One Word Survey – September 17, 2017

One Word Survey

What the hell?  It’s early and I’m bored. I just woke up. I need to go back to bed.  I think I’m going to do just that… after I do this.  Good Morning Peeps!

Answer with strictly one word, It’s not easy!

1. Where is your mobile phone? Charging
2. Your hair? Bed-Head
3. Your dad? Deceased
4. Your favorite food? Chinese
5. Favorite color? Black
6. Favorite drink? Pepsi
7. Fear? Alone
8. Favorite shoes? None
9. Favorite way to relax? Writing
10. Your mood? Tired
11. Favorite Place? Bed
12. Where were you last night? Home
13. Something that you aren’t? Awake
14. Muffins? Blueberry
15. Vacation spot? Ohio
16. Where you grew ? Montclair
17. Last thing you did? Computer
18. What are you wearing now? Jeans
19. Your TV? Off
20. Life? Breathing
21. Your pet? Goldy
22. Regrets? Yes
23. Missing someone? Absolutely

@ 00 survey meme template

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