Flashback: Self Identity Survey – December 5, 2011

Self Identity Survey – December 5, 2011

Self Identity Survey

Name: My birth name is “Douglas” (or “Doug” for short), but you may just call me “Sir!”

Age: Too damn old to do most of the things that I want to do, but young enough to give it a shot anyhow.

Race: I am not now nor will I be running in any races, political, speed, car or otherwise. I’m a writer, damn it – not a racer. Ummm… Ooops! I misread the question – I’m caucasian with mutt tendencies.

Gender: All man and don’t you forget it… lol. ” _ ”

Normal Questions:

Define normal using approximately ten words. Bland, vanilla, status-quo and marching to beat of same drummer.

Would you frame someone else if your friend committed murder? Nope – there would be more than enough to deal with in taking care of the friends’ problems without instigating a frame-up and the activities involved with that. No need to ruin anyone else’s life just to cover up for my friend’s screw up.

When is killing justified? If it’s self-defense or a “kill or be killed” situation – that’s the only time I can see justification.

What do you like most about yourself? I have a quirky mind and a fair singing voice – those are good traits, right?

What was or is your favorite subject in school? Well, it wasn’t “creative writing” – I flunked the heck out of that (go figure) – I think it was either history (U.S. History was and is very interesting) or the Home Ec. related classes (Home Ec, Home Furnishing Services) – I was AWESOME!!

What do you want to do for a career? I’d love to be paid for being a writer. Writing (booking) wrestling events and shows would be incredible too. Anything I can do that involves using my imagination and creativity is something I could and would be interested in. As for a job that “pays the bills”, working in retail seems to be where I’m most at ease.

Do you support the war in Iraq? I understand the reasons for the war (get rid of Saddam), but it’s gone on too long. It’s time to bring the troops home and end both this wat and the war in Afghanistan.

Are you religious? I believe in a higher power and pray regularly, but I do not feel comfortable with organized religion of any particular denomination. Most groups have some good points, but also have negatives and hypocrisy as well that I can not support. Better to read my bible and believe what I feel is right than jump in with any group that invites me and pretend to agree with what I feel is not right.

Do you read, watch or listen to the news often? I read at least two newspapers (front to back) a day, plus regularly watch both Fox News AND MSNBC to enjoy the differing agendas and spin on each news item. I also read news items on the internet. Yes, I am a news junkie.

Is older always wiser? Nope – age has nothing to do with wisdom.

Is Barack Obama a good president? In my opinion, he is arguably the worst president we’ve had in the past century. He’s a great salesman who promised everything to everyone to get elected, but has had little success in following through with those promises. He’s a campaigner and NOT a leader and his pitiful attempts at running our country have caused far more problems than one would have thought possible.

If not, does he deserve to be assassinated? No – I think he thinks that he’s doing well. He’s majorly incompetent, but that’s not a punishable by death offense. Let’s just vote him out of office so he can go away and become the modern day Jimmy Carter, as he seems destined to be.

Who cares about the rainforest, right? While it’s tragic what is happening with the rain forests, there are other matters that should take priority and precedence and be dealt with first.

Are you going to marry your favorite celebrity? I’m a gay man in North Carolina – I am NOT going to be marrying anyone unless there are many major changes over the next few years.

Do you wish you were a celebrity? I am a celebrity of sorts – I am the author of “Pro Wrestling’s Most Eclectic Column Since 2003” and I do have a small following of a sort. And I’m just one good blog or story away from being truly famous. (And yes, I am delusional as well).

Is body structure a good indicator of personality? Not in my opinion- people have little control over different aspects of their body and it just serves as the book-cover,with no true indication of what lies inside (the personality & character).

Is choice of clothing a good indicator of personality? To a degree, yes – unless it’s a uniform due to work or school, most people tend to dress in the style that they feel most comfortable and relaxed and the way they dress and act when relaxed generally tends to be a strong indication of the way they think and act.

Is choice of friends a good indicator of personality? For most people, yes…. what’s the old cliche? “Birds of a feather?”… lol.

Are more and more technological advances good for mankind? In some ways, yes, but I personally despise the “advances” in games and toys (such as X-Box and Playstation) – those games kill imagination and are destroying the minds of our children and young people.

Between male and female, which is the weaker gender? Men – compared to most women, men are pussies…. lol.

Do you believe in karma or predestiny? Everything happens for a reason. ‘Nuff said!!

Are you vegetarian? Nope! I love to eat meat!

Do you get along with your family? I don’t “not get along” with the majority of my “blood” family, but I don’t go out of my way to be around most of them either. With the exception of our blood, I just don’t really see much that I have in common with them. We are all friendly and if they need something that I can provide, I’ll do what I can, but for the most part, I can take them or leave them and prefer to leave them.

When you discover that you are angry, what do you do to calm yourself? I write, I go walking, I turn up the music to unimaginable levels and let the sounds blast away my anger, etc. I do many things – it just depends upon the circumstances and what I feel inclined to do at the time.

