Wrestling Q&A – November 24, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
November 24, 2017

Let’s do a quick wrestling Q&A, shall we? The questions come from the KoK and the answers are from me, me and oh yeah, me. Let’s do this…

Who’s your favorite technical wrestler of all time???

So far as technical wrestler who is also a great heel, I’d go with the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko. And my other pick would be William (aka “Lord Steven”) Regal. Both of these men are wrestling clinics when they get in the ring and perform.

Who scared you the most as a child?

In person, it was Brute Benard, but then again, I was five or six years old at the time. That was a very unusual man and scary as hell.

Using only the wrestlers on the main roster and NXT right now, tell me what the main event of Wrestlemaina in 2023.

We’re talking about six years from now so it’ll probably be HHH versus Kurt Angle. After all, we want these “young folks” to have a chance to get the spotlight sometimes. Okay, I’m kidding (I hope). How about Cesaro versus Xavier Woods?

Name a wrestler that you despised as a child but love now.

I never really cared for The Rock & Roll Express as a younger person, but now that I know them and have met them, I appreciate what they do and did much better. Also, I think I like and appreciate Jim Ross more. I didn’t “despise” him, but he was never one of my favorite guys at the commentary table, but now, after years of folks like Micheal Cole and David Otunga and Byron Saxton (for example), I wish Jim Ross was back calling the action. He’s not really a “wrestler”, but he is a wrestling personality so he counts in my book.

Book New Day breaking up. Who’s Shawn Micheals? Who’s Marty Janetty? Who’s just eh? And how does it all go down?

If New Day was to be broken up, I’d see Xavier Woods as the HBK of the group. He’s the best talker by far and has the most charisma and “it” of the group. Kofi would be the Marty Janetty since he’s already had several runs and a good career as a singles, but I think his time has passed and he’d be the most likely to just fade into the background and oblivion. And Big E? He’s good and charismatic and I could see him as having a good run with a comedic role and maybe a short singles title run, but not really anything major or big. He’d just take over the “Mark Henry” role on the roster as the big strong black guy who is brought out every so often to get a small push, but otherwise just be part of the background. And as for how they’d be “broken up”, I’d have problems come up and stress showing as they begin to lose matches and things get harder and harder. And then, it looks as if Kofi is going to do the “heel turn”, but at the last moment, they have a coming together of the minds and everything looks great, but then Xavier decides that it’s more important to get some singles glory than keep being part of the team and we see a betrayal, aka like the Shield / Seth turn. Then Xavier goes on a streak and gets a singles run while the New Day team of Kofi and Big E. struggle in the tag team division. And eventually, they discover that together is better than apart and reunite. But they have a little in-fighting on the way there.

And that’s all of that for now. Thanks for reading. And until the next time, take it light. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Take care.


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