Wrestling Fact or Fiction – October 30, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
October 30, 2017

True or not true? That’s the question of the day, but around here, we have a different name for it. We call it “Fact or Fiction” and this is the wrestling edition for this week. As per the usual, the statements come from my friends at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the rest of it, that’s just me. Let’s do this.

You are excited for this year’s Survivor Series.

FACT: I get excited honestly for almost every pay-per-view event by the WWE because I know that they generally deliver and we always get at least one or two top-notch matches in the deal and this is no exception. I actually want to see Jinder versus Brock because I know that a good showing by Jinder where he holds his own against the “Beast” can make or break his career. The traditional matches with five on five are usually pretty good and I think I’m the only one excited for this match, but I think Miz versus Baron Corbin can end up being the dark horse match of the night. WWE usually delivers on the big shows and I’m hoping that this will be no exception.

2. Booking Finn Balor to lose to Kane on Raw following his win over AJ Styles was a bad decision.

FACT: While I’m a big fan of Kane and am interested to see where this goes with Finn and Kane, having Balor lose cleanly was just a dumb decision and bad move. It makes no sense and just kills the momentum that Finn got the previous night from his win over AJ Styles. I’m sure that WWE has their reasons, but I sure as hell can’t see what they are. Just a bad move that serves no purpose that I can see.

3. WWE has completely failed to present Asuka as special so far.

FICTION: So far, with the build towards her debut, she’s been given the red carpet treatment. The match, as everyone has noted, probably should have been more dominating for my beloved, but she won and won convincingly in the end so nothing was lost there. It’s too early to see if Vince and WWE Creative will screw this up (and they probably will), but so far, they’re on the right track in making Asuka seem larger than life.

4. Kurt Angle’s TLC match means we’ll see him in the ring again for WWE.

FACT: The genie is out of the bottle and I expect we’ll get a few more matches, albeit a very limited schedule, for our Olympic hero down the line. An eventual split and match with his “son” Jason Jordan and maybe a Wrestlemania payday at least. Kurt had the chance to show he can still go and grabbed the ball and ran with it. He’ll be doing it again.

5. WWE’s 2017 TLC PPV was a good show.

FACT: It was a solid show on paper and then changes were forced to be made and it turned out even better. The WWE delivered on all counts with the TLC event.

6. Who is the most underutilized member of the WWE roster?

Rusev is the first name that comes to mind. How can someone be so hot and dominant for so long and then, suddenly an after-thought if even that? He can go in the ring and he can cut a promo and has held his own against Cena and Orton many times. So what happened? And the other one that comes to mind is Luke Harper. He’s a big man who can wrestle, brawl and move around like a junior-heavyweight and fly. He can talk. He had it going on after the Wyatt Family split and then, for no reason, it just stopped. He deserves better.

And that’s all of this for now. I have to go do some work for my side (volunteer) job. I’ll catch ya’ll later. Thoughts, comments and any and all feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading. Until the next time…


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