Music Fact or Fiction – November 5, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
November 5, 2017

Are you ready for some of that “Fact or Fiction”, music style? Let’s just do this. The questions come from my friends over at And the rest, it’s all me baby!

1. Jay-Z is deserving of the Grammys’ ‘Salute to Industry Icons’ Award

FACT: I’m not sure exactly what the whole “Salute to Industry Icons” awards is about because it sounds like one of those awards that producers make up just to snag a big star to come to the show and get ratings. But regardless, I’ll agree that even though I’m not a fan of Jay-Z, he’s a well respected name in the music industry and has done pretty much everything there is to do in that business. So yeah, if he’s getting this made-up award so he will appear at the Grammy’s, so be it. It’s cool!

2. Snoop Dogg is going too far in his references to the President’s death.

FACT: I get what he’s doing, pushing the envelope and playing up to the anti-Trumpers to sell records and get press. It’s cool, but it’s getting kind of old too and while he has every right to be as political as he wants and say what he wants, short of actually threatening to kill the President, I have every right to not listen to his music, buy his records or watch his new TV show, not that I do or was planning to anyhow. He does need to tone it down a bit though as it’s gone a bit over-the-top from political statements to just a bad and tasteless joke… kind of like Snoop actually.

3. You have no interest in a Cardi B and Offset wedding special.

FACT: I have no idea who these people are and could care less. If they’re getting married, so be it and congratulations to them, but I’m not planning on watching any specials about it. Hell, I don’t do weddings anyhow.

4. Chance the Rapper will do well hosting SNL this month.

FACT: Wasn’t he in a commercial for Kit Kats? He’ll do okay and probably be as entertaining as the rest of the SNL cast. The bar isn’t very high these days so he won’t have to be great. Just be there and cut the fool a bit and he’ll be okay.

4. The new Gorillaz track ‘Garage Palace’ was enjoyable.

FACT: I went and I listened and I didn’t hate it. I actually kind of found my head moving around to the beat and it was catchy enough to actually keep my attention. I guess that counts as enjoyable.

5. News of a possible new NERD track is exciting.

FICTION: If you say it is, then it might be, but I’ve never heard of them except for that they’re associated with Pharell in some way. Not a big fan of his so I probably won’t care one way or the other.

And there you go. A little short this month and I apologize for my lack of knowledge or somewhat cynical answers this week, but I don’t write the questions and who the hell are these people anyhow? Ask about Waylon or Alice or even Mod Son and I’ll talk your ears off. But Cardi B? Offset? Snoopy Dogg Dogg? Give me a freakin’ break. Comments, thoughts, questions and feedback is welcome and appreciated. And I’m out of here. Until the next time, take care.


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