Wrestling Q&A – November 30, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents;
Pro Wrestling Q&A
November 30, 2017

I’d like to send a big shout out to my nephew, David Shawn Gantt, who turns 40 today. Happy Birthday Shawn. And now, let’s get busy with some wrestling Q&A. Time is short and so is Hornswoggle. Let’s do this…

Why didn’t Ken Shamrock translate the same way Brock does?

It was a different time when Shamrock was active and MMA / UFC was just beginning to get started as a big thing so the people / fans weren’t as familiar with it as they are today. Plus Brock has two big advantages over Shamrock. Brock has an “it” quality about him that makes him stand out and get attention. Shamrock didn’t really have this in my opinion. And also, Brock has Paul Heyman speaking for him and working as his “advocate” to get him over. Heyman could get over a tuna sandwich if he wanted to. Shamrock only had himself and that just wasn’t enough all the time.

Will Paige end the streak?

Nope. Paul Heyman’s client, Brock Lesnar already did that. And if you’re talking about the “other streak”, with my new beloved, Asuka, the answer is also, in my opinion, no.

Is anyone still a fan of The Fashion Files. They were entertaining at first but now they seem to just drag on and just be boring or cringy.

Didn’t you see the reference last night on Smackdown Live about “beating a dead horse”? They are getting lame and need to be shelved. They served their purpose by helping to get Breezango (and to a lesser degree, The Ascension) over. Now it’s time for the men to quit doing skits and get back into the ring and wrestle.

Who are two of the most underrated indy male and female talents you would like to see get a shot at the performance center?

There’s a man in Georgia who I’m very familiar with who has been wrestling over twenty years, but is still a young man with a tremendous amount of talent, charisma and ability inside that ring by the name of Michael Youngblood. He’s worked with the WWF before back when he first started out, wrestling against guys like Men On A Mission, Scott Hall, Kurt Angle, Rob Conway, etc. And now it’s time to come full circle and do it one more time. Remember that name… Mike Youngblood. If WWE is smart, you’ll be hearing a lot of it in the months and years to come. As for female talents, why they have not yet signed Tessa Blanchard, I have no idea. WWE needs to get that woman signed and moved to Orlando ASAP.

I’m a big fan of ODB, I wonder why she’s never been given a shot in WWE? With WWE needing in-ring vets to help train the next generation, doesn’t she seem like a useful hand?

ODB worked for a long time in OVW so I know that WWE is well aware of her and what she can do in that ring, but my guess is that her character and in-ring-style, which is very unique, just isn’t what WWE is looking for or wants. She’s a good wrestler and I enjoy her work, but she’s not one would expect to see on WWE TV without a lot of major changes to her character and style. She would have been fine for the “Attitude Era”, but in today’s WWE, not so much.

Are there any talents on the main roster that you think need to maybe go the Drew Galloway/Cody Rhodes route and go away for a bit to find something new?

I would say Curtis Axel, but he’s already one of the older men on the roster so that might not work to his advantage because of his age. The same goes for Zack Ryder. They would do well with a chance to be away from the WWE and rebrand themselves as winners rather than the proverbial jobbers they seem to be now. I think Dolph could do that, go out and rebuild himself and his character and come back better than ever. He would probably be my pick. Bo Dallas could do it as well.

Is there any chance of Molly Holly, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler or Layla El make it in the WWE Hall of Fame one day?

There is always a chance of any of these ladies being future inductees, but the possibility is higher for some rather than others. Molly is a definite yes in my opinion, as is Candice. Torrie might happen one day when they’re hard up for names, but not very likely. Stacy left the company on bad terms, but has since been down to the Performance Center to help train future stars so if her Hollywood career ever takes off, I think her chances are well. And Layla is popular within the company, but didn’t really do anything of note as a wrestler so I’d place her odds pretty low.

Is there any chance of Jeff Jarrett working with WWE in some way after his rehab?

Anything is possible in the WWE, but this? I’d normally say no, but with the return of folks like Bruno, Bischoff, Warrior, Lex Luger, Cornette, etc, who knows? If a role became available that would work out and be beneficial to both WWE and Jarrett, I think the options are there and it could happen. Never say never in the business of pro wrestling.

Of the following names: which one has the best chance of recovering from WWE’s bad booking and become a top player? Rusev, Dolph Ziggler or Bray Wyatt?

With the right stories and opponents and push from management, none of these careers are unfixable. With Bray, as we’re most likely seeing with “Broken” Matt Hardy, it just takes a good match and good promo and the past is immediately forgotten. Rusev is the same way and it wouldn’t be hard to get him back into the main event picture with just a little bit of good writing and a push (and put him back with Lana). I think Dolph will be the hardest to redeem and save, but all of these men can be fixed and saved. Bray would be the easiest, but none of these guys are lost causes yet.

And there you go. I’m through and now I have to go get ready for work. Thank you for reading. Until the next time, all comments, thoughts and questions are welcome and appreciated. Take care and stay just too sweet. I’m down and gone.


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