Wrestling Q&A – November 23, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Pro Wrestling Q&A
November 23, 2017

Are you ready for a very special Thanksgiving edition of that “Wrestling Q&A” thing that we do? Let’s go for it and see what we’ve got…

1. Top 5 tag teams?

I guess this means for all time so I’ll go with the teams that I just enjoyed watching, regardless of their success rate. It would be, in no particular order, Disco Inferno & Alex Wright, aka “Boogie Knights”, Ole and Gene Anderson, The Midnight Express (Lane & Eaton) w/ Jim Cornette, Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke & the team of Brian Adams & Bryan Clark. It’s all about Kronik!

2. If you could book a “War Games” between Raw and Smackdown Live, what wrestlers would be on each team?

For RAW, my team would be Cesaro, Sheamus, The Miz and Bray Wyatt. Opposing them from Smackdown Live would be AJ Styles, Kevin Owens & The Usos.

3. Name your favorite Tag Team that people tend to forget about.

From the old WCW days, the team of Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit. They teamed together for roughly a year or so when Benoit first came to WCW from Japan and they had moderate success, but could have been so much better and been pushed so much harder. Think of the talent that was there. Also, Eaton’s team with Arn Anderson, both when managed by Michael Hayes and then as part of the Dangerous Alliance. That was one hell of a team.

4. What have you done, held, or said to a wrestler at a live event that got their attention – good or bad?

The first thing that comes to mind was back as an event here in Laurinburg at the local high school, Pate Stadium. Some friends and I greeted the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff as he came to the ring, with a full sized American flag. We were obnoxious teenagers to be sure and Ivan just glared at us and told us to take that flag and “stick it up your ass!”. I still laugh about that.

5. So what’s the consensus on this Paige run? Will WWE actually use her or just keep her to promote the movie then fire her?

I think so long as Paige doesn’t screw up again and have anymore violations, she’ll actually have a good run with the WWE. WWE loves a good comeback story about redemption and Paige is a living, breathing human interest story about turning her life around waiting to be told. Whether she does well or not and keeps her job with the WWE or not is totally up to her.

‪6. How is Tommy “Wildfire” Rich not in the HOF?

Tommy, despite his four day reign as the NWA World Champion, was mainly considered to be a territorial wrestler with success in Georgia and Memphis, but not really anywhere else. But I can see Rich being inducted eventually. He had a good career and no real skeletons in his closet that we know about. It’s just a matter of time.

7. I was talking to a friend earlier about ric flair and I said that since he’s retired it would be good if he handed the gimmick over to someone else and we got into a debate about it and I’m throwing it out to you all, should there be another nature boy ?

I could talk about how Ric allegedly “sold” his endorsement to Paul Lee for the use of the nickname “Nature Boy”, but I don’t know if that’s true or not and where Paul Lee is concerned, I could care less. There is only one real “Nature Boy” and even if Flair endorsed a WWE talent or Impact talent to be the next “Nature Boy”, the fans would shit all over it and it wouldn’t work. If Flair wants to give someone a rub, so be it, but so far as being the “Nature Boy” goes, it’s Ric and only Ric. Accept no substitutes.

8. With all these sexual harassment accusations going on in the news, do you think it will happen with WWE as well?

I’m surprised that we haven’t already seen more already. It’s going to happen eventually. It’s just a matter of time.

9. What is the best double cross you’ve seen in wrestling?

Probably back in the late 70’s when Rick Steamboat turned on his tag team partner, Paul Jones at the end of a two-ring Battle Royal where the winners from each ring would wrestle for the prize. Steamboat and Jones were the last two men and though Paul suggested that he and Steamboat split the prize money, since they were former NWA Tag Team Champions and best friend together, Steamboat instead turned on and betrayed Paul, ending their friendship and team. At least that’s the way that Paul Jones describes it, even almost 40 years later and I’m not going to argue with him. If “Number One” describes it that way, that’s the way it happened.

10. What are your thoughts on using deaths as part of storyline. Is it disrespectful to the person that’s dead or is it ok if all parties are ok with it.

If all parties are cool with it, so be it. Use it and use it well. ‘Nuff said!

And that’s all of that for me, my friends. Time to go to Wal-Mart for a few minutes. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Until the next time…


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