Wrestling Fact or Fiction – November 19, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Fact or Fiction
November 19, 2017

Let’s talk some wrestling. Good morning to you and this is the Fact or Fiction spot, wrestling style. I’m starting to wake up. Be afraid. Questions are from 411mania.com/wrestling and the rest is from me. Let’s do this…

1. Paige will be named Charlotte replacement on Team Smackdown at Survivor Series.

FACT: I haven’t been to any of my favorite wrestling sites yet this morning so I don’t know if anything has leaked yet about who Charlotte’s replacement will be at the Survivor Series tonight, but while in all fairness, it should be Natayla, the idea of having Paige make her return to WWE action as the surprise fifth member of the Smackdown Women’s team makes sense. It’ll be a good surprise for the fans, it gives Paige a chance to wrestle yet still be protected by the large group action, and we’d get an initial Paige – Asuka confrontation which is something I’d like to see. Personally, I’d rather see Natayla in this spot because she’s earned it and as the woman who’s carried the brand for the past several months, she needs to be on the card somewhere, but if it does turn out to be Paige, that’ll be okay too.

2. Triple H being added to Team Raw makes the men’s Survivor Series match more interesting/exciting.

FACT: I only put “Fact” because HHH is more interesting than Jason Jordan and this will probably lead to an eventual HHH – Kurt Angle match at Wrestlemania, setting the seeds for that long anticipated event. But why would HHH care about who’s better between Raw and Smackdown? I understand about loyalty to his wife and all of that, but HHH is the C.O.O. of the WWE and that means both Raw AND Smackdown. I guess we’re supposed to forget about things like that for this match. I would prefer to have seen Bray Wyatt or even Kane added as the fifth person to replace Jordan instead of HHH, but that’s just me. I don’t think HHH should be getting involved in the inter-brand rivalry between Raw and Smackdown and taking sides, but what do I know? It will be interesting to see how this all turns out with HHH and Kurt and how they get along.

3. AJ Styles will hold the WWE title through the rest of 2017.

FICTION: I’m tempted to say yes because we only have roughly 6 weeks or so left in the year and AJ being the champ for that long seems like a solid idea, but we still have that tour of India coming up and I can see the idea of WWE hot-shoting the WWE title with AJ and Jinder a time or two to really add intrigue and some excitement to those events. I’d love to see Jinder get another shot with the title because I think he was doing well, all things considered, but then again, as I asked before, what do I know, right? AJ is a great wrestler and a great guy to represent the WWE, but I like the unconventional champs and would rather see Jinder with the belt. That’s just me.

4. Smackdown will win the majority of the head to head matches at Survivor Series.

FICTION: According to my Survivor Series prediction column, posted here: (https://wordpress.com/post/dougmaynard.com/3779), I have RAW winning four out of the seven head to head confrontations with Brock, The Shield, Sheamus & Cesaro and the RAW women taking home victories for their brand.

5. Jason Jordan will officially turn heel on Sunday, costing Kurt Angle/Team Raw the big elimination match.

FICTION: It’s too early to pull the trigger on the eventual heel turn by Jordan (and yes, it is coming), plus there is no way that Jordan will be involved enough to cost a team with HHH on it such a big match. I can see his involvement causing Kurt to get eliminated and thus creating drama and strife for the next night on RAW and I’m actually thinking that’s the direction they should go with Kurt being counted out, directly or indirectly as a result of Jordan, but that’s as far as the Jordan story should be for tonight. When RAW loses (and they will), it should be for the better wrestlers winning and not because of convulated stories.

6. What is your excitement level for the Survivor Series PPV?

On a scale of one to ten, I’m running about a solid 7 right now. I’m actually looking forward to the show tonight and to see what happens.

And that’s all of this for now. Now, I really am going back to bed for a little while. Thanks for reading. Thoughts, comments and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, take care and have a great one.


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