Wrestling Q&A – November 27, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
November 27, 2017

Happy Monday (if there is such a thing) and welcome to the site. I’m just killing some time right now before I can head out to do Food Lion. The new manager says, “1:00”. Oh vey! So what shall we do until then? How about a little wrestling Q&A? I’ve got the answers, the KoK had the questions and I know you fine folks love these things. At least I hope so anyhow. Let’s do this…

1. Will WWE bring back the slammy awards this year?

I wasn’t aware that they had quit doing them? WWE has been doing the Slammys as a part of RAW for the past few years and I suspect that they’ll keep doing it that way for the time being unless they decide to make a special out of it. I doubt that will happen though.

2. People are criticizing Maria Kanellis for getting pregnant so soon after she got hired back. Seriously, this is actually a thing that is happening. Thoughts?

I seriously doubt that Maria planned to get pregnant and most likely, it was just a pleasant surprise. I’m happy for her and anyone who claims to be one of her fans should also be happy for her and her husband. There are some things more important than working for WWE and at least her husband, Mike Bennett did get signed as well so he’s still performing and now has a chance to prove himself without having to depend on his wife as his crutch.

3. Anyone else hope Earl Hebner writes a book??

If Earl is honest and goes into detail about both his WWF and TNA days, I’m sure that it would be a good and interesting read.

4. Would you want to see Ken Shamrock wrestle for the Universal Championship?

Not really, but I’ve never been a big Ken Shamrock fan. A fight between him and Brock could be interesting, but if they ever decide to bring back old UFC guys to take on “The Beast”, I’d rather see Dan Severn, the original “Beast” get the nod. Steve Blackman could be interesting too.

5. Who was a better WWE Champion? “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns or the “Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal?

Personally, of the two, I prefer Jinder Mahal. I think they pulled the rug from under his reign as the champ way too early and I hope he gets another opportunity soon to represent the company as the WWE Champion.

6. How would you rate The Rock’s wrestling skills. If he wasn’t as charismatic as he is would he still be over?

The Rock was a good wrestler and solid in that ring, but if it wasn’t for that charisma and over-the-top personality, he would never have made it past the Indy scene and would not have had any kind of major success in the WWE or on the national scene. He is capable in the ring, but the “it factor” with Rock is in the charisma, personality and style, not the wrestling.

7. If mic skills and crowd reactions didn’t matter , who would be the top guys in WWE?

Whoever Vince wants to be… Duh!

8. Since Mickie returned last year… If you could choose one other woman from the Attitude/Aggression/Diva eras (1997-2013) to return on a full-time basis who else would you like to see make a comeback?

I would go with my beloved, Ivory, but honestly, she’s in her mid-50’s now and while she looks great, probably couldn’t handle the physical nature of a full time WWE run. She could be brought back as an announcer / commentator though, something she did for a while towards the end of her WWE run and was very good at… just saying. As for a woman to step into that ring and wrestle, my pick would be Lisa Marie Varon, aka “Victoria”. She proved, as “Tara” down in TNA just a couple of years ago, that she can still go in that ring with the best of them. She still looks great too and could really help the current women wrestlers work on their characters and images to go along with the already impressive wrestling skills. She would be a great person for WWE to bring back.

And that’s all of this for now. I guess it’s time to go clean out my car and do a few other things that I’ve been procrastinating on. Comments, thoughts and especially questions for future Q&A’s are especially welcome. Until the next time, have a great one and take care. Talk at you again soon.


@00 @ 1 a wrestling meme

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