Wrestling Fact or Fiction – November 12, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
November 12, 2017

It’s Sunday night and time to do a little more of that Fact or Fiction and this time, it’s about the world’s greatest sport. Are you ready to rassle? The questions come from my friends over at 411mania.com/wrestling. And the rest, that’s just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

1. AJ Styles beating Jinder Mahal for the WWE Title was absolutely the right call.

FACT: While I was actually looking forward to seeing Jinder and Brock go head to head, I can see the logic and business sense kicking in here and for a big event like the Survivor Series, the WWE wants the best matches possible and AJ versus Brock is one of those dream matches that everyone wants to see. The bottom line is that WWE wants to get subscribers for the Network and the chance to see Brock and AJ go at it will attract more new customers than watching Brock and Jinder fight. I hope that eventually, Jinder gets another run with the WWE title. He has, in my opinion, done an excellent job as the WWE Champion and has risen to the challenge, much like JBL did back in the day. In fact, Jinder reminds me of a modern day JBL. So for now, we’ll get AJ and Brock at Survivor Series and that’s the right move… for now. And eventually, we’ll have Jinder with the title again to prove what I already know, that he’s a deserving man to be the champ.

2. Sheamus & Cesaro winning the Raw tag team titles ahead of Survivor Series was a good move.

FACT: A good move for two reasons. Sheamus and Cesaro are the better team in my opinion and will represent RAW better in the match against the Usos. I don’t see Ambrose and Seth as a team, despite that whole SHIELD thing. They’ve established themselves as main event singles stars now and that’s where their focus should be. So let a real “tag team” in Ceasaro and Sheamus hold the belts and represent RAW in the tag team match and let Ambrose, Seth and Roman, aka “The Shield”, take on the New Day in a big bonus match. Works for everyone.

3. NJPW booking Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega will be huge for their US expansion plans.

FACT: I don’t know exactly how this will help New Japan espand into States, but it’s a big match of epic proportion and a big move for New Japan to get a star the caliber of Jericho to work their event. Kenny Omega versus Jericho should be one helluva match and go a great way towards cementing the already excellent reputation of Omega as a true, world-wide star. And Jericho, it’s just a quick payday and chance to show why he’s lasted so long and still performs so well as he warms up for his eventual WWE return. This is another case where everyone involved wins.

4. How excited are you for Paige’s WWE return?

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll go with a solid 7. Paige is a good wrestler, a young woman with a lot of talent and a chance to have a great “redemption story” (and wrestling fans love those!). It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reaction she gets when she does come back, but I think she will be a solid addition to whatever roster she appears on and this might be the chance for her to really shine and be a major star. I wish her nothing but the best and am looking forward to seeing her back in the WWE ring.

5. WWE is reportedly looking to bring Hideo Itami and Rockstar Spud to 205 Live. These would both be good moves.

FICTION: Nothing against KENTA, aka Itami and Spud, but at 205 Live, they’ll be lost in the shuffle and I doubt that they’ll really be able to make any kind of real impact. I expect that we’ll be seeing Itami go back to Japan when his contract expires. As for Spud, he’s a good talent with good skills, but will he stand out and be able to shine in the 205 Live scene? I hope so, but I doubt it.

6. As of today, you are more excited for NXT Takeover: WarGames than Survivor Series.

FICTION: I am looking forward to NXT Takeover: Wargames a great deal and I’m sure that it will be an amazing and fantastic show, but WWE has really loadedup and stacked the Survivor Series event and it’s going to be one helluva show. They have several matches on track, such as Miz versus Corbin and Brock versus AJ, that I actually want to see. Plus there are three traditional Survivor Series matches that I’m interested in and my new beloved, Asuka (sorry Ivory) and I think she’ll look great in the Women’s match. So much going on that I want to see. I’ll watch NXT for sure, but this weekend, for me anyhow, is still all about the Survivor Series. NXT is the warm-up act and Survivor Series is the main event.

And there you go. Time to close this up, but give me your feedback. What do you think? Comments, thoughts and questions are all welcome. And now, I’m going to bed. I don’t feel good. Have a great night and I’ll see you later.


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