Music Fact Or Fiction – October 14, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
October 14, 2017

It’s time to rock and roll, get funky like a monkey and do that “Fact or Fiction” thing, music style. The statements come from my friends at And the rest? It’s just me. Let’s do this…

Suge Knight’s claims about Dr. Dre are likely just an attention-seeking attempt.

FACT: Suge is just throwing anything he can out there to distract and attempt to justify that he’s a murderer and piece of crap. Maybe Dre tried to have Knight murdered and maybe not, but I suspect it’s about as true as everything else Knight says, which is absolutely nothing. Who cares what that over-blown piece of crap has to say anyhow? Just lock his ass up and forget about him. No big loss.

Radiohead is a shoo-in for the 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

FACT: They’re a great band, make great music, have been a huge influence on the music scene for the past twenty-plus years and definitely deserve this honor and to be inducted.  And if you don’t agree, then you must be a hater.  And no one likes a hater.  Just saying…

You’re interested in new music from Wiz Khalifa and Pharrell Williams.

FICTION: I don’t really care for Pharell and have even less use for Wiz Khalifa. Not my style of music and I could care less.

You enjoyed St. Vincent’s new song “Pills.”

FACT: I went and listened. I like it… a lot. I’m going to be looking at and listening to St. Vincent a lot more from here on. This is some good stuff.

Pink’s new track “Whatever you Want” was impressive.

FACT: It’s okay and I like it. Not as much as I like St. Vincent and the “Pills” song, but Pink has another hit on her hands and it’s a pretty catchy tune.

Nelly’s image will be irreparably harmed by the rape arrest.

FICTION: In the real world, his career would be over, but in the Bizarro world we live in these days, it’ll probably just make him more popular than ever and a hero to the mindless thugs and lowlife scum that seems to be so prevalent these says. The more bad things a person does, the more money they make and the more hero-worship they seem to experience. It’s totally screwed up, but it’s what our liberal snow-flake culture embraces. He breaks the law and (allegedly) rapes a woman and in today’s world, that makes him the victim and it’s not his fault. Our world is full of stupid idiots and Nelly is exactly the type of piece of trash they love and want to be like and embrace.

And there you go. We’re done with this for now. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and all feedback is appreciated. Until the next time…


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