Wrestling Q&A – January 5, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
January 5, 2017

Blasting in my ears right now, via a set of cheap earphones and YouTube, is the Village People “Live And Sleazy!”. Say what you will about the characters and images that the Village People presented as their gimmick. These bitches can freakin’ sing! The music is good. I’d love to get together with a few of my friends and create a cover-band that pays tribute to these amazing talents. The only problem is that I’m fat and can’t sing or dance. I can do the innuendo and gay stuff really well though. If anyone is interested in getting together with me and doing some kind of Village People tribute, let me know and we’ll talk and figure something out. I’m serious, my Peeps. And now, the reason we’re all here tonight.

We all love pro wrestling, right? And I’ve come across a few questions from my Facebook timeline, mainly from the Kult Of Kayfabe (the KoK), but also from the Crockett Facebook group and a few other places as well. And since I fancy myself an “internet wrestling journalist”, whatever the hell that is, and a legit smark on all things wrestling, it”s time to give these questions some answers. After all, that’s one of the things I do, right? Yes, it is and so that is what we shall do, right now. Let’s do this…

What did you think of Jeff Jarrett as a World Champion?
Did he deserve any of his reigns?

Honestly, I didn’t really see Jarrett as World Champion material, but he kind of grew on me and considering who the other top dogs of WCW were at the time, like Nash, Scott Steiner, DDP, Booker, Bret, Sid, Goldberg, etc., Jarrett wasn’t really all that bad a choice. I sure as hell didn’t want Hogan or Flair to be the head guy in WCW and I was not a fan of guys like those I mentioned earlier, for different reasons, so by process of elimination, he was the right person at the right time to be champion.

So first MITB, First Hell in a cell, now First Royal Rumble…. could the return of the women’s tag belts be next?

If the WWE only had one “brand” and all of the women were part of that brand, tag team titles would be a possible idea to work on, but as it is now, with roughly only 10 or so women on each brand, there really aren’t enough women to justify tag team titles. Maybe at some point, but not now.

Paul Jones’ Army versus The Dungeon of Doom. Who wins?

Jim Cornette was asked this question and spent about ten minutes talking about the pros and cons of this battle and who he thought would win. Jones’ Army was big for the NWA and Crockett and had some interesting characters such as Mighty Wilbur, Baron Von Raschke, Tejho Kahn, Ivan Koloff, The Powers of Pain, Shaska Whatley and a few others who I’ve probably forgotten. For a territory, they were what they were, a chance to give Paul Jones a job with the company and give Jimmy Valiant someone to feud with for over five years. The Dungeon of Doom was formed by Kevin Sullivan and had Jimmy Hart, The Giant, The Shark (John Tenta), Zodiac, Hugh Morrus and so many others. They were formed to destroy Hulk Hogan and ended up at war with the Horsemen for a bit. I don’t care who Paul Jones and his Army brings to the fight. Sullivan has The Giant. The Dungeon wins.

With 22 women on the main roster and 2 of them being champions, only 20 can fill up the RR. So the question that remains is who will fill up the remainder? My guess is mostly Mae Young Classic competitors with a few NXT wrestlers and either 1 to 3 surprise legends or returns. What do y’all think?

There are roughly ten spots to fill in the Rumble after all the WWE main roster women are brought out. I’d go with a few NXT standouts like Ember Moon, Billie Kaye and Kairi Sane. So far as “legends and surprises”, I’d get Trish obviously. Maybe Kharma to have a “GLOW” connection and I’d have Victoria and Jackie Moore since they both still wrestle on occasion and would be in great shape and ready to go. That leaves three spots, right? One for one of the Bellas (probably Brie), Tessa Blanchard (she was backstage at Smackdown this past Tuesday night) and the final spot? Ronda Rousey. And there you go.

Who was the most over tag team in jcp? Thoughts.

Ole and Gene, The Anderson Brothers. They set the bar and standard for tag team wrestling in the NWA / Crockett and everyone else just tried to keep up. ‘Nuff said!

New PPV Ideas Anyone?

I think an annual special event, like “Slamboree” was for WCW, with legends, older stars and wrestlers and personalities from years gone by making up all the matches and participants would be a great thing for WWE to consider, especially since they have The Network to showcase the event on and it could easily be made as a part of the SummerSlam or Wrestlemania package, or better yet, as a part of something like the Survivor Series. Book a place like the Barclay Center and run five nights straight, with the Legends Show on Friday, NXT Takeover on Saturday, The Survivor Series on Sunday, RAW on Monday and Smackdown on Tuesday. It could be a big part of something huge and help make the Survivor Series as big as the other shows.

What do you think are the chances of WWE signing James Storm, given his age and that he turned down WWE in 2015?

Storm parted ways with HHH on good terms in 2015 and was told he will always be welcome to come back if he wanted. Storm may not be a spring chicken, but he still has a few good years left on him and could have a good five – six year run with the WWE if that’s the way he wants to do it. I think if Storm wants to come to the WWE, they will not hesitate in the slightest to sign him.

And that’s all for now. I’m feeling a little “sleazy” so it’s time to give up on the wrestling stuff and go talk dirty to some young twenty-somethings on Meet Me. I really do need to find a boyfriend. *sighs* Thanks for reading. Any comments, questions, thoughts or feedback at all is welcome and appreciated. I’m out of here. Have a great one and stay warm. It’s cold outside. Take it easy.


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