Site Update: Making Changes…

An Update For The Site…

October 21, 2017

As my loyal readers might have noticed, I’ve been slacking a bit on new material for my site,, this past week. A promotion at work to full time hours, a change in the times that I do my volunteer work three days a week, a desire to be semi-social and spend time with my best friend and his mini-me and the occasional desire to sleep have all contributed to this slackness and lack of love for the site. Poor time management skills have also been a factor, but that looks bad on me so we won’t talk about that part of it. But I’ve been burnng the candle at both ends far too much and the site has been treated like a red-headed step child as a result. And that will simply not do.

So I know that if I want to continue working and building, and adding new content every day, being fun, original, informative and slightly odd all at the same time, I need to step it up and make a change or two. And this is exactly what I am going to do. I’ve found that I work better and am more efficent when I have a set schedule or some kind of format to comply to. I’m a creature of habit on far too many things and I don’t work well with random, spur of the moment. I blame genetics. My dad was the same way. So I need to get my crap together and get organized so I can do everything, do it well and not kill myself in the process. And thus, I have decided to come up with a schedule for the site, that will allow me to do all of the things I like to do, the posts about wrestling, music, politics, general ranting and raving and whatever else comes up, but not trying to do twenty things at once or being quite so hit and miss. So starting on Monday, October 23, which is my Mom’s 81rst birthday by the way, I will be working the site,, with a regular schedule of posting. And though things might be tweeked and changed as time goes on, this is the way I’ll be hopefully doing things here from now on, allowing me a chance to get everything in without being overwhelmed quite so often and to allow you, the readers and loyal followers of my writings and my site, to know what to expect each day. The schedule that I’m going to try to adapt to from here on in is as follows:

Monday: Opposing Views & Wrestling Q&A. “Opposing Views” is where I do my political commentary, answering questions of a political nature from the sites, “Opposing Views”, “Occupy Democrats” and “Occupy Republicans”. And the “Wrestling Q&A” is answering questions about the world’s greatest sport, pro wrestling.

Tuesday: Facebook Q&A & One On One. “Facebook Q&A” is where I answer questions that I come across on my Facebook time-line that are interesting, different or weird. And “One On One” is where I take a look at two people, places or things and do a side-by-side comparison and decide who would win in a fight, who’s better, etc. Most often, it will be fantasy booking with wrestlers, but it can and will sometimes change to include other people, places and things as well.

Wednesday: This & That, Flashback: “This & That” will be a post of rants, raves, critiques and whatever just happens to come into my head at the time I’m writing. It might be funny. It might be serious. It might just be all of the above with randomess running amuck. No political correctness and nothing is off limits. It’s just me letting it all out and let the chips fall where they may. And “Flashback” is where I go back and post something from days gone by, be it a week ago or maybe ten yers ago. I’ve written a lot of things over the past fifteen or so years and there’s a lot out there. Some of it is even worth sharing again. And I will.

Thursday: Wrestling Q&A, Tossing Salt Review: The “Wrestling Q&A” has already been explained. And the “Tossing Salt Review” is where I’ll take something, be it a movie, an album, a food item, a TV show, or anything really and just do a review of it.

Friday: Survey, Music Q&A: The “survey” is where I will go find an old My-Space or Facebook survey and just go to town, answering the questions and spilling my guts about whatever. Nothing to hide here. And the “Music Q&A” is where I answer any and all questions about music and the fine arts, different artists, different sounds, what I like, what I hate, etc.

Saturday: Music Fact or Fiction, Flashback: “Music Fact or Fiction” is a piece that I’ve borrowed from my friends over at where they provide six (sometimes more) statements about music and the artists that make it and I give my own commentary, deciding if I agree or not with their comments and explain why. And “Flashback” is just more retero-stuff from days gone by brought back to see the light of day once more.

Sunday: Wrestling Fact or Fiction: This is just like the “Music Fact or Fiction”, but is about pro wrestling and the great business we all love rather than music. It also comes from my long time, close and personal friends at

And that’s the regular schedule from here on in. And of course, there will be lots of other stuff too. There will be the occasional “Days of Dougie” series, where I do blogs about random things for a period of days in a row, the SMF Cyberspace podcasts by my buddy Brent will be featured each time a new one drops, the occasional fiction story that I decide to write and definitely wrestling pay-per-view thoughts and predictions. I may even bring back my original wresting column, “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” every so often. And if anything else comes to mind and is of any merit, you’ll see it too. is an anything goes, no limits, inside the mind and world that is me, site and that is not going to change. I’m just trying to get organized and make things better for all of us.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, dirty jokes or any kind of feedback, please feel free and let me know, either in the comments on my Facebook or Twitter page, by replying to this at the site or by e-mailing me at And if you’d like to work with me on something or maybe contribute to the site or have any ideas on how to make things better, let me know. Talk at me, my Peeps.

And I guess that’s enough for now. Damn, this managed to get way too long. Let’s do a quick recap to end this bad mama-jama. The new posting schedule for is as follows, subject to change of course…

Monday: Opposing Views, Wrestling Q&A

Tuesday: Facebook Q&A, One On One

Wednesday: This & That, Flashbacks

Thursday: Wrestling Q&A, Tossing Salt Review

Friday: Survey Time, Music Q&A

Saturday: Music Fact or Fiction, Flashbacks

Sunday: Wrestling Fact or Fiction

Plus lots and lots of other stuff.

And there you go. That’s what is going on with the site. Thanks for reading and thank you always for the support. You beautiful Peeps are always and will always be my inspiration.

And now, I’m down and gone. I have to go get ready for work. 11 hours today. Uugh! Until the next time, take care. And thanks again.


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