Wrestling Q&A – December 3, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
December 3, 2017

I’ve got the soundtrack to the musical “Rent” cranked up and blasting. (Don’t judge me!) And now I’m ready to do a little Q&A about the world’s greatest sport, wrestling. The questions come from the KoK and PWInsiderElite.com. And the answers, that’s all me. Let’s do this bay-be!

1. How awesome would it be if 3mb reunited? Their first stint sucked but now all of them have evolved.Imagine Drew and Jinder as tag champs.

While I could see a backstage reunion at one of the big events like maybe the Royal Rumble, I don’t think that these guys should interact and be shown together too much. Drew is a “face” for the most part and hasn’t even made it to the main roster again, although I think as soon as he’s cleared from this latest injury, that’s just a formality and will happen soon enough. Jinder is a full fledged heel who turned on Heath to get his contract and job with Smackdown Live (anyone else remember that?) and Heath is pretty much mid-card tag team guy with Rhyno. I could see a spot where Heath tries to reunite 3MB with himself as the leader and both Drew and Jinder give him a beat-down as they reject his advances, then having a staredown before going their own way. 3MB was a a fun and good thing for it’s time, but it’s time for all three men to move on now.

2. How about that there 180 Ed the Owl did on the Broken gimmick?

Ed the Owl and Impact realized that they were fighting a losing battle that, even if they won, wouldn’t do them a bit of good and was majorly hurting them in the place it matters most, the court of public opinion. A smart move just to cut their losses, let Matt be “broken” again and all parties move on.

3. Who would you consider the greatest rival to Ric Flair? Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, or Sting?

What about Blackjack Mulligan or Harley Race? Of these three men, while I loved the matches versus Steamboat and thought that the Sting / Horseman wars were great, the title of Ric’s greatest rival has to go to Dusty Rhodes. Ric versus Dusty brought out the very best of both men time and time again and never got old.

4. Do you think Vince could have gotten more out of Ric Flair after he dropped the belt to Bret Hart in 1992 or was Ric going back to WCW the correct creative move?

Ric going back to WCW at the time was the best move for everyone involved. Ric wasn’t happy and was ready to go home and Vince didn’t have a place for him at the top of the card where he belonged so they mutually agreed to part ways. And both went on to bigger success than ever before. Definitely a good call by both men.

5. In looking back on YouTube I found out how much I enjoy Austin Idol even though I never got to see him as a kid. Are there any great stars you didn’t get to enjoy until long after they were around?

I’m older so I’ve seen most of my favorites, but a few tapes that I’ve seen on YouTube have allowed me to see some folks, who I’d seen wrestle but in their later years and not their primes, and enjoy their skills. I think the guys who stand out the best for me would be Ray Stevens, Adrian Street and Nick Bockwinkel, all three men I’ve seen wrestle, but not as much as I’d liked. Also, Johnny Weaver, before he was “The Dean of Professional Wrestling” and Bruiser Brody, a true monster among men long before Braun Strowman was even an active sperm cell, stand out for me too. YouTube is a wonderful thing.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions are welcome and appreciated. Until the next time, have a great one and I’ll catch you later.


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