not too often. I’m feeling a helluva lot better these days and have far more energy than I did for a long time. I still have constant aches and pains in my legs, feet, arms, etc and the occasional bad headache, but that’s a doctor visit and story for another day. I can deal with it. One thing at a time and right now, me and Mr. Diabetes are at war and I’m working on kicking it’s ass. I’m even eating regularly and have cut way, way back on the drinks. I’m not giving them up entirely because I like my Diet Dew and Pepsi, but what used to be wiped out and drank in a day now takes 4 or 5 days. I think that’s a good step. And I’m even eating breakfast. I have a TV dinner cooking in the oven right now. No judgement. It’s a well balanced meal, it’s cheap and today is going to be an eleven hour day for me. So it’s all good. Besides, food is our friend.

I spent a while last night on YouTube watching lots and lots of Cyndi Lauper videos. I watched “She Bop”, the Goonies videos with all the wrestlers and of course, “Time After Time”. That woman was way ahead of her time and pretty damn funny. A great singer too. Why is she not in the WWE Hall of Fame? Maybe this year. She certainly deserves it more than Snoopy Dogg Dogg or 87% of the other so-called “Celebrities” already inducted. Cyndi, Regis Philbin and Andy Kaufman are the Hollywood folk that need to go in. Everyone else can and should just wait.

I’m scared to turn on the news this morning and see what’s going on around the world. Last night in St. Louis, the masses were taking to the streets to protest the acquital of a police officer in the shooting of a black man a few years ago. Forget the video evidence of the man who was shot hitting police cars with his vehicle and trying to escape, leading cops on a high speed chase. Forget that he was a multiple-time felon. I agree that the cop wasn’t totally innocent here and got off too easy, but don’t blame the system or even the judge here. The prosecution screwed up their part with the charge of 1rst Degree Murder, which involves premeditation and that wasn’t the case. If the charge had been manslaughter, or even a second-degree charage, it may have resulted in a conviction, but the prosecution didn’t prove their case and the judge made the right decision based on the evidence and the facts. And now, there were demonstrations last night. When I went to bed, fourteen people had been arrested and four police officers had been assaulted and injured. I’m not looking forward to seeing what the arrest and injury toll is this morning. And of course, BLM has already started showing up so this will end up with riots, looting, damage of property and assaults on people who have absolutely nothing to do with this case… because that’s what BLM does. They’ll stir the crowd up to cause chaos and confusion and the mindless sheep won’t even know exactly why they’re protesting, but they’ll do it anyway. And businesses and families and properties will all be ruined and destroyed in the process. It’s a shame that this man was killed, but there’s a question that has to be asked. If he hadn’t tried to hit people with his car and flee, would he still be alive right now? Probably. All actions have consequences and death is a pretty extreme one, but this guy was no angel and not innocent by any means. Should he have been killed? Nope. Did the cop over-react? Based on what we’ve been told and seen, probably. But did the charge fit the crime? Nope. And now the shit hits the fan in St. Louis.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I walk into a place that caters to adults only and sells adult beverages and I’m looking to purchase adult beverages, I bring my ID with me just in case I get carded. And I’m 51 years old. So what the hell is the deal with all of these people yesterday coming into the ABC store to purchase alcohlolic beverages and they don’t have any ID with them and then get all mad and PO’ed when carded. I had at least 5 people yesterday that I carded that didn’t have their ID. No ID means no purchase. And not a single one of them was over thirty years old. And every single one was driving a car. What the hell? If you’re under 60, have an ID. If you’re driving, you should have a license with you or else you shouldn’t be driving in the first place. That license is an ID. Bring it into the store with you. You might not be carded, but then again, you may. It’s our job and if you don’t have that ID, then it’s no sale and getting all mad and huffy won’t change a thing. Be responsible and think instead of just assuming that because you’re 22 or 23, we know you’re old enough. We don’t always know and that’s why we ask for proof. It’s our job and responsibility and it’s yours to have that ID on hand. That just irks the hell out of me.

Do you know what’s so scary about all the current craziness between the rest of the world and North Korea? That in the end, it’s going to come down to Dennis Rodman being the key player here and having to broker the deal that keeps World War III from starting. Yes, we will be saved in the end by “The Worm”. Think about it.

SMF Cyberspace – The Podcast. Go find it on YouTube. Subscribe. Listen and enjoy. You will laugh and learn at the same time. I promise you that. I’ve been on two episodes so far and despite that I hate to talk and even worse, hear myself talk, it was a blast. Brent, Eric and the rest of theSMF crew are hilarious and extremely insightful at the same time about such a wide variety of topics. No political correctness allowed so you’ve been warned, but if you want to listen and laugh and learn with some great guys having a great time, check it out. I need to give Brent a call and get back on there someday. My social anxiety says no, but if we can ever get a wrestling episode or even a roundtable Q&A where anything goes, I may have to pop a few Prozacs and take the plunge again. Who knows?

I hate the phone. And small talk. And people. Not all, but just most. I think I might have a few issues.

I don’t care what anyone thinks. So far as I’m concerned, soldiers of the Confederate Army from the Civil War ARE veterans and deserve to be honored as such. The Civil War was NOT all about slavery, despite what some might think. It was about state rights first and foremost. Slavery was an issue and part of it to be sure, but it wasn’t the main thing. Read your history and not just the talking points of the left. Just saying.

My future life-mistake and temporary love of my lustful heart, from St. Andrews, is named Ryan. Damn, he’s a purty man!

How in the hell do people drink coffee? I love the smell, but the taste is just plain nasty. I just don’t get it. But Hot Chocolate is great. Especially with the little tiny marshmellows.

Quacky Joe is the biggest and baddest goose at St. Andrews. He catches bread in his beak when you toss it to him and is just a cool, cool ducky. He also likes to look you in the eyes and walks right up to us when we go to the college. He has no fear!

I just looked at the clock. I need to go get ready for work. I have to leave here in 15 minutes. What the hell? Where did the time go this morning? I ate. I brushed my teeth. I pet the cat and talked to her for a few minutes. And in between all of that, I sat here and wrote and now I have to quit. This sucks! I haven’t even gotten to the Adventures of Floyd yet. Maybe some other day then.

Well, I’m down and gone. Time to make the donuts, I mean “sell the liquor”. Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, I’m down and gone. Take care.



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