12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 5: Neighbors, Leaders versus Boss & Elf On A Shelf…

12 (Dougie) days of Christmas – Day 5
Neighbors, Leaders versus Boss and Elf On A Shelf
December 13, 2017

Yes, I am still running a day behind. At this rate, doing the twelve days of Christmas, Dougie style, should only take about a month or so. I am getting so slack. I need better time management skills. Well, that or less things to do. But I have no one to blame but myself and I’m committed (or should be). Let’s go find the so-called Magic Bag’s and figure out the topics of the day. In the original song, it would be “five golden rings”. Well, we don’t have any golden rings here unless they’re onion rings from Burger King, which would be good right now for breakfast. I have coupons. But what we do have is (drum roll please), the topics of “Neighbors”, “Leaders versus Boss” and for the Christmas spirited one, we have “Elf On A Shelf”. Yeah, that last one might be fun. So without any further waiting, it’s the “12 (Dougie) Days of Christmas – Day 5”. Let’s do this…


We all have them unless we’re rich and fortunate enough to live on a private island or in the middle of a forest in a tree house. And there are good ones, bad ones, ones you never see and ones that you wish you’d never see. And being here living in the same house for thirty-six years, I’ve had some doozy of neighbors come and go. We had the crazy one that lived across the road for a while. Good people, but mix in a little alcohol and things would get a little wild and crazy. We had the family that always had the police being called and for a period, our neighborhood always had patrol cars coming and going. We’ve had people who became as close as family. We’ve had people that if you see them coming, you go inside or duck away. We’ve got people who watch your house when you’re gone and people that the others watch so they don’t break into your house when you’re gone. (Those guys live up in the circle.) And right now, we have the best batch of all, who are wonderful, awesome pleasant and just damn good people. It took a while to weed out the bad seeds in the batch and get the ideal neighbors and friends, but we got ’em now. We are truly blessed.

Leader versus Boss…

I won’t even try to be original here. I saw this meme come up many years ago, during I believe the Kersey versus Jones Sheriff Race here in Scotland County back in 2014 and it was so true. I forget the actual quote and don’t feel like looking it up (I’m being slack again), but the gist was this. A leader leads by example, is part of the group and won’t ask anyone to do something that they won’t, shares the credit and accepts the blame and uses “we” instead of “I” or “Me”. A boss gives orders, but not the direction to follow said orders, is quick to criticize and shift the blame while taking the credit for the good stuff, prefers “I” to “Us” and bullies instead of inspires. You get the idea. So be a leader and not a boss. A leader makes the whole group stronger. A boss will eventually destroy it all.

This reminds me of someone I’ve been dealing with as of late in a management role at a local business. Since he took over, people have been quitting right and left and the mood and moral has dropped considerably. This man is a “boss” in that he doesn’t offer suggestions, he gives orders. He’s been telling the people, most of who have been there for many years, that they don’t do their jobs correctly and not in a polite or understanding manner. Just bluntness and outright disdain or so it appears to me. He’s a smart man in some ways, but dealing with people and having tact are not his strong points. His manner… oh vey! And this is something that I shouldn’t even be taking about. Not my job luckily and I don’t have to deal with this place but on a limited basis. My boss-man is good. He falls into the “leader” category. I’ve had some “bosses” in the past, but that’s where they are and where they’ll stay. I survived and learned what to and more importantly, what NOT to do from them and now, I’m past all that. Thank goodness.

And this has turned into a rambling mess. Let’s move on.

Elf On A Shelf…

This is where small elves come and stay with families that have small children during the holidays. The elves attach themselves to a child (not literally) and observe the child each day and then, at night, once the child is asleep, fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa what they’ve observed and if the kid has been good or bad each day. And each day, they change positions and move about the house, observing all. And they can not be touched by human hands when in their dormant state during the day or they’ll lose their powers and won’t be able to make their reports to Santa.

Dormant during the day. Only come alive at night. Are we talking about an elf or a vampire here? Actually, they’re pretty cool to helping to keep the kids, at least the young ones who still believe, in line and on good behavior. Then the kids get older and instead of Elf on A Shelf, the parents have to evolve and move on to “belt on a butt”. I prefer the Elf thingy.

It’s such a simple concept and idea that has quickly become a tradition for so many families and so many children over the years. We’ve always been told that “Santa Claus is watching you”, especially by singer Ray Stevens, and now, we have proof. Small snitches dressed in red and they see us when we’re sleeping, or awake, or in the shower, or having sex. What the hell? Bunch of perverted little peeping toms. Oh wait, they’re just watching the kids. Us adults are safe. Or are we? Something to think about, right?

But the Elf thing is cool. Didn’t I already say that? And I approve.

And that’s all for Day 5. Yes, this is lame but I haven’t had breakfast or a shower yet and I’m only operating at about 35% capacity. I should have stayed in bed. And now, I’m going to go do all I need to do and get ready for work in a little while. And then I go do the Food Bank. And then I go chill with the fam and watch NXT tonight on the USA Network. And then it’s here for Day 6. And I’m already tired. It’s going to be a long day.

Thanks for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Tell your friends about the site. I need more readers. And until the next time, have a great Holiday season and Merry Christmas. Love you – mean it.


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