Wrestling Q&A – October 29, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
October 29, 2017

It’s early on a Sunday morning. Can you think of a better time to talk about the world’s greatest sport? Nope, me neither. It’s Wrestling Q&A time. Let’s do this…

You are given the chance to start your own wrestlng promotion? Who would you hire for your Booker? Your GM? Your announcers? Five men? Five women? Two Impact Wrestling stars and 2 WWE stars to join your roster.

My first picks for the spot of “booker” would be someone like Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette, but with Heyman under contract to WWE, he probably wouldn’t be available and Corny, while I love the man and would definitely want him on board as a consultant, his style is a bit old-school and might not work well in 2017, so let’s go with someone a little more modern as the head guy and creative force. How about Tommy Dreamer. He’s got the executive experience with WWE and ECW and if the current “House of Hardcore” product is any indication, knows how to book and work in today’s world with a mixture of nostalgia and old school mixed with modern styles and stories. My on-screen General Manager or authority figure would be more traditional and someone who is well-respected by both wrestlers and fans and could provide an instant credibility to the role. How about Bubba Ray Dudley. My announcers would be, if they’re available, Scott Hudson (of WCW fame) and Dutch Mantell on color. Five men that I’d have to secure for my product that are not currently under contract for either WWE or Impact are Carlito, Michael Youngblood, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger & CM Punk. Five women would be Tessa Blanchard, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria), Cherry Bomb (from Canada), Saraya Knight (Paige’s Mom) and Awesome Kong. Two people from Impact Wrestling would be Chris Masters and DJ Zema Ion. And my WWE picks would be The Miz & Bray Wyatt.

Is it a coincidence that both Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett hit their lowest ebb whilst married to Karen?

It may or may not be coincidence, but we have no way of knowing and it really doesn’t matter. She may or may not be an enabler or part of the reason for these men having their issues, but in the end, the only blame or responsibility goes to Angle and Jarrett. They’re grown men and it’s their responsibility to deal with and no one elses.

How would you guys book Natalya vs Alexa Bliss ??? If you was the boss?

Natayla would use her size and strength and experience advantage and pretty much dominate, but get overconfident after several minutes of control in the match. And then Alexa would take advantage and use her sneakiness to make a comeback and in the end, I’d have a double-DQ to get a finish and keep both women strong as they brawl outside the ring and take out the ref and try to take out each other. And rematch later on down the line as they have “unfinished business”.

What’s your WWE Survivor Series 2017 Dream match with five men from RAW and five from Smackdown Live, current rosters?

From the current rosters and excluding the champions who have matches of their own scheduled, I’d go with a RAW team of The Shield and The Club (Roman, Seth, Dean, Anderson and Gallows) versus the Smackdown Live team of AJ Styles, Shinsuke and the New Day (AJ, Shinsuke, Big E, Kofi and Xavier).

Wouldn’t it be epic if the Smackdown versus Raw Survivor Series match turned out to be a War Games match?

Nope. That would be overkill and way too much. Save the War Games for a special event and allow it to shine on it’s own and not as part of something like the Survivor Series. Being part of the Series would cheapen what made War Ganes so special and original and it deserves it’s own night to stand and shine.

Which title vs title match are you most looking forward to.

Brock versus Jinder. I think Jinder is going to surprise us all and this is going to turn out to be a very good (and stiff) match.

Any wrestling promotion, any era. Who is your favorite wrestling stable?

I loved managers and their “families” and “Armies” back in the day. It was a big part of wrestling and added so much to the product, providing a mouth-piece and reason for wrestlers who may not have been great talkers and giving those who could talk, but maybe not really go in that ring an opportunity as well. I wish we’d see more of this now. My favorites back in the day were the “House of Humperdink”, led by the infamous Sir Oliver Humperdink, any group led by Gary Hart, the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette and Paul Jones’ “Army”. But my favorite then and now was and always will be that gathering of the very best, the elite of Flair, Anderson, Anderson, Blachard and Dillon. (Holds 4 fingers in the air). ‘Nuff said!

Who are the 5 most underrated wrestlers in WWE?

For right now, I’d go with Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Fandango, Tamina and Rusev.

And there you go. That’s it for now. Back later, my friends. Have a great morning and thank you for reading. Thoughts, comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and have a great one.


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