Wrestling Q&A – October 31, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
October 31, 2017

Are you ready to talk some wrestling? It’s Halloween. How you doing? The questions come from Facebook and mostly from the KoK. Let’s do this…

1. Who is the WWE Superstar of the Year?

Arguments can be made for many of the current WWE roster. AJ Styles has had, dare I say it, a phenomenal year. Kevin Owens has been great as always and no one can deny that Nia Jax has really started to come into her own. But the guy who stands out the most in WWE has to be current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. The former 3MB member came back to WWE last year as essentially a jobber and with hard work, a strong work ethic and not more than a little being in the right place at the right time, has not only moved into the top of the card, but is and has been the WWE Champion for many months now with a solid hold on the title. Can anyone else in WWE even compare? I don’t think so.

2. Was Steve “Mongo” McMichael a good Horseman?

I’ll go with the words of the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair on this one. Mongo was not a great or even a good wrestler, but the former Super Bowl Champion was made to be a Horseman. He was an elite athlete who was legit one of the toughest men ever to step on to a football field and added a certain kind of credibility to the Horsemen in the real world. Mongo could party with the best of them, matching Flair drink for drink and embraced the lifestyle. He wasn’t good at arm locks and dropkicks, but he gave the Horsemen everything he had and personality and character-wise, he was everything that a Horseman should be. He didn’t have to be polished or a great technical wrestler. He wasn’t needed for that. If Flair and Arn and Benoit were happy with him, and they were the men who had to work with and depend on him, then how can I argue?

3. With Survivor Series around the corner what is your dream 4 or 5 man or woman team? Combine any stars from any era.

My dream team for the “Five Men” would be Team Captain Ric Flair, with partners Arn Anderson, Vader, Barry Windham and Sting. The best of WCW from the early 90’s with five men, in their primes, that could easily match up with anyone. As for my “Five Women” team, I’d have the Captain of the team being Sherri Martel, with a team of Ivory, Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Victoria. A mixture of the best woman of the 80’s and 90’s, two of the top ladies from the “Attitude Era” and the two best women in the WWE today.

4. Thoughts on the releases of Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young from the WWE a few days ago?

I was surprised at the release of Emma who seemed to be just really starting to hit her prime and has been looking great for the past few weeks. I think she’ll do okay and will be able to get plenty of Indy dates and probably even a run with Impact, if that’s where she wants to go. Plus, she is still in a relationship with Zack Ryder so I think she’ll stay on the WWE radar and like Jinder Mahal, Shelton Benjamin and a few others, she’ll be back within the year. I just have a feeling. As for Summer Rae, it’s been forever since she’s been on TV or even worked a house show. She was never a strong personality or great in-ring worker that I could see although she did have a few moments. She’ll probably work a few conventions and signings and I can see a shoot interview in her future, but I can’t really see a big future for Summer remaining in wrestling. I think her future might be in TV or movies or even modeling. And Darren? He’s had plenty of opportunities, but while his in-ring work is good, he just couldn’t seem to catch on with the fans and seemed to be injury-prone. I think he’ll work groups like ROH and Evolve and maybe even make a few trips to Japan. For Young, he’s got a lot going for him and like Drew McIntyre, might be able to really go out now and find himself and take it to that next level. I think WWE will be watching to see what Young can do out on his own and if he takes the path that Drew and Cody have, he’ll be back within a couple of years, better than ever. He just needs to find that niche and his true role. He’ll be okay.

5. Jay Lethal versus John Cena. Who wins?

Whoever the booker wants to win, right? Duh! This would be a great match actually and could be really fun to watch. At this point in his career though, I think Cena would do the J-O-B and Lethal would be the man to get his arm raised in victory.

6. How big a pop would it get if all the WWE walkouts came back as a faction and invaded WWE led by the American Nightmare himself with the elite/Bullet Club by his side. Now that would get ratings.

It’d get ratings for about two weeks and then Vince would start tweaking things and the fans would quickly lose interest and it would bomb and be “The Invasion”, 2017 edition and the latest topic for “what the hell happened?”.

7. Here is something I never understood, if WWE release you, why should the wrestler have to wait 90 days to sign with ROH or Impact? I could understand if they requested it but if the company does it then I feel that they should be able to go elsewhere using there own name.

Ever since the Monday Night Wars, the WWE doesn’t want their talents jumping around and immediately showing up on the TV of their rivals so they put this clause in the contracts. WWE continues to pay the talent for the 90 days that they can’t appear on TV for a rival so it’s not like the former talent isn’t making any money and they can still work Indy dates and shows. They just can’t appear on TV or pay-per-views until the 90 days clause is up. It’s just good business by the WWE to protect their own product.

8. Thoughts on Baron Von Raschke?

A great talent from the 70’s and 80’s who was a great amateur wrestler and easy to under-estimate. He didn’t have that great athletic body, but could go in that ring and what a character. With the bald head, the sneer on his face and the exaggerated accent, he was a great heel who was so over the top, the fans hated his every move and he embraced it and ran with it into a great career. A good singles guy, but really looked best as a tag team wrestler forming great teams with guys like Paul Jones, Greg Valentine, Mad Dog Vachon and The Crusher. And when he locked in that claw, it was over… period. And outside of the ring, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. A true gentleman and class act. Why he’s not in the WWE Hall of Fame, I’ll never know. He’s definitely deserving. And ‘dat is all de’ people need to know. ‘Nuff said!

And that’s it for now. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and more questions needed and desired. Help a brother out. Until the next time, take care.


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