12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 7 – Emptying The Bag

12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 7
Emptying The Bag
December 15, 2017

Welcome back to Day 7 of my blog series, the “12 (Dougie) Days of Christmas. This should be Day 8, but I’m running a day behind and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting caught up anytime soon. But I’m going to give it a shot. As my regular readers know, what I do here in the “Days Of Dougie” pieces is pick random topics from what I like to call the “Magic Bag” and without any preparation or advance warning, write about those topics. No chance in advance to know what’s going on and get ready. It’s just “here’s the topic and go!”. And sometimes it sucks to high heaven and other times, it can turn out pretty decent. It’s a great challenge for me, harder than you might think though, and keeps me on my toes while providing (hopefully) entertainment for you, the readers as well. At least that’s the theory.

But I’m going to switch things up today since time is short and I don’t feel like doing the same old / same old right now. By the way, Clips Haircuts For Men, located in the Scotland Crossing Shopping Center in Laurinburg, NC, will be running a big holiday special all next week, from Tuesay to Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. All Haircuts – $10. Plus $1 off on all products. It’s just our way of saying thank you, Merry Christmas and WE WANT TO CUT YOUR HAIR!

Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah, let’s switch things up. I’m drawing ten topics from the “Magic Bag” and instead of long paragraphs of whatever about each topic, I’ll keep it short and sweet in what is a kind of word association theme. How ’bout them apples, eh! And after I do these ten, I’ll pull out five more from my “Christmas Magic Bag” and do the same with them. So that’s what I’m doing. Now, let’s just do it…

Emptying The Bag…

Sal Mineo

A great actor and one of my favorites from that era. Co-starred in “Rebel Without A Cause” and “Giant”. A damn good looking man too.

“I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost”

So who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Pippi Longstockings

The strongest little girl in the world. An orphan. Remember watching these movies when I was a small kid. I should go try and find them and watch them again.


Either drink out of them or wear them on your face. Same name, but two different things. I need some glasses. Both kinds actually.


Not real… or is it? We can only speculate and guess. Like smart Democrats or honest politicians.

Cell Phones

Hate the damn things, but in today’s world, can’t live without them. A necessary evil (but don’t talk on them while at my register or else no liquor for you. Just saying!)

Milk Shakes

Remember the orange ones that McDonald’s used to have? They were good.


A great man who sacrificed so much for us. I didn’t understand him sometimes back then, but now I do. I wish I could see him and talk to him again. I miss my Dad.

Joan Rivers

Arguably the greatest female comic of her time and a very funny lady. Another one gone too soon, but what an impact she made and a legacy she left. Can we talk?

Workplace Friends

Friends of convenience, but that doesn’t make it any less real or sincere. I’ve made some awesome friends at my various places of employment over the years. Some have become memories as has that job and others are still here, friends forever. Those are the best kind.

That was fun and relatively easy too. Let’s move on. And now for my “Christmas Magic Bag” topics…

Hard Candy Christmas

A great song from the soundtrack to the movie, “Best Little Whorehouse In Christmas”. A great musical and Dolly and her “girls” bring tears to my eyes every time I hear this song play.


I remember as a kid, we used to get this thing called the “Wish Catalog” and I’d go through, marking all the things I wanted for Christmas. I wanted everything. I was a greedy little monster. Mom and Dad would pick out one or two things from my numerous selections. Great childhood memories. Gotta love them.


I’ve been to the one here in North Carolina twice so far. Once when I was 8 years old and again when I was like 19 or twenty. Both times were great experiences. I would love to go back and visit that place again.

Warm Weather In December

This is North Carolina. We have cold nights, warm days and lots of people getting sick because of the confusing weather. Shorts, sandals and a big jacket – just another day in the Tarheel State. Get that FLU SHOT!

Tiny Tim

A great character from a great story, “A Christmas Carol”. He even touched ol’ Scrooge’s heart. Well, him and the ghosts.

And there you go. Thoughts and comments welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading and now, I am down and gone. See you later, Alligator. Have a great one and be safe.


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