12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 11 : Notes To Myself

12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas – Day 11
December 19, 2017
Notes To Myself

And now, Day 11 of the infamous “12 (Dougie) Days Of Christmas” blog series. I’m trying to get myself caught up while I have the opportunity and I just figured out a way to kill two birds with one stone. Make the stone a big one and smash ’em hard. No, that’s not what I was supposed to say. Usually, I just call what I’m getting ready to do “This & That”, but it’s “Day 11” for today. The topic is “Notes To Myself” and it could refer to that great book by the man, Hugh Prather. And it will for at least part of the column. A great book and inspiring guy to be sure. And the rest of the column will be going through all these many “notes to myself” that I have written over the past couple of weeks that are ideas for the site and topics to write about, but I just haven’t been able to get around to it as of yet. I’ll do them all, or at least a good chunk of these topics in one sweep. It gives me material and also helps to clean off my desk a little bit. Sounds like a plan, right? So let’s do this…

Notes To Myself… Part 1

The book, “Notes To Myself” was written by a man named Hugh Prather and published first in 1970, has sold over 6 million copies and has been published in ten languages. It’s still in print today. It’s a book of thoughts and ideas and expressions, not intended to be published as a book, but was more of a personal journal by Prather, a then-unpublished writer who after several failed attempts to have anything published, decided on a whim to send his journal to a local Mom & Pop style publishing firm, “Real People Press”. A run of ten thousand copes were made and with no advertising and strictly word of mouth, sold out. Prather was a success.

Working as a counselor, Prather with wife Gayle, ended up writing several books together, in the style of “Notes To Myself”, such as “I Touch The Earth, The Earth Touches Me”, Notes To Each Other”, “Standing On My Head”, “Life Lessons In Contradiction” and “There Is A Place You Are Not Alone”. There are many, many others but these are the ones that I own and read regularly. The books don’t have a theme really, but just ideas and thoughts anda feeling of self-awareness brought to the written page. Hugh (and Gayle) share their good times, their bad times, their emotions, their fears and every aspect of themselves with the readers and it’s just a good and mind stimulating read that most people can identify and relate to in so many ways. Prather passed away on November 15, 2010 after suffering a heart attack in his hot tub. His books continue to be published and continue to inspire and comfort people even today and his legacy lives on.

I first became aware of Prather when my bestest friend and all around cool person, Theresa and I used to write letters back and forth regularly. Theresa was, by the way, the girlfriend of my first roomie way back almost thirty years ago. He lasted a month, but the friendship that she and I built has lasted ever since. But what was I saying? Oh yeah, she would put Prather quotes from the book or from “Hugh Baby” as we called him, in the letters. I would respond with Alice Cooper song lyrics and my own observations about this, that and the other and it went back and forth like that for a great many years. And for my birthday in 1991, she gave me the book, “I Touch The Earth, The Earth Touches Me”, a book that is sitting on my desk right next to me even as I write this. Here’s the inscription she wrote in the book.

“Dougie, I thought about giving you ‘Notes To Myself’, but then I couldn’t use Hugh baby in my letters anymore. Anyways… this is a very special book 4 a very special friend. I’m sure U will enjoy it. So whenever U R phillin’ kinda’ down, out of sorts, or just plain bored, pick up UR very own copy of uplifting verses by Hugh Baby. Happy Birthday Doug. July 3, 1991. Peace & Love” and signed by her initials.

I read that book and not long after, purchased “Notes To Myself” and then other books followed. But I’ve always loved his writing and I’ll always love that very special person who introduced me to him. She’s so amazing and such an important part of my life and even though we don’t talk now as often as we once did, I can always feel her presence in my heart and I know she’s only a message away.

So go read the book, “Notes To Myself” and anything else by Hugh Prather. It’ll touch your heart and soul and you’ll be glad you did. You’re welcome.

And now…

Notes To Myself… Part II.

