Wrestling Q&A – September 22, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
September 22, 2017

You had questions and I’ve got the answers. It’s the Wrestling Q&A. No time for chit chat. Let’s do this…

Anyone else want WCW Saturday Night on the Network?

Absolutely. WCW Saturday Night, the “mother-ship” if you will, had some of the best matches in WCW history and before we had Nitro and Thunder, it was where everything happened. I doubt that we’ll ever get every episode of WCW Saturday Night, but whatever WWE decides to put up will be great. I’d also love to see Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling, WCW Main Event and Sunday Night Heat on the Network sooner rather than later.

Is it just me or is Corey Graves the closest heel color guy to Heenan we’ve had since he left WCW?

JBL had his moments working on Smackdown, but you’re right that Corey Graves is the closest thing we’ve had to a “heel announcer” in many, many years. Corey was good as a wrestler, but I think, at that announce table, he’s really found his true calling. He doesn’t play so much total heel as just less biased than the others and more blunt. He does a great job.

Is WWE’s music nowadays a bit generic or is it good that they have a Hollywood hitmaker making the music?

It’s all well and good that they have their own “Hollywood hitmaker” in house to make music and themes for the WWE superstars, but there is a kind of sameness when the same person does everything for everyone, kind of like the scripted promos that everyone does. They all sound alike too. It would be good for WWE to reach out and explore other options and songwriters as well and expand the waters if you will. A little more variety is the spice of life and couldn’t hurt.

What’s the most money you have ever paid to meet a wrestler and what is the highest you would pay for someone?

I’ve never paid anything more than the price of a ticket to the show to meet a wrestler. I understand that the men and women are trying to make a living by selling merchandise and autographs and that’s all well and good, but I’ve met too many guys over the years and can’t see paying anyone to sign a piece of paper or whatever. But if that person was Harley Race or Juvi, I might reconsider my position. Can’t say for sure.

What are the chances that Braun Strowman becomes a Paul Heyman guy at No Mercy?

There is a precedent of Heyman turning on Brock in favor of giants and it would be one helluva great way to add something new to Brock and help build Braun and take him to the next level. I’d give it about 75% odds right now.

What do you guys think of Big Japan’s new experimental policy of giving 2 wrestlers who work super hard a month off to rest their bodies?

New Japan has the right idea and WWE needs to look at this as well. There are enough wrestlers on the roster that there is no reason that it couldn’t be rotated and give the guys more time off, like every third month or maybe at least a full week a month or something… anything. The schedule that these men and women work is a rough one and giving the talent a chance to heal up nagging injuries and spend some family time every so often would be great for the moral and the well being of everyone.

Are champions in WWE “deserving?”

If they’re champions, then someone in the WWE management, most likely Vince, thinks that they are. That’s the only opinion that really matters anyhow.

There is a rumor that the WWE is considering offering a All Women’s version of the Royal Rumble match alongside the men’s Rumble at the pay-per-view event. Thoughts?

It’s a great idea and WWE should go with it. We’ve already had a Women’s Money In The Bank match (two of them) and a Women’s Hell In A Cell match. This is just the natural next step and between Raw, Smackdown, NXT and maybe a few “legends” like Lita, Trish, Beth Phoenix, etc, tossed in for good measure, there are certainly enough women to make a good 20 woman event.

Is Kane retired?

It hasn’t been officially announced, but if he does manage to win the election he’s working for to be Mayor, I think it’s a safe assumption. If he doesn’t win, he comes back as the pissed off Kane and works another couple of years. Right now, I think his official status is on “Leave of Absence”.

Do you think Jinder Mahal will at least be a solid mid/upper-mid card guy after he loses the title?

Jinder has, in my opinion, done really well since becoming WWE Champion and I think his place on the roster is pretty well set for the years to come. When this reign ends, he might never be WWE Champion again, but he’ll never be a 3MB jobber again either. So long as he’s part of the WWE, he’ll be a part of the mid-card and upper roster from here on in. I’m sure of it.

And that’s enough questions for now. I really do need to go get ready for work now. I said it earlier, but this time, I mean it. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later.


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