This & That – December 1, 2017

This & That
December 1, 2017

Well, it’s the first day of December. This year has surely flown by way too fast. It’s also way too early to be up, but I have so many things that I need to go do and that’s before I go to work for eight long hours of providing customer service, stocking shelves and getting this county liquored up. I am so freakin’ tired already. Oh vey! This is going to be a long, long day to be sure.

But before I head out into the world (and Wal-Mart to get anti-freeze and cat food), I want to clear out a few pages of notes that I’ve written to myself over the past few days. I do this constantly, writing down every idea that pops into my head that I think might be a good topic to talk about or blog about here at the site. I use maybe a third of the ideas when I can find the time to relax and actually write. That’s harder than it sounds, especially around here. Even now, as I’m typing this, I’m expecting the phone to start ringing or my beloved “Mother Figure” to ask some random question out of the blue about either something I have absolutely no clue about or someone who I haven’t thought of or spoken to in years. She does this often and it drives me crazy. Well, crazier…

So I’m just going to go down the list of stuff I have, make a few comments if it’s worth talking about, then move on. This might be interesting or it may not. We’ll just have to see. This is what I call, “This or That!”.

Before I forget, coming up later this month is the “Twelve Dougie Days Of Christmas”. It’s “Thirty Days of Dougie”, but only lasting for twelve days and since it’s in the middle of December, I’m putting the Christmas spin on it as well. This is when, every day for a certain period of time, I write each and every day and the topic of my writing is randomly drawn from a Crown Royal bag, aka “The Magic Bag”. I have literally hundreds of small scraps of paper in this bag, each with a word or sentence or phrase written on that paper, and those are my topics. I pick the paper, look at the subject, and with no advance idea or warning of what the topic will be, start writing. It can be fun and exciting and allows me to really just go outside the box and push myself a little bit. I like to do these things every so often to break up the routine of wrestling, Q&A’s, politics and standard stuff. So you’ve been warned. It’s coming in just a few weeks. I’ll make some memes and post them to give a little advertising and fair warning before it happens.

Yesterday was kind of weird at the store. I’m sure everyone has had the experience of “talking someone up”, where you’re talking about a person and then suddenly, out of the blue, they show up. It happened three times yesterday at work. First, myself and one of my co-workers were talking about a guy that we haven’t seen since last week. This guy is my neighbor and my co-workers friend and he’s been quiet as of late and we were just wondering where he was. Fifteen minutes later, here he comes walking through the door of the store. Yeah, that’s no big deal and happens sometimes, but it gets better.

Later in the evening, myself and my co-worker were again wondering why things have been so quiet for the past few days with students from the local college. St. Andrews. Usually, we see far more of them than we have this past week. Not ten minutes later, here comes a pack of students from the college, all regulars. They came in, talked a bit, made their purchases and left. And my co-worker commented on how we “talked them up”. So just for kicks, I started thinking about this guy who used to come in often, but we haven’t seen in a few months. He’s a sexy beast and I want to go out with him and get crazy sometimes, but that’s not important to this story. He’s been MIA for a while though. And damn, I hadn’t so much as thought to myself, I wonder where this guy is and damn if he doesn’t come walking through the door. He’s wide open, very talkative and sexy as hell. And we talked for a few minutes before he left so that was all good.

But that was the third person (or group of people) for the night in a row to be “talked up” at the store. So finally, with about an hour left before we closed up, I decided to really put it to the test. There’s a guy at the college who doesn’t know it yet, but he’s my future ex-husband and life-mistake that I’ll always smile about and I started thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if he showed up and invited me back to his dorm? He didn’t show up. Damn it all. Experiment failed. But it was fun while it lasted. I wonder who we can “talk up” tonight at work? Should be interesting.

I heard the song, “Keep Feeling Fascination” by the Human League last night on the radio. I’ve always liked that song.

What the hell is the deal with all of the Christmas music playing on the radio now. I get it. It’s December and the radio stations are playing Christmas music. But it’s so weird that we’ll hear Guns & Roses one minute, Richard Marx the next and then Ray Stevens singing “Santa Claus Is Watching You” right after that. It’s really killing my vibe.

I think I’m ready to leave the piece of crap Obama-style Tracfone behind and move up to a real big-boy style Smart Phone. Any suggestions as to what kind I should get? I’m thinking a Galaxy 2, but not for sure about anything yet.

Have you ever noticed that there are some people that just never seem to age. Look at Cher or Johnny Depp or Tina Turner. Dolly Parton, Joan Jett, Mick Jagger and of course, Alice Cooper also are all seemingly immortal. I think they’re all either robots or aliens. Just saying…

I’m tired. I need to get on the ball and go do things. I’ll be happy to get to work so I can get some rest. *sighs*. So this is short and I only touched on about 1/ 100th of the things I wanted to, but I’ve got to quit here. I have to remember to get cat food too. Anyone want a stray cat? We have a dozen or so and they eat too damn much.

Until the next time, take it easy. Thoughts, comments and any kind of feedback is welcome. I’m down and gone.


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