Wrestling Q&A – January 1, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
January 1, 2018

I think I did pretty good last night. I stayed up until midnight to welcome in the new year, washed up my dishes and said good night to my cat and went to bed shortly afterwards. So why am I now up and wide awake at 4:00am? I wanted to do the whole “new year – new beginning” type thing and actually start sleeping at night for this year anyways. *sighs* Oh well, maybe next year then. But since I’m up and awake, let’s write something. How about a “Wrestling Q&A” to start off a new year here at DougMaynard.com? Sounds like a plan to me so… The questions come from the Facebook group, the Kult of Kayfabe (KoK). The answers are all me.

Jim Cornette released a “Shit List” a few years ago, which listed (in his opinion) the Top 5 most deplorable/detrimental people in the history of the business. Who would you put in your Top 5?

Jim Cornette has forgotten more about wrestling than I’ll ever know and he is far more suited to speculate on something like this than I, or any non-worker, would ever be. But with that in mind, I can think of a few names that, because of what I do know about them, their actions and the perception that I have of them, for whatever reason, are not good people and the world of professional wrestling would be better off without them. My five picks would be: Chris Benoit, for obvious reasons. Vince Russo would make the list as well. I’d put Vince McMahon on there too. Vince is what you would call a necessary evil type deal though in that he has hurt the business in many ways, but has also grown and built the business so he’s the ying and yang all by himself. Killing kayfabe, destroying the territories, creating a monopoly are all bad things. But making wrestling mainstream popular and larger than life and creating “The Network” are positives in my opinion. And two more? I’ll go with Dixie Carter for being an idiot and Hulk Hogan for his political games which helped speed along the destruction of WCW.

Which superstar(s) are you hoping to make a surprise entrance at the Royal Rumble?

Obviously, I’d love to see the Disco Inferno come out and shake his booty. Juventud Guerrera would be awesome to see as well. The return of Carlito would be cool. Amd finally, how about Michael Youngblood. It’s time to see “The Phoenix” Michael Youngblood rise from the ashes once more and totally dominate that which is WWE.

Who would you like to see back in WWE or NXT? ECIII, or Juice Robinson?

I’m not sure who Juice Robinson is, but ECIII has been impressive over the past couple of years and was one of the bright spots during the dark days of Impact Wrestling under the Dixie Carter period. He’s definitely a big time player waiting to happen. I’ll have to go with ECIII.

What is everyone’s all time favorite match?

My all time favorite match remains, from Clash of the Champions IV: Season’s Beatings, which took place on December 7, 1988, a tag team main event featuring the team of Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane, aka The Midnight Express, managed by Jim Cornette taking on the tag team of NWA World Champion Ric Flair and United States Champion Barry Windham, managed by James J. Dillon, representing the Four Horsemen. This was a solid wrestling clinic with one of the best tag teams ever taking on two of the best singles wrestlers ever with two of the greatest managers of all time at ringside. And it delivers. A solid and entertaining match from start to finish that everyone should go see at some point.

Name a pro wrestler or pro wrestling personality that deserves to be in the WWE HOF but probably will NEVER get in.

The names that immediately come to mind for this are Ole Anderson and Ted Turner. Ole was one half of arguably the most dominant tag team of the 70’s and early 80’s with Gene Anderson in the Anderson Brothers / Minnesota Wrecking Crew. He was one of the founding members of the Four Horsemen. He was the head booker for both the Mid-Atlantic and Georgia territories for a period of time and both areas were hot under his leadership and made big money. His legacy, both in and out of the ring, is beyond reproach and even though he’s admittingly not the most politically correct person in wrestling and has the tact of a heart attack, he deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. His outspoken mannerisms and hatred (deserved) of Vince McMahon will make sure that he never gets that honor though, at least not while he’s still living. And then there is Ted Turner. He supported the NWA and WCW for so many years and put southern wrestling on the map with his “Superstation”. He was the money behind WCW and Nitro and nearly put Vince and the WWF out of business. His influence helped wrestling grow and evolve and become mainsteam accepted. He’ll never get the proper credit due for it though, at least not by the WWE.

Who you believe is gonna win the Women’s Royal Rumble match?

Asuka. It’s her match to win or lose.

And there you go. I’m through here. Thoughts, comments and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think. And with that, I’m out of here. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you later. Until the next time, stay warm and stay safe. Happy New Year, my Peeps.


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