Wrestling Fact or Fiction – September 24, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
September 24, 2017

And now, it’s time to do that “Fact or Fiction” thing one more time, yet this time, it’s all about the “King of Sports”, professional wrestling. It’s 6:45 in the AM and I’m just waking up. Why am I even up… this early? On a Sunday? I need more sleep. I need an assistant. I don’t know what I need, but I’ll ponder on it for a while. But for now, I’ll just get to writing and in the words of Larry, the Cable Guy, “you gonna eat that?”. Let’s do this…

1. Braun Strowman SHOULD defeat Brock Lesnar and win the Universal title at No Mercy.

FACT: Braun is a great example of WWE finally doing everything right in building a new character and star in Braun Strowman. He truly looks like a monster in that ring and is possibly the best “giant” in WWE since Andre. He’s pretty much dominated Brock in every encounter they’ve had thus far and if Brock just snatches the win from out of nowhere, it won’t make sense. If Brock wins through shenanigans, via Paul Heyman, I can see it happening, but otherwise, Braun should get the win and give this rivalry some extra fire to keep it going. It has legs and could be big for many more months to come. I’m kind of thinking that we’ll see a turn by Heyman on “the Beast” where he switches sides and becomes the new advocate for Braun instead. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, especially since there’s a precedent for this when Heyman turned on Brock in favor of Big Show way back during Brock’s first run with the company. Will history repeat itself? Will Braun be the next “Heyman guy”? More questions than answers, but I believe that we’re going to see Braun walk out as the new Champion.

2. Neville will defeat Enzo Amore to retain the cruiserweight title at No Mercy.

FACT: There is no comparison on the ring skills of Neville versus Enzo. If Enzo wins, we riot. ‘Nuff said!

3. Bayley will win the Raw women’s title at Sunday’s No Mercy PPV.

FICTION: Bayley just came back from injury and got a lukewarm response from the live audience at best. For whatever reason, the WWE audience just isn’t getting into her as well as the NXT crowd did and I don’t expect her to be at the top of the card anytime soon because of it. I could see Nia winning her first title here and I would like to see Emma get a surprise win and run with the title, but regardless of who wins and who walks out as the Raw Women’s Champion, it won’t be Bayley. I’m pretty sure of that.

4. Even if it is only for a live event, it’s cool that WWE is bringing back the Starrcade name for a show in North Carolina.

FACT: It’s cool that they’re bringing back the name of the true “Grandaddy of them all” pay-per-view event and even if it is just a house show, it’s showing more and more that twenty years after the fact, Vince is realizing that there are fans out there who still value the old names and traditions and will spend money for a bit of nostalgia. The card is stacked too and I’m expecting that we’ll see this end up being a special for the WWE Network. This much promotion and build only for a local event, even one that is promised to be a sell-out house and will probably have tons of merchandise sold too, doesn’t seem to make much sense. I think this is just the beginning of seeing more and more respect for the glory days of wrestling and I hope that Ric Flair is able to be there at the event. It’d also be nice if they could bring in Bob Caudle, David Crockett and Tony Schiavone to call one of the matches or at least make an appearance and wave to the crowds. I’m jacked to see Starrcade back and if I wasn’t already scheduled to work that weekend, I’d probably be trying to find a way to Greensboro to see the show.

5. You’re not surprised that Anthem failed to properly finish negotiations for the GFW name and are back to pushing the Impact Wrestling name.

FACT: Nothing that Anthem or Impact wrestling does anymore surprises me. Since Day 1 it seems, they’ve always taken a step forward and then three back, being their own worst enemy and doing one stupid thing after another. How they’ve managed to stay in business (barely) is anyone’s guess. I’d love to see them get their crap together and be successful and I was hoping when Anthem took over and Dixie was booted out, that it might finally happen, but it seems that Anthem and the new management are just as incompetent as she was. Oh vey! F*ck the owl!

6. What is your excitement level for Sunday’s WWE No Mercy PPV?

I am jacked and ready for this one. It’s a packed show and I am honestly intrigued by the Brock versus Strowman rivalry. Then add the Cena versus Roman stuff, the tag team match with Ambrose and Rollins versus Sheamus and Cesaro and the whole Miz / Jordan stuff and it should be a really good show. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m going for a heavy 8 on this one.

And that’s that for now. Later tonight is WWE No Mercy, on the Network, so check it out. Starting tomorrow, it’s the return of “Ten Days of Dougie”, here on my site. Check that out too. Comments, questions and dirty jokes all welcome and appreciated. I’m out of here for now. Until the next time, thank you for reading. Have a great one.


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