Music Fact Or Fiction – September 16, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
September 16, 2017

Sing a song and dance a dance… or maybe not. Let’s just talk music instead and do that big time “Fact or Fiction” thing about the sounds that make us smile. It’s music time, boys and girls. The questions come from my long time, close personal friends over at And the rest of it is just me, myself and I. Wasn’t that a song by De La Soul? I think that was their name, but I don’t remember for sure. Let’s just do this.

You don’t see the copyright lawsuit against Chance the Rapper going anywhere.

FICTION: It ain’t over until it’s over and it’s too early to tell if this Abdul Wali Muhammad has a case or not. Details are hazy and I don’t really care one way or the other if Chance the Rapper ripped off this other guy or not. His music sucks and if he ripped off Muhammad, then it’s most likely that Muhammad’s music sucks too. Bleh to all of it.

Fergie and Nicki Minaj’s video for “You Already Know” was bland.

FACT: I went and watched and pretty much forgot about it as soon as the video finished. It wasn’t bad, I guess, but it wasn’t good or memorable either. Just crap filler from two crap filler artists that I could care less about. Fergie used to be entertaining, but that was back in the early days. Now, she’s just another generic pop star. ANd Nicki isn’t even that. Did I already do the “Bleh” thing? Well, double it for this. And add a round the world “this sucks” snap too.

The Kanye West/Jay Z feud will end sooner rather than later.

FACT: People argue and have issues. People get mad. People make up and become friends again. Kayne has issues. Jay-Z has issues. But both men are talented artists and there is more money to be made with working together and ending this stupid feud than staying mad and bitter. It’ll all blow over soon enough.

There’s no merit to claims that Beyonce’s “Formation” ripped off Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

FACT: The guy who originally made this claim admits he was just trying to screw with the Beyonce fans and get people to talking and it’s all false. I think that answers any questions about the issue and it should be put to rest. It’s not true. ‘Nuff said!

You enjoyed Marilyn Manson’s “We Know Where You F*cking Live.”

FACT: While I’ve never been a big Manson fan, the song is pretty decent as his stuff goes and better than most of the Manson tracks I remember from days gone by. He’s still no Alice Cooper (or even close), but he’s a solid artist and the songs seem to be getting better as he gets older. I liked this one and will probably listen to it again.

The Game’s “Heaven 4 A Gangster” was a fitting tribute to Tupac.

FACT: It’s solid and to the point and far better than most of the other rap songs out there these days. The Game isn’t all that great in my opinion, (I hate rap – Rap is Crap), but it’s not totally unbearable and seems to be The Game trying to reflect on what he thinks Tupac would think of rap today (or what passes for rap). It’s a good tribute and I think that Tupac would like it.

And there you go. It’s mostly a short and sweet “I don’t give a damn” column, but now that I’ve finished, I still don’t give a rat’s ass about rap. Why can’t we get questions about Sinatra or Alice or Waylon or even Soce? I want music that matters. *sighs* Well, that’s all for now. Comments and thoughts are welcome. Until the next time, have a great one.


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