When you are sad, what do you do to make yourself feel better? Same as above – I generally try to write or go walking or just keep busy doing something and usually that works. And if it’s really bad (major depression – which I deal with quite frequently as well), I’ll just either go walking in the woods or go to bed and try to “sleep” it all out.

Do you need a significant other in your life? I don’t need anyone but myself – I do have someone that I hope will never leave my life and he completes me in so many ways – I would be miserable and just a shell if he was out of my life and that’s just the truth. But I don’t need him. I can survive and get by on my own – I just don’t want to.

Have you ever truly loved? Not until I decided to let down my walls and accept Cal into my life – I decided to give love a chance and I’ve no regrets about it.

Is it okay for you to show weakness? Yes – a person can’t be superman all the time.

Is revenge always the answer when you are wronged? Nope – revenge is never the answer – justice is.

Is revenge ever the answer? Read my previous answer.

Is everyone like an open book to you? For the most part, yes – I see and notice things that most don’t – it’s all about paying attention and keeping an open mind.

Do you keep your mouth shut in public for fear of sounding stupid? At times, yes – I have issues with my self-confidence and being sociable.

Does your IQ mean much? Not really – I’m a smart guy in many ways and in other ways, I’m clueless. An IQ is just a number, but nothing beats practical common sense and experience combined with an open mind and a desire to learn.

I grant you three wishes. Three wishes, right at this moment, would be to have Cal come home with all his problems & baggage behind him to be with me here where he belongs, a job where I can be happy and make decent money and the end of my problems involving driving. Yeah, I’m being greedy today, but it’s been a bad day and I’m in the middle of one of my blue-moods so bear with it.

This or That…

Passiveness or aggression? Both have their place depending upon the situation, but I tend to be more of the passive, submissive type of guy. I can be agressive at times if I need to, but I prefer to coast along and keep the peace.

Clinginess or detachment? For me, detachment. I have a bad habit of keeping up that wall and never letting people get too close.

Flattery or honesty? Honesty, but there is no need to be insulting while delivering it. Even the worst piece of truth isn’t quite as bad when accompanied by a honest piece of flattery..

Passion or reason? Listen to the brain or the heart? Listening to the brain is generally the best option, but sometimes, those moments of passion can be over-powerig and common sense goes out the door. Both have their places and times to be listened to.

Liberal or conservative? On social issues, I am very liberal, while on economic and other matters, I lean to the right and the concervative side of things. I’m neither conservative (Republican) or liberal (Democrat) – I’m just me…

To listen or to talk? I’m a great listener, but I don’t like to talk. It’s about you – not me.

To discriminate or to be hurt? There is never a reason for discrimination – better to be hurt than to hurt others because of ignorance and stupidity like discrimination.

Friends or lovers? I like to think that most of my friends, at least the sexy male ones, can be both. If I have to chose, I would rather have a good friend than a piece of ass, but I’m a firm believer of “friends with benefits” – part of being friends is helping each other with our needs and bonding and what better way to bond than a little ass-grab and fun?

Money or fame? I don’t like being the center of attention, but I like money so show me the money.

Power or freedom? Freedom

Pain or numbness? I live every day of my life in pain so numbness would be a nice change of pace.

Night or day? Night (I don’t do daylight)

Marilyn Manson or Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake – Marilyn is an sorry-ass ripoff of Alice Cooper and worthless piece of crap.

Pink or Evanescence? Pink – she’s awesome!

Nine Inch Nails or Blink 182? Nine Inch Nails

Bowling for Soup or Tool? No preference for either of these bands – they all sound the same to me.

Kittie or Britney Spears? Britney Spears – just think of all the humorous moments she’s given us, plus K-Fed is sexy and she’s his ex. So that puts Britney over the top for me.

Ani or Madonna? Madonna (I have to say her – it’s in the Gay Man Handbook that Madonna supercedes all… lol)

Malice Mizer or F4? WHO?

Escargot or no? I don’t do slugs. Well, I did do Greg and he was nasty like a slug (about as hung as one too), but that was when I was younger and stupid (and drunk – can’t forget drunk). But no slugs as an appetizer for me – NEVER!

Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? Johnny Depp is amazing – I watched “Cry Baby” last night and it was just a good time. He never seems to get older – I think he’s a robot… lol.

United States or Canada? I’m American so it would be United States… (unless Obama wins re-election in 2012 – then I might consider moving to Canada)

Felines or canines? Felines – I’m definitely a cat person.

Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill? I thought both movies were kind of dumb actually. But I did watch “Charlie’s Angels” as a kid on TV so it gets the nod.

Chicago or The Hours? No idea here – never seen either and have no desire to see either.

The Lords of the Rings or The Matrices? Lords of the Rings – it was a lot of walking and kind of boring, but those little Hobbits were kind of cute (gay, but cute) and that makes all the difference. Keanu Reeves is a dick!

Summer or winter? Winter

Finding Nemo or Scary Movie 3? Scary Movie (I like funny and stupid)..

Newsweek or Playboy? Newsweek (damn, I’m getting old)

Renee Zellweger or Angelina Jolie? Alyson Hannigan can kick both of their asses!!

Buy CD or burn CD? I’m old fashioned – I still like to buy them.

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