Opposing Views – September 26, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
September 26, 2017

Are you ready to feel your blood pressure rise, your anxiety increase and your heart swell with pride, all at the same time? Let’s get political with what we call around these parts, “Opposing Views”. The questions come from a Facebook page of a site called “Opposing Views” (Catchy title, isn’t it?) And the rest of it comes from me. My opinion and my thoughts and guess what else? I’m right. Don’t agree? Let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated. And now, let’s do this.


1. NASCAR team owner Richard Childress just sent his employees a blunt message: If you kneel for the National Anthem, you’re fired.
Do you agree with his stance?

Absolutely. What they do on their own time is their business, but while they’re working for Childress and representing his team and his brand, they’re required to follow his rules, his policies and do what’s best for the team. Protesting is a distraction that the team doesn’t need and it also causes bad publicity, costs money and hurts the overall image of the team in my opinion. Again, what the team members do in their own time is their business, but when they’re acting as part of the racing team and working, they should do as their boss asks and requires and if they can’t, it’s his right to fire them. It’s just that simple.

2. Dozens of House Republicans filed a new motion to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Loretta Lynch for their handling of the Clinton email investigation. Do you think they deserve to be investigated?

Even the former FBI Director Comey admitted in his testimony that laws were broken, but since they weren’t “intentional”, action wasn’t warranted. That’s crap. If laws were broken, and it seems with this group, many were, they need to be investigated, charged and prosecuted to show that no one is above the law. Comey and especially Lynch didn’t follow the letter of the law in dealing with Clinton, who violated several laws and statues, and thus, they’re implicated as well. It’s a convulated mess that needs to be checked out and taken care of as quickly as possible.

3. President Trump says the NFL should change its policy to require all players to stand for the national anthem. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with him?

Well, the NFL is getting billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to help build their stadiums and that should count for something. I don’t think it should necessarily be in the rules that players are required to stand for the anthem, but it should be done as a matter of respect for the country in which we all live in, the flag that flies over our head and the people who sacrificed so much, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can be the greatest country in the world. I think each team and team owner should be able to decide for themselves, but if they don’t choose to stand, they should also be willing to face the consequences of backlash from the fans, boycotts of their teams and maybe all of that federal money being cut off. If they can’t respect our nation, they don’t need our money to build their stadiums and help supplement their teams.

4. President Trump says his criticism of National Anthem protests “has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our country, flag and National Anthem.”
Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with the president’s view on the issue?

Trump is right about this. We’re all Americans and should act like it. Race only comes into play when the idiots who want to make everything about race start talking and are looking for excuses why their idiotic stunts and pleas for relevance matter. Guess what? They don’t. It’s not about race, but about being respectful and proud to be American.

5. Do you admire Melania Trump?

She’s beautiful, intelligent and classy. I haven’t seen any reason not to like her yet.

6. Are you OK with businesses putting up signs like this?

@00 @ 1 sign for vusiness

While I don’t necessarily agree with the signs, the business owner should have the right to run his business as he sees fit and serve who he wants to serve. “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” is the way it should be and I agree with that. But customers also have the right and ability to go other places and not give this person their money if they don’t agree so it works both way.

7. Whoopi Goldberg said she would immediately leave America if Trump become president, but months later she’s still living the high life in New York City.
Do you think Americans should hold her to her words?

Whoopi is a liar. She should keep her word and leave, but honestly, who would want her? She’s a joke and not worth wasting time over. She’s proven by her own actions how truthful and honest she is. She is now irrelevant.

8. An Oklahoma court recently ruled that Zachary Peters did nothing wrong when he shot and killed three intruders in his home. Do you agree with the court’s ruling?

They boke into his house and threatened his life and family. He did the absolute right thing and shot them dead. The moment they came into his home, all bets were off and any rights that these criminals had became null and void. The court ruled absolutely correct in this case.

And that’s all for now. I have things to go do. Ten Days of Dougie is back and starts tomorrow so look for it. For now though, I’m out of here. Take it easy and I’ll catch you later.


@00 @ 1 opposing views meme to use

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