Wrestling Q&A – October 5, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
October 5, 2017

I have the soundtrack to “Interview With A Vampire” cranked up and blasting in my earphones. I have a fresh bottle of Diet Mt. Dew sitting next to the computer. My cat has fresh food, fresh water and just wolfed down several treats. And Ma is over on the couch, semi-watching her Fox News, half asleep and possibly even drooling on herself. I think I’m ready. Let’s do some “Wrestling Q&A”. All of the questions today come from the Facebook group, Kult of Kayfabe, also known as the KoK. Let’s do this…

LeVar asks, “Is there a more overrated legend in your opinion than the Ultimate Warrior. I don’t think so. Tell me what you think.”

I have to agree that the Ultimate Warrior was definitely overrated. His skills were limited in the ring, his promos were confusing and way out there and the character was just, in my opinion, plain stupid. He was a creature of the times and if he had come along ten years earlier or ten years later, he wouldn’t have been more than a blip in wrestling history. Overrated legend is a good description and although I’m trying hard here, I can’t think of anyone who deserves that title more.

Adam asks, “In your opinion, who is the greatest of all time?”

There were men who were better or tougher wrestlers and there were men who could talk better, but when everything is considered for consistency over a long period of time and a person who was truly in every way the “Total Package” (and I’m not talking about Lex Luger), only one man truly deserves this title because he did it all and did it all well, night after night and could make a broom (or even Junkyard Dog look like a superstar). It has to be Ric Flair.

From Robert: “The Shield (first year) vs nWo (first year) in a six man, no DQ match. Who wins?

This could be a match for the ages, but while the promo skills edge would definitely go to Hall, Nash and Hogan, the match itself and in-ring action would all favor Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins. They’re younger, stronger, healthier and in the end, it would be the Shield that walked out with the victory.

Jesse asks, “Anyone excited about when Cass returns ?”

It all depends on what they do with him when he makes that return and comes back to action. If he falls into the same routine as before, then it won’t matter and he’ll be an afterthought, but if the WWE capitalizes on the new beginning and brings him in kicking ass and looking strong, maybe even aligned with someone like the team of Carmella and James Ellsworth, his real life girlfriend and her “manager”, he could be entertaining and make a big impact. We’ll just have to wait and see though.

Marilee asks, “Did anybody else feel a massive wave of disappointment come over them when Kalisto was revealed to be the big new signee?”

It was pretty sad to see the reaction that Kalisto got. I like Kalisto and he’s an okay wrestler, but if they were bringing in a new person to 205, it should have been someone totally new and / or unexpected like the return of Austin Aries or even a non-cruiserweight just to see Enzo get beat up again. How about former WCW star Billy Kidman, who works down at the Performance Center or Jamie Noble, who works backstage as a agent. NXT star Hideo Otami would have been good. Almost anyone would have been more exciting and climatic to see than Kalisto.

From Dominic: “When you Think about The Definition of a World Champion, Is it More Impressive How Many times a wrestler is World Champ Or how Long They had The World title when they Had it?

It’s a combination of the two factors mixed together. I personally feel longer reigns matter more than multiple reigns and why guys like Bruno Sammartino, who’s only a two time WWWF Champion is considered a much bigger star in the overall scheme of things than say, Bret Hart, who held the belt 5 times. It’s also why Ric Flair’s 16-times as the World Champion, where he wrestled 7-8 times a week, held the titles for years at a time with both long and short reigns, means so much more than John Cena and his sixteen-times where his longest reigns was only a few months. Multiple times is great, but what matters more is what the champ does with the title and how long he has and defends it rather than the number of times.

Jesse asks, “How would you guys personally book a Larry Zbyszko / Undertaker feud?

Yes, someone seriously asked this question and I’m going to seriously answer it… but not now. I think this deserves a fan-fiction story, a trip back in time to 1993, where Larry had just left the Dangerous Alliance in WCW and Undertaker, along with manager Paul Bearer were feuding with Jake Roberts in the WWE and a lot of “what if?”. Am I up to the task? We’ll find out in a few days. Keep an eye on the site and we’ll see what I can come up with. This should be fun.

Logan asks, “How about some Cruiserweight Tag Titles! Crusierweights can be just as in-depth than the women!”

Tag team titles for the Cruiserweights could be done. There are enough men on the 205 roster to sustain both a singles and tag team title, especially since they usually feature at least one tag team match on every edition of 205 Live. This would work.

Also from Logan, “Would you like to see Tag Titles For The WWE Women’s Division?”

If all of the women were on one show and / or had their own show, like the Cruiserweights have with 205 Live, it could be done. But as things are now, with only 6 – 8 women on each brand, there just are not enough women on the main roster to have a legitimate tag team title and division. Maybe if the tag champs worked both shows, Raw and Smackdown Live, it could work, but it would still seem weak and unsustainable to me so as far as tag titles for the women goes, I would say No.

Dominic asks, “Back in the day when Hulk Hogan seemed to be unbeatable as World Champion, was there any wrestler you thought at the time should have beat him and had a run as WWF World Champion?”

The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase should have had a short run as the WWF Champion, preferably winning that tournament after the belt was stripped from Andre. I also feel that Don Muraco would have been a great man to be the WWF Champion, even if for a short time, back then too. He was such a great in-ring performer and had that major “it” factor going for him. Take him away from Fuji and put him with Blassie or Cornette or even Heenan and he would have made a great WWF Champion.

Robert asks, “Brock versus Vader. Both in their prime. LOCATION: Tokyo. BOOKER: inoki. 1 hour time limit. Who wins?

Talk about a stiff and brutal match, this would definitely be it. In Japan so both men were thought to be monsters and totally unstoppable freaks of nature and in their primes too. I’m getting excited just thinking about it and seeing the brutality in my mind. If I was the booker, I’d go for a DQ finish or a double count-out to keep both men very strong and then schedule a rematch as soon as possible. But then, throw in the stipulations of No DQ and No Count-outs and there has to be a winner and then… wow. I don’t know. My heart says Vader, but my mind says Brock. I have to go with my heart on this and just barely, at the end of the match, it would be time… Vader time.

And there you go. I still have to go write Day 9 and I guess Day 10 of “Ten Days of Dougie” so I’m closing this up and ending it here. Thank you for reading. All feedback, aka comments, thoughts and especially questions for future columns are welcome. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later. Take care.


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