As anyone who knows me well knows, I am constantly writing things down, either in a notebook or on scraps of paper. It’ll either be notes or lists so I won’t forget to do something or pick up something from the store since my memory is terrible or else it’ll be an idea that I had for something to write about for the site. And I have got a huge stack of papers and notes that I’ve written, mainly at work, for ideas and future projects for my blog. Isn’t it crazy how the best ideas come when you can’t do anything about them or act on them. That’s the way it works though and so I scribble down my idea and put it to the side to be acted on later, hence they are my “notes to myself”. What I’m going to do now is run down a few of these ideas, do a quick comment or two, and move on. Thus, they have been “acted upon” and can be thrown away, thus clearing off my desk for a bit and also, it gives me content for this which I am currently writing. Does that sound like a plan or what? Let’s do it…

Godfather and Love: These are drink recipes I found in a book of bartending recipes at the store where I work. I copied down the recipes to use in a future wrestling related piece when Brother Love or The Godfather come up. I think I used the “Love” recipe a few days ago to answer the question, “What is love!”. It’s earlier in this blog series, I think either the first or second one. Go look it up and enjoy the drink. You’re welcome.

Here’s a note that says “Cake Mix Cookies”. I did this the other night at work when I was thinking about maybe digging out all those boxes of cake mixes that Ma has stockpiled in our kitchen and maybe going on a baking spree and making cookies. I still may do that when I get my next day off, Sunday.

And here’s a note to make memes for Clips Haircuts For Men. Jennifer and Benny are running a special this week with ALL haircuts only $10. That’s for this week only, Tuesday to Saturday, from 9am to 6 pm at Clips Haircuts For Men, located at the Scotland Crossing Shopping Center, two doors down from Food Lion in Laurinburg. Also, $1 off all hair care products. I made a few memes but should go do some more. Clips – We Want To Cut Your Hair! A great place to get a great haircut.

A note to write about all of the gift sets that we’ve gotten in at the ABC store. Lots of glasses, coasters and a few other cool things. They’re going fast though and it may be too late to do this piece now. Some really cool stuff though.

And here’s a note to find out if there is a local public access television station in Laurinburg / Scotland County and what it would take to get a weekly show on this station if it even exists. That’s because of a long conversation that Benny (at work) and I had. He would be a great talk-show host. I prefer writing stuff myself.

I have a note here that says “Gerardo – Rico Suave”. Anyone remember that song and video from the early 90’s and MTV. It was cool. I will probably share it one day on my “Video Of The Day” thing.

This says, “Review” and has Jessi Colter : The Psalms. I’ve listened to most of the songs so far on YouTube and the power, the magic, the strength of her faith is so strong and beautiful. This will happen. I want to order the album and her book and when I do, a review will happen.

Here’s a note that says I should clean out my top desk drawer. It gives new meaning to the words, “Junk Drawer”. I also have, on the same piece of paper, a note about a wrestling idea. A “One On One” column pitting the guys from WCW versus AWA versus ECW in fantasy triple threat matches, using the last set of “official ratings” from each group to determine who fights who. That might still happen because I see on the next piece of paper, an idea for a series of a “Dozen Days Of One On One”.

Here’s a reminder to get some transmission fluid and coffee for Mom. And a reminder to tell the story about what happened at TGIF to me one time. I’ve told it before and this came up because a girl at work, who was only 22 by the way and looked like she was maybe 16, got mad because we (I) asked her for her ID before I’ll sell her any liquor. She was pissed. She got over it too. But the story. To put it simply, I was at TGIF with several friends. We all ordered drinks. The waitress asked for idea from every person at the table. Well, every person but one. I was reaching for my ID and she said, “Nah, Don’t worry. I know you’re old enough!” That pissed me off. At least give me the courtesy of trying to pretend I feel young, but don’t single me out by carding every single person BUT me. That was just cold… and wrong.

Here’s a list of ideas for future “One On One” columns too. How about side by side comparisons of Arn Anderson versus Archie Andrews? Michael Jackson versus Michael Myers. Freddie Prinze Jr. versus Freddy Krueger. Steve Austin versus Steven Tyler. Vincent Prince versus Vince McMahon.

Yes, this is the stuff I think about when at work. And now you understand why only roughly about a fifth of my ideas actually make it to the site and being written and published. Well, it’s mainly a time management thing, but still.

And I’m closing this up now. I have a few things to go do, mainly Food Lion for the Food Bank, and then I want to catch a nap before I go to work this afternoon. I love my naps.

So thank you for reading. Thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated, about this and anything here on the site or hell, about anything anywhere. Until the next time, have a great one, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. As Kojak would say, “Who loves you, baby!”. Take care and I’ll catch you later.


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