Taking A Knee…

Taking A Knee
September 26, 2017

I was not going to comment any more than I already have about the whole NFL scandal where players are choosing to take a knee instead of standing and showing respect for our country during the playing of the National Anthem, but things change and frankly, I’m already so sick of it, it’s beyond stupid. I’ll make this short and sweet. If a player wants to argue an issue or stage a protest or make a stand, that’s all well and good. Go do it. It’s your First Amendment right. BUT do it on your own time and not mine or on your employer’s time.

When a player or coach puts on that uniform, they are no longer an individual. They are part of a team and should be there for the team, with the focus being on playing their sport, winning games and building / keeping the franchise as strong as possible. It’s a place to do what you’re being paid insane amounts of money to do and help build unity and togetherness in the spirit of the team. But when a player chooses to take a knee, they’re not part of the team, but instead a distraction. How can the coaches and players focus on the game when every other question or comment from the press is about politics. Keep the politics, regardless of what they are, at home and don’t bring them to work. No matter the reason, it’s wrong and dumb and selfish of the person doing so. These antics (and that’s exactly what they are) do nothing practical and don’t help anyone or make anything better. But they do upset fans, upset other players, disrupt the team, distract from the game and the goals of winning and are costing the teams and franchises hundreds of millions of dollars. And what exactly have they accomplished?

I don’t see anything wrong with standing for the National Anthem. I’m an American, proud to be an American and appreciate the chance to honor and pay homage, even if only for a few moments, to our nation and to the men and women who sacrificed so much, sometimes even the ultimate sacrifice, for us to be free, to be able to protest if we so choose, to be the greatest country in the world. I personally feel that the old cliche’, “if you don’t love it, leave it”, applies here. You don’t have to stand for the National Anthem, but if you don’t want to do so, then just leave. We don’t want you or need you.

I’m getting off topic here and my apologies for that. I’ll just bottom line it. When you’re on your own time, stand or don’t stand. That’s on you. But when you’re representing someone else, show some class and respect and stand up when that music plays. If you can’t show respect for your team, then leave. President Trump didn’t say it well, but he spoke the truth when he bluntly said that NFL owners should fire the players that don’t stand for the Anthem. He said what the majority of American’s are thinking. There are ways to protest and be respectful, but insulting our nation isn’t one of them. NFL owners should fire the disruptive influences who are causing distractions for their teams. Good riddance and who needs them anyhow.

As for the person who started all of this, Colin Kaepernick, don’t shed any tears for this hypocritical ass-clown. I keep hearing people repeating time and time again how he was “fired” for standing up for his rights and that’s a total load of crap. Colin’s contract this past year was restructered due to cost cutting by the 49’ers organization and since his salary would only be in the area of 14 – 15 million dollars this year, Colin decided to not re-sign and instead become a free agent. That was his decision. That no one wants to sign him because he’s a troublemaker, causes disruptions and negative publicity for the team and isn’t really that good of a quarterback is just icing on the cake and proof that actions have consequences.

Everyone is making a big deal of this and I guess I am too, but in the big picture of things, it doesn’t matter and is just a load of crap wasting everyone’s time and energy. The final decision is up to the NFL and the team owners and do they want to keep losing fans and losing money by supporting this meaningless gesture or do they just want to nip it in the bud, make a wise decision, get the politics out of the game and play football. If I was an NFL owner, it’s simple. The players and coaches represent my team, my franchise and are my employees and while on the clock, they show the proper respect for our flag, our anthem and our country, and if they can’t, they’re suspended the first time and terminated if it happens again, no questions asked and no exceptions. Do what you want on your time, but when you’re on mine, you go by my rules and act accordingly. And if you can’t do that, we don’t need you here.

And since this has turned into a rambling rant that is going in circles, I’m closing it up. Who needs the NFL anyhow? Until they show the proper respect for our flag, our nation and act like adults instead of whiney little snot-nosed children, I sure as hell don’t. Have a great day… if you can.


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