Wrestling Q&A – September 17, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
September 17, 2017

Are you ready for some Wrestling Q&A’s. I asked for some good questions and well, I think I found some. And good questions means that I promise not to half-ass it and give real, truthful and insightful answers… probably. It’s the world’s greatest sport and I’m pro wrestling’s most eclectic columnist (at least that’s what it says on my business card) and this is the Tossing Salt Q&A and I’m just rambling now. How about that headbutt that Vince McMahon took from Kevin Owens this past Tuesday night. Wow! Let’s get busy and answer some questions… cause that’s what we do here. And away we go…

1) Do you feel that they are setting Jason Jordan up for failure? He has had real good matches, but I see the crowd completely turning on him and sooner rather than later. I think a heel turn for him would be putting out a fire before one begins. Your thoughts?

I agree that the whole “Daddy dearest” story line with Kurt Angle has pretty much fizzled out before it really even got started. What I’m thinking is that we’ll eventually see the heel turn you’re talking about and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it eventually lead to Jordon facing his “Dad” at Wrestlemania. A heel turn is inevitable and it’s just a matter of not if, but when. I predicted, when this whole angle began, that it would eventually be revealed that Jordan and his friend, Cory Graves, were manipulating and using Kurt Angle to help Jordan’s career and it’s been a ruse all along. I still stand by that prediction.

2) From what you have heard, Is the current plan for Wrestlemania main event still Lesnar vs Roman? If so, how is it possible that Vince doesn’t see that is an absolutely awful idea.

I haven’t heard anything different yet, but with Wrestlemania still six months away, we can still hope that Vince will have an epiphany and realize that there are other people who could have better matches with Brock than Roman, like Kensuke or AJ Styles for example. I’d rather see Roman face off against his former SHIELD buddies in a triple-threat match or even have a rematch against a healthy (and pissed off) Undertaker. There is still plenty of time for Vince to change his mind between now and Wrestlemania. Let’s just hope that he does.

3) With WWE running real short of headliners for the Hall of Fame outside of Undertaker and Goldberg….do you see them starting to induct more people a second time as apart of factions? For example, the 3 original members of the nWo, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, DX?

With the (deserved) induction of the Four Horsemen, I think that a new precedent has been set and we’ll see factions and teams inducted more and more often as the number of legitimate headliners starts to get smaller and smaller. I have no problem with some of the ideas, like DX since it’s the only way that Chyna will ever get her rightful recognition. Ric Flair might be the only man right now to currently have two Hall of Fame rings, but I seriously doubt he’s going to be the last.

4) AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar. Do you think we get that match at some point? I think it has money all over it and surprised they haven’t done it.

I’m surprised that they haven’t done it yet either, but what I’m hoping is that the WWE is saving this particular match for something special, like Wrestlemania perhaps. One can only hope.

5) Would Finn Balor benefit from a move to Smackdown? It is really a shame that he has been back for 6 months and never went after the Universal Title he never lost. It kinda makes him look weak. Maybe a move to Smackdown would put hit at the top of the card again?

It’s really hard to say if a move to the other brand would benefit Balor or not, but I agree that he’s been pretty much an after-thought for the WWE since returning from his injury and that really sucks. But the problem right now seems to be that there are so many big names on the WWE roster right now, on both brands, and Balor (and many others) are just getting lost in the shuffle. Maybe after Hell In A Cell, they can move Kevin Owens to RAW after his feud with Shane McMahon ends and in exchange, Balor can move to Smackdown Live. Balor versus AJ or Balor versus Shelton Benjamin for example, would make for some great matches.

6) Why hasn’t WWE was not signed Magnus and Samuel Shaw yet?

I’m not sure, but I would expect that part of it is because there are so many top talents currently on the WWE roster and in NXT as well and there really isn’t a place for either man right now. If a spot on the roster opens up and someone on creative thinks that either Shaw or Magnus would be a good fit for that spot, I’m sure that WWE management has the two men on their radar and will take a look. I think it’s just a matter of time before both men are part of the WWE in some form. It’s just not right now.

7) Jim Cornette on a recent podcast I was listening to spoke about the dropped idea that he was going to in story-line sell the contracts of the Midnight Express to The Four Horsemen in, I believe 89 or 90. How do you feel Stan and Bobby would have done as Horseman? Is there anybody in history that you wish could have been a part of The Horsemen?

If I’m remembering correctly, this was probably right after Arn and Tully left the NWA to go to the WWF and the Horseman group was pretty much Flair and Barry Windham at the time, with Hiro Matsuda as their manager. I may be wrong about that, but the timelines would fit. I think Stan especially would have been a great choice for the role of a Horseman. And Bobby as the silent, but violent “new enforcer” of the group would work too. If anyone from the NWA in that time would have been perfect to be part of the Horsemen, the Midnight Express would probably, along with Larry Zbyszko, would have been my picks for new Horsemen too. And so far as the “anybody in history” part of the question, in the last days of the Horsemen, I think Alex Wright could have been molded into a good Horseman, along with Benoit, Mongo and Flair. Nothing against Dean Malenko, but he just didn’t really do it for me as a Horseman. Al Perez could have been a good choice back in the early days of the Horsemen, maybe even better than Luger as the “Associate” who would eventually replace Ole. And finally, how about Brad Armstrong. A chance to really shine and show what everyone in the buisness already knew, that Brad was pound for pound one of the best of all time. It would have made for an interesting dynamic for the team, but it would have worked for a while anyhow.

And there you go, with another Q&A down and in the books. Thanks for reading. Questions, comments, thoughts and all feedback is welcome. Let me know what you think… please. And on that, I’m down and gone. Until the next time, take it easy and have a great night.


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