Music Fact Or Fiction – October 6, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
October 6, 2017

How did that song go? “Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray a beam from the sun, me, a name I call myself and la la la la la la shiss-boom-bah!”. Yeah, that sounds right to me. Are you ready to get into the musical side of things? It’s time for “Music Fact or Fiction”, done that “Tossing Salt style. The comments and statements come from my friends at And I’m doing the rest. La la la la la… away we go…

Marilyn Manson may cut back on his stage production after the recent accident.

FICTION: Part of Manson’s appeal live is the larger than life stage productions and theatrics, something he learned from watching the master, Alice Cooper. Without the over-the-top stunts to fall back on, all Manson would have to depend on is his voice and talent and well, he’d better keep the large production numbers for as long as he can. He just needs to be more careful when he can.

Justin Timberlake is a great choice for the Super Bowl Halftime show.

FACT: Timberlake is one of the few names left that appeals to everyone, has a great reputation and presence on stage and makes great music. Plus he could do an N’Sync reunion or have Janet Jackson show up and sing with him or just about anything and it would probably work. Anything is possible with Timberlake performing and he is truly a great pick.

You’re interested in a new White Stripes live album.

FICTION: I’m not really a big fan of the White Stripes, but that’s not why I’m saying fiction. Live albums generally suck. They’re just inferior versions of the songs that we already know without the studio magic to make them more listenable. Some acts are great live and the live albums are worth it. I just don’t see the White Stripes as one of these acts.

Eminem’s new album will likely arrive early next year.

FACT:  According to his producers, the new album is finished so with making time to do promotional work and arrange a tour, if Eminem decides to even do one, would take a few months. Eminem is not the “get one for Christmas” type of guy so I’m thinking probably around the end of February or first of March would be the best time to look for this new release.

Rami Malek will do a good job in the Freddie Mercury biopic.

FACT: Rami Malek certainly looks the part in the pictures that I’ve seen and he’s a great actor so I have no doubt he’ll take the role of Mercury make it a part of him, beoming one with the character. I’m actually looking forward to this movie and can’t wait to see how it turns out. But good or bad, I think Malek is an excellent pick to play the role of Freddie.

Tom Petty’s solo music was just as good as his music with the Heartbreakers.

FACT: It doesn’t matter for Petty if the music was solo, with the Heartbreakers or with the Traveling Wilburys. It was generally pretty damn good as a rule, instantly recognizable as Petty music and worth listening to. Petty’s voice and style were so distinct and unique, there was only one. He definitely will be missed and the world of music has suffered a tremendous loss. RIP Tom Petty.

And there you go. I still have “Day 10” of “Ten Days” to go write and I’ve got a new fic in the works too, a story with “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko and The Undertaker. It might see the light of day at some point, but who knows. Thank you for reading and all thoughts, comments and feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, stay good and take care. See you next time. Take care.


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