Wrestling Q&A – September 19, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
September 19, 2017

Are you ready for some wrestling Q&A? I’ve got plenty of questions so I’ll cut back on the chit chat and just get down to business. These questions come from the Facebook group “Kult of Kayfabe” and a few other places from my Facebook timeline. Let’s get to hopping, shall we.

1. Who is your favorite singles wrestler of all time?

There are so many great singles wrestlers that I enjoy for so many different reasons like Blackjack Mulligan, Ric Flair, Larry Zbyszko, Harley Race, Bo Dallas, Masked Superstar, Bobby Eaton, Mike Youngblood, Ethan Storm, etc. All of these men would fall into my Top 15 easily. But if I have to narrow it down to one person who I thoroughly enjoy every time, be it promos, in ring or whatever, I’ll go with “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson. In a world full of greats, the “Enforcer” takes a back seat to no one.

2. Who is your favorite tag team of all time?

This one is a little easier for me. I love teams like Edge & Christian, Arn & Tully, Arn and Zbyszko, The Hardys, and so many others. But for favorite of all time, it’s a tie for first place with every other team falling behind. My favorite tag teams of ALL TIME are The Anderson Brothers, Ole and Gene, who wrote the book on everything a great tag team should be and then the Midnight Express (Bobby and Stan), who wrote the revised edition along with manager Jim Cornette.

3. Do you agree with AJ Styles when he says that WWE should sign Bad Luck Fale & Tama Tonga?

I’m not really familiar with either man, but if AJ thinks that WWE should take a look at them, he’s probably right. AJ has been around the world enough times and been wrestling long enough to know what a person needs to be a major player in this business. AJ likes them so go have Regal or someone of that status should at least go check them out. It can’t hurt and could lead to two major signings for the company.

4. Will There Ever Be Another Bobby Heenan?

Nope. The Brain was one of the best managers in the era of managers, a fantastic wrestler in that ring as well and one of the best color men ever too. He was absolutely unique and one of a kind. Rest In Peace, Brain. You will never be forgotten and your legacy will forever live on.

5. You are the captain of a 5-person Survivor Series team and have to pick 4 partners. Who do you pick?

The best partners to pick would all depend upon what other team you’re facing at the Survivor Series. But if my opponents were to be determined, I’d go for a team of power and cunning mixed together with my partners being “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and The Miz. And by extension, by picking these partners, I’d also have the benefit of Paul Heyman and The Miztourage at ringside to lend aid if necessary. We couldn’t lose.

6. With Charlotte & Becky waiting in the wings to run the women’s division. Do you think the Championship Window has closed for Naomi?

Honestly, I was surprised that her reign as the Women’s Champion lasted as long as it did, but she did well and seemed to grow into her role as the Women’s Champion so never say never. While I don’t think that she’ll have another run anytime soon, I also don’t think that she’s had her last opportunity to be champion either. I do wish she’d change that finisher though. That butt to the face move has always been lame in my eyes. Just saying.

7. So what’s your favorite grudge match?

Kevin Sullivan versus Chris Benoit in the “Falls Count Anywhere” match at the Great American Bash on 6/16/96. This match was everything a brawl should be and Sullivan and Benoit set the standards for all future street fights and gimmick matches to come. They worked stiff in this borderline shoot encounter and went all out, making it a match for the ages. Everyone who is a fan of out of the ring craziness should watch this match at some point. It is that good.

8. What was your favorite WCW title match (Any title from WCW)?
Mine was the WCW hardcore Championship.

In the question, it was asked what was our favorite title match and then the guy who asked answered with the name of a title and not an actual match. What the hell? So I’ll answer both ways myself with my favorite Championship being the WCW World Television Championship and my favorite match involving that title was on WCW Saturday Night on Labor Day of 1994, May 28th, where Zbyszko, coming out of semi-retirement as an announcer, beat Regal to capture the TV title in a classic wrestling clinic of a match.

9. You think they’re going to do Raw vs Smackdown matches again at S.Series?

I do fully expect them to go this angle with at least a couple of Raw versus Smackdown matches. It seems to have become a Survivor Series tradition whenever the Brand Split in in play.

10. Who do you consider the greatest World Heavyweight Champion?

No offense to Harley Race who is probably the legit toughest man to ever be recognized as the World Champion (8 times), but the all around greatest World Champion, that distinction can only go to one man and that’s the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

11. Which would you consider the greatest World Tag Team Champions of the Crockett era?

There were a lot of great teams to hold those titles in the Crockett Era, such as Steamboat and Youngblood, Flair and Valentine, Paul Jones and Baron Von Raschke, Paul Jones and the Masked Superstar, Flair and Mulligan, Slaughter and Kernodle, Rock & Roll Express, Jimmy Snuka and Ray Stevens, etc. But one team stands supreme in my mind for that era and that has to be The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Ole and Gene Anderson. The best of the best. ‘Nuff said!

12. Fatal 4 way elimination match in the cage – who do y’all got? It’s Jimmy Valiant vs Terry Funk vs Abdullah the Butcher vs Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Valiant and Abdullah would definitely not be taking home the wins so it would come down to Terry Funk and Roddy Piper. Since Piper usually played the heel and the bookers like to send fans home happy ninety percent of the time, I’d have to put my money on Terry Funk capturing the win after some miscommunication between Piper and Abby.

13. The Nasty Boys – Hall of Fame worthy?

Former WCW and WWF Tag Team Champions. Headlined in Japan and the AWA as well. Definitely a Hall of Fame worthy tag team to be sure.

14. If you had to create a Mt. Rushmore of pro wrestling managers, which 4 are on the monument? My picks: Heenan, Cornette, Albano & Gary Hart.

There have been so many great wrestling managers out there over the years that just narrowing it down to four seems like a major shame, but for the sake of the question, I’ll play along. Bobby Heenan is a no-brainer, as is Jim Cornette. Captain Lou is a good pick and it gives the WWF some representation so that’ll be number three. And for the fourth spot, I think I’d have to go with the long time manager of the most elite faction in wrestling history, the Four Horsemen and that would be James J. Dillon. I don’t think he’d object to being the fourth man named. He seems to be partial to that number anyhow.

And that’s all of this for today. I need questions so if you have any, send them to me. Comments and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and have a great one. I’m down and gone.


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