Music Fact or Fiction – November 19, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Music Fact or Fiction
November 19, 2017

Are you ready to discuss music and pop culture? Are you ready to get down and dirty and do that “Fact or Fiction” thing, the musical chairs version? If you said “Yes”, then you’re the only one. I’m ready to go back to bed instead. But what the hell. I’m awake so let’s get this mother put to bed. It’s “Music Fact or Fiction”. The statements below come from my good close personal friends over at And the opinions that follow, that’s just little ol’ me. Let’s do this…

1.The sexual harassment claims against Mariah Carey seem unbelievable.

FICTION: They’re probably not true, but in the past few weeks, everyone in Hollywood and / or politics has been accused of sexual harassment of some way, shape or form and is it really too hard to believe that someone like Carey, who is well known to take that whole “Diva” role to the extreme and be very controlling, might be guilty of the same thing. It’s not about sex, but about control and power and while I personally can’t see Carey being the predator and harassing her male employees, it’s not to say it couldn’t happen and may not be true. These particular charges seem fake because they’re part of a lawsuit about allegedly owed money, but that’s not to say they can’t be true. I just don’t think they are in this particular situation.

2. Eminem’s “Walk on Water” is a disappointing return track.

FACT: It’s not a bad song and it’s slowly growing on me, but when one thinks of Eminem and time to debut some new tracks and music, one thinks of songs that are powerful and unique and vintage Eminem, such as “Rap God” or something of that nature. This one seems more like filler, a song manufactured to get a little radio airplay with Beyonce filling in for Rihanna, than anything else. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not what we tend to expect from Eminem either.

3. You’re interested in Chris Martin’s guest spot on Modern Family.

FICTION: I don’t know who Chis Martin is and don’t watch Modern Family (or hardly any television for that matter) so am I interested? Not a damn bit!

4. It’s the right time for Ozzy Osbourne to hold a farewell tour.

FACT: Old rock stars never truly retire, but if Ozzy feels up to it, he probably should make that last big tour and give the fans one more time to see a full fledged Ozzy Osbourne show in classic Ozzy style. It’d be good publicity, lots of money and probably fun for Ozzy to get that one last big run in front of a few million fans. Then he can just relax, make great music at his leisure and enjoy his status as a true legend and icon and senior representative of the world of rock. Do it Ozzy… I’d love to see him one more time.

5. Kanye West will make his music comeback next year.

FACT: I didn’t even realize that he was gone, but it’s Kayne so what do I care anyhow, right? If he can make some decent music and avoid being the total publicity hound and ass that he’s been in the past, thee get to work, come on back and do so. And if he is still the ego-maniac and piece of crap that tried to ruin the moments for Taylor Swift and Beck, then stay wherever he has been and rot. I really could care less either way.

6. You don’t believe that Taylor Swift’s “Dress” is about Ed Sheeran.

FACT: It may be or may not be, but to be honest, it’s not a bid deal one way or the other. He says it’s not about him and since he should know, we’ll go with that. Sounds good to me.

And that’s all of this for today. Comments, thoughts and any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading. I’m going back to bed now. Until the next time, take care and be safe. Have a great one.


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