10 Days Of Dougie – Day 10: Sagging, Little Men & Big Women & The Redskins…

10 Days Of Dougie – Day 10
Sagging, Little Men & Big Women & Redskins
October 6, 2017

And here we are with the final day for this epic blog series, “Ten Days of Dougie”. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to end. Yes, it is safe to say that the rose is off the bud and I’m burnt out and tired of this. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could actually sit down and write these things in peace, but so long as I live at this house, that surely isn’t going to happen. It’s as if there is a signal that every time I sit down at this computer, the phone will start ringing. My cell phone will start blowing up. The other resident of this house will make it a point to come in and turn the TV up to extremely loud (she’s losing her hearing) and then will talk over the already-too-loud television, telling a mixture of what the TV is saying and her own spin and twist on it. It never fails and makes concentrating and writing very difficult to say the least. So my options are to try to write and ignore all the distractions, wait until the wee hours of the morning to write (which means I don’t get any sleep), or not write at all. Oh vey! I need a private office. Or better yet, my own place and home. And a Mexican pool boy. I don’t need a pool, but just the young, sexy man to be around and provide inspiration. I need to be rich. That’ll solve everything, including the privacy issues, the distractions and the need for a pool boy. I’m gonna buy me a sweepstakes ticket. Oh yeah!

But enough on all of that. If you live in Scotland County and the City of Laurinburg, vote Evans, Garby and Evans for City Council. NO NEW CITY HALL!! And now, where is “Magic Bag” so I can wrap this sucker up. And the topics for tonight, Day 10 of the “Ten Days” are, “Sagging, Little Men & Big Women and The Redskins”. Let’s go get ‘er done.


Sagging is, as we all know, the practice of wearing pants pulled down so that the underwear and butt cheeks of a person is showing. It’s popular with disrespectful little thugs, rappers and people in prison asking to get plowed like a new field in the springtime. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of people walking around with their butts hanging out. It’s stupid, petty, ghetto and just plain tacky. Put on a damn belt or better yet, buy pants that actually fit and dress like you actually have some self-respect instead of like an old rag doll that was picked up out of the trash. It wouldn’t be so bad if the people, and it’s both men and women… excuse me, boys and girls because they obviously aren’t mature enough to dress themselves, doing this. If the sagging was restricted to those people who actually have a nice ass to look at and have that killer booty, it wouldn’t be so bad. Hell, I might even learn to love it. But the vast majority of these “Saggers” have either a huge ass that looks like Liza Minelli or an ass that would make the wall jealous, aka “no butt at all!”. I used to date a girl in high school like that. Great person, but nothing in the back. I think that’s why I ended up turning gay. Just like Billy Gunn, I’m definitely an ass-man. So bottom line on sagging is, pull up your pants, buy a belt and quit flashing your flabby behind in my direction. Don’t Do Dat! And there you go…

Little Men & Big Women

We have alll seen this at some point and I see it regularly… Extremely large women with little tiny men? What is up with that? Beauty comes in all sizes and it’s not the sizes of the people that makes me take notice, but just the oddness of it all and I wonder, what is going on here? I’m a big buy myself and I’ve been involved with some extremely skinny guys over the years as well as some that are bigger than me. I like a variety and it’s the person that matters and not the physique, but still, I’ll see a woman topping off at about 300lbs and with her, a small man who is a hundred pounds soaking wet, if that and he’s just following her around like a small puppy dog and I’m just watching and scratching my head. How do they get it on? How does this relationship work? And I shouldn’t even be caring or wondering about this stuff, should I? It’s not any of my business. Hell, big women can be some of the sexiest women when they want to be. It’s about attitude and self-confidence. That’s for anyone actually. And I’m not sure where this is headed so I’d better quit before I get too offended or say something totally wrong. (Too late!) Let’s wind this baby down and go to the last topic.

The Redskins…

This comes from the September 23, 2017 edition of my Q&A political column, “Opposing Views”.

“A Maryland school just banned students from wearing Redskins apparel because they think it’s “deeply offensive.” Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with them?

If they are also banning ALL NFL apparel, as well as any images of rappers, TV stars, movies, books, politicians and anything else that might offend someone, then it’s okay. But if they’re just banning the Redskins and nothing else, they’re just setting themselves up for a lawsuit and are indeed proving themselves to be, “stupid idiots!”.”

That’s what I said then and that’s what I’m saying now. If Native American’s aren’t offended by the term and based on most polls, they’re not, then leave the Washington Redskins alone. Hell, the place they represent, “Washington”, is far more offensive to most people than any other part of the name. So if something must be banned, ban that. People really need to quit being so damn butt hurt about everything and get a damn life. The Redskins are not my team and will never be, but they’ll always be the “Redskins” to me and that’s how it should be. ‘Nuff said!

And with that, this is over. Ten Days ends now, but have no fear. It’ll be back sooner rather than later in some way, shape or form. Count on that. Thanks for reading. All comments, thoughts and any kind of feedback is welcome. I’m Doug and until the next time, stay cool and always be just too sweet. Have a great one.


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