Music Fact or Fiction – November 12, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
November 12, 2017

Welcome to the time of the week where we get all musical and stuff… sort of. It’s Fact or Fiction, music style. Let’s get right to it. I have shelves waiting for me.

1. Marilyn Manson was out of line pointing a fake rifle at a concert the same day as a shooting.

FICTION: It’s Marilyn Manson and something like this is to be expected. His whole schtick is to shock and offend and be outrageous and he did exactly that. Do I think it’s a bit tacky and tasteless? Absolutely, but again, it’s Marilyn Manson and he’s pretty much tacky and tasteless in my opinion anyhow so no big deal.

2. Meek Mill’s prison sentence was too harsh.

FICTION: He screwed up many times and now, he’s paying the consequences. Harsh? Yes, but he didn’t have that whole celebrity thing going for him, it probably would have been worse. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time and keep your eyes on the sparrow. Send his ass to jail. Good riddance.

3. Taylor Swift’s new album will get the two million sales executives are predicting.

FACT: It’s Taylor Swift and just the name alone will sell a million copies. If the songs are actually good and there is any kind of strong promotion, and you know there will be, two million is not an unrealistic expectation.

4. A Perfect Circle were within their rights to throw out fans for taking photos at a concert.

FACT: There are signs and warnings everywhere that photos and videos are prohibited and fans will be ejected if caught. They took photos and were ejected. The fans thought that the rules didn’t apply to them and thus, ignored the rules and thus, there were consequences. They were kicked out. A Perfect Circle was totally in the right here.

5. Taylor Swift has no legal ground to stand on against bloggers for criticizing her.

FACT: That pesky First Amendment thing allows people to have an opinion and since Taylor is a celebrity, people have opinions of her and her music, both good and bad. She needs to just ignore the haters and do her thing. People are going to talk and have the right to so long as it’s not blatant lies presented as facts and there’s nothing that she can do about it, but ignore them.

6. You’re interested in a memoir from Lily Allen.

FICTION: Who? I don’t really care for her music and was not even sure who she was until I looked her up. A memoir about someone I don’t know or care about? I don’t think so.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and all feedback is welcome. And now, I’m going to go clean shelves. Until the next time, take care.


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