Opposing Views – December 12, 2017

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
December 12, 2017

Are you ready to get political? It’s that time of the week and I’m feeling sassy. I have the music on YouTube cranked up and the site, Opposing Views, has a ton of great questions waiting. So with all of that being said, let’s just jump right into it and do this, shall we? This are just my opinions, but of course, I’m right. Questions, comments and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Don’t like what I said or else agree 100%? Let me know what you think. And now, let’s present a few “Opposing Views”.

Do you Michelle Obama would beat Trump if she ran for president in 2020?

What exactly qualifies Michelle to run for President? Her manly physique and prominent Adam’s apple? She’s never held a position of leadership of any kind and isn’t qualified to be President or even be allowed in the White House for that matter except for her marriage to Barack. The only job she’s ever held of any importance was as an Attorney and her license to practice law has been revoked for reasons that have yet to be revealed. So much for transparency, right? So yeah, a large number of liberal minded idiots would vote for her and she would definitely win California and Washington DC. But actually win the election and the Presidency? I would hope that America isn’t that stupid.

Do you think America is more respected with Trump as president than Obama?

I think so. Before, America was a joke with Obama as the President. There were no consequences for actions and disrespect was rewarded with money and political agreements. Now, we may not be as “liked” as we once were, but we are definitely more respected and people are more apt to mind their P’s & Q’s when dealing with the U.S. than they did before.

Do you hope Mike Pence runs for president after Trump’s time in office ends?

Honestly, I don’t know if I’d like to see Pence as President or not. There are many things about him that I still don’t agree with and have my doubts about, but I would have to look and see what the other options would be before giving him my support. He’s far better than say Hillary or Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or any of the top Democratic leaders currently in power though.

‘Sheriff Joe’ Arpaio just announced that he’s ‘seriously, seriously,’ considering running for Senate. Would he get your vote?

Nope and that’s not because I don’t like Sheriff Joe because I do (for the most part), but I don’t live in Arizona where he resides and would be running from. And also, he’s in his 80’s and too old for a new job and role in such an important position. I think he should retire from public service and enjoy his life, not waste his time with politics and the B.S. that is our government these days.

The White House says Democrats are only trying to impeach Trump because they’re bitter about how badly he beat Hillary Clinton. Do you agree with that?

That’s part of it to be sure. Plus, Trump is everything that the liberal minded politicians hate in that he’s proof that capitalism works. He’s not politically correct and regularly calls them out on their hypocrisy and he’s the anti-Christ to every argument and agenda that the liberal left seems to have. He’s keeping his promises and keeps doesn’t play the political games that the powers-that-be are so used to. The more successful Trump is as President, the more it weakens and destroys the Democratic party and they don’t like it.

Do you think the Clintons are a disgrace to our country?

I think they’re a disgrace to humanity in general and truly vile and evil to the core. A disgrace to our country doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The President’s children are ALWAYS off limits. Agree or disagree?

So long as they are minors and not politically active, they are all and should always be off limits to the press and to political opponents. However, once they become adults, and IF they decide to act as representatives for their parents on the political scene, then all bets are off. Be a child and be left alone. Stay out of politics and be left alone. Be active in the political scene, you’re just another victim and anything goes.

President Trump says it’s absurd that he’s being investigated and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Does he make a good point?

No one can come up with any actual law that Trump may have broken. Hillary has been proven to have violated laws, but the FBI only calls it “reckless” and there are so many issues and proven lies and issues in the previous investigations that it’s not even funny any more. If Trump has broken the law and it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, then impeach him and be done with it. Otherwise, shut the hell up. And Hillary should be charged and prosecuted if proven she has broken any laws. So do that too.

And I’m going to quit right here. I have more questions to use, but I’m getting bored with this. I think I need a nap. So that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Give me some feedback. And have a great one. I’ll see you later…


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