Music Fact Or Fiction – October 21, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact Or Fiction
October 21, 2017

I’m feeling all lonely and bored and depressed tonight. I need a good, long hug from a sexy man. Or maybe a Taco. Yeah, I think I’d prefer the taco. More filling and less messy. Are you ready to do a little “Fact or Fiction”, music style? Time to break out the band and sing like Yoko Ono meets a dead cat. On second thought, I’ll just answer and comment on a few music-themed comments. These come from my friends over at And the rest of it is from me. Let’s do this.

1. There’s no way Diddy will buy the NFL.

FACT: Diddy or Puffy or P. Droopy or whatever the hell his name is, is a rich man. We know this? But the entire NFL? He ain’t got that much money… period. I can see him buying an NFL team or raising a group of investors and buying a majority interest in even more than one team, but the entire NFL? Not going to happen. No way, no how. ‘Nuff said!

2. You enjoyed Weezer’s new song “Happy Hour.”

FACT: I went and listened on YouTube and I didn’t hate it. I even listened to it a couple of times and kind of smiled. Weezer makes some good music worth a listen. They’re not quite a Puddles Pity Party or even a Struggle Jennings and Yelawolf, but they’re okay. And I liked the song.

3. The return of TRL so far has been a failure.

FACT: I didn’t even know it was back to be honest and I could care less to be even more honest. Without the talent that was Carson Daily and the pure dumb luck it had the first time around of being new, fresh, different and in the right place / time, I can’t see it lasting very long. Today’s audience isn’t at MTV for the music videos and the like. They just want pregnant teenagers and safe places for their political heroes. TRL doesn’t stand a chance.

4. You will watch the animated Michael Jackson Halloween special.

FICTION: If it’s not involving the Charlie Brown / Peanuts gang or vampires that don’t twinkle or at least Bette Midler or Debbie Reynolds as witches, then I’m not watching it. Nothing against Micheal, but let the man rest in peace. Michael Jackson did one song that has a Halloween feel with “Thriller”. He’s not Dracula or Micheal Myers or Jason or even Pee Wee Herman. He’s not Halloween persona so my answer is no, I will not be watching a Michael Jackson Halloween special.

5. Ticketmaster’s fees for concerts and other events are getting out of control.

FACT: Concerts cost a lot of money as it is and then the charges that Ticketmaster adds on to the ticket costs, it’s just crazy. To paraphrase that crazy man who ran for President a few years ago (Which crazy man?), “the tickets are too damn high!”.

6. Jay Z would be wise to keep his money away from The Weinstein Company.

FICTION: Sure, the company is having problems right now due to the shenanigans of Harvey Weinstein, but the movies that they’ve produced and help to make and the product itself is still solid and strong and with new leadership and ownership, there is no reason that it can’t survive and continue to be a strong force in the entertainment industry. If Jay Z thinks that he can make money and be a positive player in keeping the company alive and relevant, so be it. He should go for it.

And there you go, the end of this piece. I’m going to go watch Ed Wood now. Or maybe cheezy gay porn? Who knows? Comments, thoughts and feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, thanks for reading. Have a great one and I’ll catch you later.


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