Facebook Q&A – September 17, 2017

Facebook Q&A
September 17, 2017

One thing that is for sure about social media in general and Facebook especially, is that there is absolutely no shame in anyone’s game. People will ask complete strangers anything and not think twice about it. And I’m one of those people who will answer any question asked. No shame here either. These are a few of the questions that have come across my timeline on Facebook over the past day or so. And the answers come from me. Let’s do this…

What’s the saddest song you’ve ever heard?

That changes from day to day, but one song I know that always brings me down a bit is “Wasted Time” by Skid Row. I absolutely love the song and Sebastian Bach has one of the best voices in music, but I’ve seen so many people I know and love and care for throw away their lives on drugs and alcohol and they’re not who they were anymore, but just strangers in my friend’s body. So many good times and good things thrown away and lives being wasted. Is it all really just wasted time? This song makes me wonder every time I hear it.

Name a food you can’t stand that most people seem to love.

Lobster and seafood in general. I have a reason though. I worked at Jimmy’s Seafood House in Laurinburg for nearly two years when I was a teenager. First I was a dishwasher and then later, a cook. And that much fish and seafood and the smells just ruined it for me forever. I can occasionally go to Captain D’s and get a fish & chicken dinner, but that’s rare. Fish and I are not friends.

One becomes identical to the treasure they seek!! Why do you do what you do?

If “what I do” is the writing and constant updates of my site, I do it because there is something inside me that has to get out and be used called “creativity”. I realize that these Q&A’s aren’t really all that creative and some of my stuff is lacking, but it’s all part of a bigger package, that has to be released and let out, bit by bit. If I don’t write something, then I may as well not do anything and just die or waste away. That is the life I lead and the burden I carry.

In what era would you have the time of your life?

I think I would have been good in the 50’s. I love Happy Days and the movie, American Grafitti.

Are they still bad habits if I like them?

If they’re harmful to you or to others, they are still “bad” whether you like them or not. It’s sad but true.

What is the most underrated Alice Cooper song released?

“No Tricks” by Alice and Betty Wright. It’s probably the most soulful and bluesiest music Alice has ever made. It was just a B-side for the single, “How You Gonna See Me Now”, but it has a strength and power all of it’s own. It’s a great song and definitely one of my all-time favorites.

If the Bee Gee’s say that “Grease is the word” and Peter Griffin says that “Bird is the word”, then what is really the word?

The word is, “booger”… just because.

Has porn ruined our expectations of a relationships?

It really has. Imagine my surprise last week when I ordered that pizza and the driver only delivered a pizza. What the hell is going on here? And getting pulled over by the police and when he whipped out the handcuffs, it was to arrest me and not to play kinky sex games. My life has been ruined. How does anyone know how to act anymore? Oh vey!

You’re applying for a job at Wolfram & Hart. One of the interview requirements is singing a song so Lorne can read you. What song are you going to sing?

I’ll be singing a Dougie version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, the Frank Sinatra / Bono duet version off of Sinatra’s first “Duets” album. I love that song and this version, mixing Frank and Bono together, is pure musical magic. My own particular version isn’t quite as good, but what I lack in singing talents, I can make up for in heart and enthusiasm.

And that’s all? I thought I had more, but I guess not. Thanks for reading. Time now to go watch some football. Have a great night and I’ll catch you fine folks later. Take care.


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