Facebook Q&A – October 2, 2017

Facebook Q&A
October 2, 2017

I found a few questions that have popped up on my Facebook timeline over the past couple of days and well, I’m trying to get everything caught up and cleaned out in my holding folder where I store questions for the Facebook and Wrestling Q&A’s until I have time to type them up. It’s only seven questions, but I want to start fresh with a clean slate, literally, tomorow so I’m just going to throw these up here, answer as best I can, and move on. Let’s go for it, shall we?

By the way, five of these questions came from Brian Crandall on his Facebook page. Thank you Brian. You de’ man!

Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson?

The Man in Black or the Red Headed Stranger? This is like comparing two of your children and trying to decide who to keep and who to send to live with Aunt Alice in the Islands. I was never a big Johnny Cash fan until later on in life when the Highwaymen started to tour. And then, I went back and rediscovered so much of his older stuff and became a strong fan. Then he released “Hurt” and I was die-hard Cash 4 Life. But Willie, while a lot of his stuff is hit and miss for me, I’ve been listening to his music since the early 70’s when I first discovered “Wanted: The Outlaws” with him, Waylon, Jessi and Tompall and I was instantly hooked. I have to go with Willie on this one.

Who’s your favorite serial killer?

The Killer Clown, John Wayne Gacy. I’ve read several books, watched the movie “Gacy” and he is just “the man”, in a demented, serial killer type of way. I’ve even used some of his paintings as backgrounds for my Facebook and MySpace pages back in the day. Maybe it’s just the clown thing, but I am forever fascinated by this man who buried them in the crawl-space of his home.

Whose death was more sad in your opinion: Fred or Tara? Why?

This question came from a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” group I belong to and the answer has to be Tara. It was sudden and real and so damn senseless. The sorrow that Willow expressed, along with the anger, just hit me so hard and made me an emotional wreck. Fred’s death was sad too, but I was only a casual watcher of “Angel” so it wasn’t nearly as strong or emotional. Tara was my girl and one of my favorite characters. Still is. If it’s possible to miss a TV character, she’s the one.

Best chicken: KFC, Bojangles or Church’s?

It all depends upon which one sends me coupons in the mail so I can use them and get a good deal saving money. I don’t like Church’s Fried Chicken all that much. KFC has the best chicken overall, but is lacking in the side-dishes and also costs too damn much. Nic’s Pic Kwik chicken used to be good and still is if you get it soon after coming out of the cooker. It dries out too fast and has been lacking the past few times I’ve been there though. They (Nic’s) have the best side order though. Love them “Taters”. And the best chicken overall, or at least the most consistent is Bojangles. It always tastes the same (good), doesn’t dry out that fast, is reasonably priced (when I have coupons) and they have the best biscuits. So there you go.

What’s your favorite Willie Nelson song?

Has Willie ever written a bad song? So many instant classics and beautiful songs to choose from with this question. As an compilation, that whole “Red Headed Stranger” grouping of songs is amazing, but as a solo song, I have to go with “Angels Flying Too Close To The Ground”. I’m not sure if he wrote “Seven Spanish Angels” or not, but that song, which he duets with Ray Charles, always makes my allergies act up as well.

What’s your favorite Waylon Jennings song?

Just like Willie, has Waylon ever written a bad song? His tend to be a little more in your face and humorous at times than the stuff Willie does, but Ol’ Waylon can pull at your heartstrings just as quickly and get you all up in your emotions. I think the best Waylon stuff though is the autobiographical songs where he tells stories about things that may or may not have happened with his friends and himself. And my favorite of these, not taking anything away from any of the other great songs he’s written, is “Don’t Ya’ll Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out Of Hand”. Well, that and “The Eagle”. Just classic Waylon being Waylon and making great music that others only dream of.

What is your favorite Kris Kristofferson song?

Is it “Me and Bobby McGee?” Is it “Why Me Lord?”. I don’t think such a thing as a bad Kristofferson song exists. He’s also one helluva talented actor too by the way. Watch “The Main Event” or the Blade movies. And my favorite song? It comes from the first “Highwaymen” album and is called “Here Comes That Rainbow Again”. A waitress, a truck driver, two small kids and one helluva great short story, put to music. Listen to it if you get the chance.

And there you go. I’m down and gone. Thank you for reading and I’ll talk at you later. Comments, thoughts and all feedback is welcome. Have a great day.


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