Opposing Views – September 19, 2017

Opposing Views
September 19, 2017

Let’s tackle a few political questions. These come from the Facebook page of a site called “Opposing Views”. They claim to have no agenda, but I often wonder about that. I admit I have an agenda. I want America to be great again and if that hurts a few feelings of a few entitled ass-clowns, so be it. They asked the questions and I have the answers. Let’s do this…

President Obama and his closest advisers reportedly want Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to run against Trump in 2020. Would he get your vote?

I don’t know anything about the man so I can’t say for sure, but if Obama is supporting him, that’s probably not a good sign. If he’s for building up our country, making our economy stronger, cutting spending, stopping illegal immigration and helping America be the strongest and best nation in the world, I’ll give him a look, but for now, the jury is out.

Do you support drug testing Congressmen and women?

Absolutely. I think that all Government employees, including members of Congress AND all people who receive government assistance, should be tested for drug abuse and if they fail, they should be given one chance to straighten up and then either be terminated from their job as a government employee and / or cut off from any government assistance. I had to take a drug test to get my job and I’ve had to be take drug tests in the past to keep my job. Why should anyone else be any different?

Do you think Southern states have the right to fly the Confederate flag on public land?

Yes. If the state government has a legitimate reason for the flag to be there or if the majority of voters for that area approve it, so be it.

Which family brings more dignity and class to the White house: The Obamas or the Trumps?

The Trumps – it’s not even close.

Are you okay with police departments putting ‘In God We Trust’ on their vehicles?

It’s on our money and if it’s good enough for our money, then it’s fine for our police departments too. Our current Sheriff’s department here in Scotland County has the logo on their cars and up at our court house and knowing the Sheriff as I do, I have no problems with it at all.

Would America be more respected with Hillary Clinton in office?

We’d be regarded as even a bigger joke than we were when Obama was in office. Hillary’s reputation as a dishonest liar and crook is worldwide and well known. I think the universal thought as to having Hillary as the President would be, “Are they really that stupid?”.

A South Carolina judge recently ruled that the Confederate flag will be allowed to fly at a state courthouse. Do you support the decision?

I do. The Confederate flag is a big part of the history of South Carolina and a part of their identity and pride in standing up for their state’s rights against the oppression of the North. It’s rebel pride and a part of the southern heritage and should be allowed and respected for what it truly stands for, not for the blatant lies of the ignorant who only want to use it as an excuse for their own stupidity and racism.

The Confederate flag stopped being flown after the Civil War — but it reemerged in the 1950’s as an anti-Civil rights symbol. Do you think the flag represents racism?

To me, it represents a pride of being from the south, of being against opression and of a free spirit that burns in our hearts. Look at the history, the actual history and not just the propaganda and lies that the media tries to spew. It’s been used as a racist tool, by groups like the Klan, to be sure, but the large majority of those of us who like and support that flag are not racist. For us, it’s heritage and pride and a part of our spirit. Nothing racist about that.

Paul Ryan says Trump isn’t perfect, but he’s still a way better president than Obama was. Do you agree or disagree with that?

Trump is actually trying to do what’s best for our country and make our nation stronger. Obama seemed to determined to sacrifice anything and everything that made our nation great in exchange for power and political points. Ryan is 100% correct in this.

Hillary Clinton says there’s no question about it: whoever wins the most votes should be president.
Agree or disagree with her?

The founders of our nation came up with the Electoral College and our manner of electing President for a reason and it’s as true now as it was then. If we vote on a simple majority, then the entire election would be decided in two states, California and New York and none of the other states would matter or have any kind of say. That would be extremely wrong. Our system works and makes every vote important and every state important. Hillary is wrong on this. But just for arguments sake, if they want to say that majority rules, then Trump won 30 states out of 50 in the last election. So he beat Hillary by ten states. Trump wins. How about that?

Kentucky just joined Arizona and Georgia as states that offer Bible classes in public schools. Agree or disagree?

We had Bible Classes offered in my high school as electives and I remember those classes very well and enjoyed them. They were not mandatory and didn’t conflict with other classes, but were there if someone wanted to take that class. I have no problem at all with them being offered.

Yes or No? Is the Trump Administration racist?

I don’t see it. What exactly has Trump said or done that is directed at anyone because of their race? Building the wall and deporting illegal aliens. They’re illegal immigrants in this country illegally. What’s racist about trying to enforce the law? The travel ban? It’s a temporary ban on travel from nations which are terrorist havens and could pose a threat to the safety to our nation. Nothing racist there, but just common sense that needs to be done. I feel better knowing that people coming into our country are being vetted rather than just let anyone in, no questions asked. The Administration has done nothing even remotely racist except for refuse to kiss the ass of people like Al Sharpton, Maxine Walters and Black LIves Matter and thus the media spins the lies and stories and fake news about racism by Trump and his people. So freaking stupid and not true.

A new online petition is asking President Trump to label Black Lives Matter a terror group.
YES or NO: Should Trump do it?

If the shoe fits, so be it. They attack police officers, damage property, loot and cause far more problems with their presence than any group should be allowed. Are they a terror group? For anyone who is not black, most definitely. They’ve earned the label and shoud be given it.

Rocori High School in Minnesota banned students from bringing the American flag on campus. But the next day, the students showed up by the hundreds PROUDLY flying Old Glory and got the ban overturned.
Do you support the stand these students took?

Amen! They did the right thing and I’m extremely proud of them. Great job by these kids.

And with that, I’m closing this thing up. My bro, the Mini-Me and Quacky Joe are calling. And if we’re good, we get ice cream too. Comments, thoughts and any and all feedback is welcome. Am I right? Am I crazy? What is your “opposing view”? Inquiring minds want to know. Until the next time, have a great one. Thank you for your support for the site. Later gators.


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