10 Days Of Dougie – Day 9: Bucket List, Tramp Stamps & Remember When?…

10 Days Of Dougie – Day 9
Bucket List, Tramp Stamps & Remember When?
October 5, 2017

Well, this quest has nearly ended. Day 9 of Ten Days is here and then it’s just one more. Or is it? We shall see. So how is everyone tonight? I’m okay, although feeling a little bit of anxiety and stress. That’s nothing new though. There have been a few thing happening and going on around here and change is in the wind. I have no reason to be nervous or scared of these changes, but I am anyhow. I can’t go into details, but the short of it is that, beginning this coming Monday, my life changes forever. And even though I know I’ve got this, I’m going to be a nervous mess until the wait is over. I think I need some drugs. Or good sex. Or drugs. Maybe I should just get drunk. Well damn, I don’t any of that stuff anymore so I guess I’ll just drink my Diet Mt. Dew and write instead. Oh vey! Let’s do this…

Where is the “Magic Bag” at? Here is is and here we go, picking out the topics for today’s column, Day 9 of the infamous “Ten Days Of Dougie” series. And the topics are, “Bucket List”, “Tramp Stamps” and “Remember When?”. Are you ready to do this? Shall we proceed?

Bucket List…

I think that everyone has a bucket list. A bucket list, for those who don’t know, is a list of things that a person wants to do or accomplish before they leave the mortal coil, aka drop dead and die. The actual piece of paper says, “Bucket List – 5 things”, so I guess I should just keep it simple and list 5 things that I wish to do, see or accomplish before my days on this wicked little planet are over. And here goes.

5. Have a book, written by me, published. I’ve always thought a full collection of a “Thirty Days” series would make a great book in the style of Andy Rooney or maybe even my little story about Riff and Raff and the train ride. I just want to be a published author and even though, technically I am, with the columns and everything at all of the wrestling sites over the years and even what is written for this site, it’s not the same as having a physical, hard copy book with my name on it. It will happen though. Believe that.

4. I’d like to take part in and be part of a wrestling angle with some of my friends who wrestle professionally. I don’t care if it’s being the “obnoxious reporter” in the audience who gets beaten up for something he wrote, doing commentary for a match or anything really. I just think that could be really cool.

3. I want to visit Washington DC and actually visit the historic sites like the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cementary, the White House, etc. I love history and this would be a major big deal for me.

2. I want to get married one day to someone that I love and that loves me. I’m tired of being alone.

1. I want to take a train ride across the country and just travel and meet people, especially all of the people I’ve met over the years through Yahoo, MySpace and Facebook, who I consider friends, but have never met in person. I’d love to just travel and meet all of these unseen friends.

And now, what’s next. Oh yeah…

Tramp Stamps…

I often seen people, mostly women, but sometimes guy, with the tattoo at the small of their back. It might be a flower or a name or it could be anything, but the term generally used to describe that particular tattoo is pretty telling. It’s called a “tramp stamp”. People are so damn judgmental though. If you like it and want to have a tattoo there, then do so. Go crazy and have some fun. I have no objections to tattoos anywhere on the human body except for on the hands, the neck and especially the face. They need to be where, if the need comes for discretion, a person can cover them up. Arms, legs, shoulders, chests, etc, are all quite okay. Mine are on my legs. And the so-called tramp stamp is okay too. But the face and neck especially? What the hell are they thinking. In the words of a guy I used to know, “Don’t Do Dat!”. ‘Nuff said!

And finally, we have the last topic.

Remember When???

Remember when we used to be able to leave our houses and cars unlocked?

Remember when there were cartoons on each and every Saturday morning?

Remember when TV news reported facts and actual stories and not just speculation?

Remember when getting into a fight meant fists and then it was over?

Remember when people actually talked face to face instead of through cell phones and social media?

Remember when it was possible to make prank phone calls?

Remember when music was original and good?

Remember when movies and TV was entertaining?

Remember when people could actually sign their names?

Remember when people could do simple math like adding and subtracting without calculators?

Remember when kids played outside and used their imagination?

Remember when people were proud of their country and proud to be Americans?

Remember when character mattered?

Remember when people actually respected each other?

Remember when the newspapers actually were filled with news?

Remember when mass shootings and murders were rare and not a daily event?

I remember all of this. The world has changed way too much over the past few years and not for the better. It’s sad.

I’m gone for now. Back tomorrow with Day 10.


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