Barrett Building Thoughts…

Barrett Building Thoughts
October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween folks. Forgive me if I seem a little distracted, well more than usual. This post was going to be a somewhat rambling piece touching on anything and everything as I go through all the notes I’ve written to myself over the past week or so and “clean out my closet” if you will, but just before coming over here to write this, I saw something on Facebook and I’m physically getting sick just thinking about it. Like thieves in the night, the powers-that-be here in Laurinburg, our beloved City Council, went for it and now the former City Hall, aka The Barrett Building, is no more. I spoke a few days ago in one of my posts about some of the memories that old house holds for me. The many, many times that myself, Alex, Carl, Carson, Larry Wayne, Chad, Chris, Wakana, Theresa, Pat, Becky and so many others would be together, drink a little bit and just enjoy life and friendship. If those walls could talk… but I guess that’s not something to worry about now. So many memories in that house and so many good times. A few not-so-good times too, but those were few and far between and the good far outweighs the bad. Another piece of my life, my past, my youth, has been razed to the ground and for why? To satisfy the bloated egos of five drunk-with-power pinheads known as the current Laurinburg City Council, to build a new City Hall that no one wants, we do not need and this city can not afford. But they don’t care about the citizens of Laurinburg or helping this town improve, prosper and get better. They are like spoiled and pouty children who are determined to get what they want and damn the consequences and damn what everyone else might want. They have to win… period. And it’s so damn messed up. Would it have hurt anyone to wait for one more week to see how the voters are going to decide and if the three Council members running for re-election are even going to stay in office before making this drastic move? If they lose, the new City Hall project will be tabled and the money spent thus far on their ego-project will have been wasted and the beautiful and nearly hundred year old Barrett Building, a piece of Laurinburg history and a grand old house, will have been destroyed for no reason.

They know that they’re going to lose and are scared. It’s just that simple. And they’re so damn petty and spiteful that they won’t even wait to see what happens in the election, but instead are determined that even if they don’t get their new City Hall, they’ll just destroy the old one like children throwing a tantrum and stick their tongues out and go, “So there!”. I have said before that politics aside, I actually like most of the people on the City Council that I know, but I have to admit that my respect, even for those I speak to regularly, is quickly falling and has diminished a great deal because of these childish and cowardly tactics. Every time I drive down West Church Street now or go to pay my water bill or ride through the old down-town area, I’m going to see where the Barrett Building once stood, large and proud, and I’m going to think and remember. I’m going to remember Mary Jo and J.D. and Drew and Dee and Mr. Leak and I’m going to be mad, hurt, disgusted and sad that a big part of my life, my history, and the history of this town is forever gone, just to satisfy their petty egos. I’m going to be an adult about all of this and when I have to speak to or deal with any of these people in life, as I know I occasionally will, I’ll be polite, respectful and try to be the better man. It’s not as if they have shown any respect for the people of Laurinburg, but that’s on them. This was a low blow and wrong in so many ways, but what can we do? Just vote them out, make the best of the cards we’re played and move on. That’s the plan from here on in. I’ll get over it because that’s what I have to do. But that’s the future. For now, for today, I’ll just end this with a wrestling reference that I’m sure that most of my regular readers will get. To the people who orchestrated this whole scene with the tearing down of the Barrett Building and the big slap in the face to Laurinburg… Two words for you.

I’ll be back later on with my pre-scheduled ramblings and the whole “cleaning out my closet” thing. I’m pissed off, annoyed, hurt and just need to go riding for a bit. Until then my friends. Take care.



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