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Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 17: Dream Jobs, Age and Friendship

And now it’s time for Part 17 of the epic “Thirty Days of Dougie” series. I’ll bet you didn’t think I’d make it this far, did you?  Well, to be honest, neither did I.  But I have and here I am, past the half-way point and ready to ride this mutha to the end.  So let’s go find that magic box and reach in to see what the topic (or topics) are going be be.  And the picks of the day are “Dream Job”, “Age” and “Friendship”. Sounds like things might be getting a bit mushy and deep with those topics. Or maybe not?  Let’s go for it and do this…



Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 17:  Dream Jobs, Age, and Friendships

January 18, 2013



So what should I begin with?  How about the “dream job”.  Obviously, that would be the job that’s not really a job. It’s called getting a check for doing something you’d just as quickly do for free because it’s something you love and feel and want to do.  And what would my “dream job” be?  I think that anyone who knows me (or is reading this) can tell you pretty quickly.  Writing and creating.  Big shocker, right?



And not just sitting here doing these random topic blogs, although that was be awesome as well.  I’m talking about the wrestling columns, the American Idol reviews like I did last year (still haven’t decided about this year yet – so far, the new Idol has not appealed to me and I’m waiting to see what the Top 12 has to offer before I commit myself), the short stories, the screen-plays, etc. I just want to sit and write and create.  And if I can find a way to make money doing it, even better.



Plus the creative part of me wants to work in the wrestling industry.  I’m an idea guy with over 40 years of being a fan, analyzing the business and what works and what doesn’t and I think that in a writing / consultant capacity, I would have a lot to offer any small indy wrestling company trying to make an impact.  Of course, the dream thing would be to work for Vince McMahon and the WWE, but I know my temperment and old-school approach and ideas wouldn’t fly in a company like WWE and I’d be wished well in my future endevors probably within two weeks, if not sooner.



Right now, I work in a store and that allows me personal contact with people (as crazy as they are) and to keep a level head and stay focused on the real, and I need that, but I want so much more and to cut loose from the monotony of that life and move into a world of interacting with people who are creative and think outside the box.  That’s what I love so much about this whole “InfamousTV” deal that is currently going on. It gives me a chance to just cut loose a little bit, pull off some of the restraints of conformity and do what I love so much. And being around people, like Kenneth, who are so unorthadox and creative, it lights a fire under me and helps me be creative and inspired.



So my dream job (or jobs) would be to be part of the creative aspect of a wrestling company, write about whatever comes to mind, sell a screen-play or short story and do projects like this “Thirty Days” and “InfamousTV”.  Looks like I’m on my way.  The Nic’s job is okay and pays the bills, but sitting here and just letting the words flow – that’s who I really am.  Gotta love it!



And next up is “friendship”.  What is friendship? To me, it’s pretty simple.  I like you and you like me and despite our differences, we click… that pretty much covers the basics of it all.  No hidden agendas, no bull-crap, no games – just be you and I’ll be me and if we still like being around each other and are still pretty much able to trust and respect each other and it feels good, well there you go.  I’ve got your six and you have mine.  There’s more to it obviously, but I think that covers the basics.



I’ve been lucky and truly blessed over the years that I have some amazing and wonderful friends, even when at times I don’t deserve it.  Yes, I’m admitting that I can be and am a total ass-clown at times.  We all have our quirks and issues, but for the most part, the real friendships have maintained while the fake friends and users have fallen to the side.  The real friends know how they are – they’re more than friends.  They’re my “real” family.  And the others?  Well, they know who they are too.



Let’s move on to “Age”.  I’ve got a very simple philosophy on what age is.  It’s just a number on your ID card to see if you can buy alcohol or get a retirement check.  It doesn’t matter in the overall picture of things.  It’s not how old you are – it’s how old you think and relate.  My best friend right now that I hang out with and socialize with more than anyone is 22 years old.  I’m 46.  Yeah, that sounds kind of creepy actually, but we click and relate on so many levels. Age doesn’t matter and is just a thing.  Most of my friends are younger than I am.  A few are older.  And there are even one or two that are roughly in the same age range.  And it all falls back to what I said a few minutes ago.  If we click, we click and if we don’t, oh well.  Age is just a number and isn’t even a factor of consideration, at least not so far as I’m concerned.



Okay, I’m looking at the clock and I need to close this up. So many things left to do before I go to work this afternoon.  So that’s all for me today folks. Back tomorrow for Part 18.  Have a great day and keep passing those open windows.




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