Flashback: Corn, Wilmington, and Simply The Best…

Another one from 5 years ago today…

Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 16: Corn, Wilmington and Simply The Best

It’s time for the magic to happen once more.  It’s part 16 of the infamous “Thirty Days”.  No time for love, Mr. Jones so let’s get to steppin.  I reach into the magic box and the topics to choose from are “corn”, “Wilmington” and “simply the best”…  Okay, that’s an interesting variety of choices.  Hmmmmm! I can’t decide on one so let’s go for the triad once more.  Yep, I’m doing all three.  This should be fun…



Thirty Days of Dougie – Part 16:  Corn, Wilmington and “Simply the Best”…

January 17, 2013



Before I get started, I want to send out my condolences to the friends and family of Warren Gibson, an old acquaintance who passed away today after a long battle with cancer. I mentioned Warren a few days ago and asked you, my peeps, to say a prayer for him in his struggles and fight for survival.  Now I ask you to please say a prayer one more time for those who knew and loved this very special and unique young man.  It’s a sad day for all of us.  Warren, you definitely will be missed.  Rest in peace, my friend.  The pain is finally over.



Now let’s tackle the subject matters at hand.



Corn:  What the hell am I supposed to say about corn?  It’s yellow and comes in an assortment of way to enjoy.  You can have “whole kernal” corn or eat it off the cob or even, if you like something that looks somewhat disgusting, eat cream of corn where it looks as if it’s been chunked into a blender for a while before throwing it into the can.  The main thing that stands out in my mind about corn is that the body has a hard time digesting it and breaking it down so if you eat a  lot of corn and then go to the bathroom to do the poopy thing, it’s generally pretty obvious that you’ve eaten a lot of corn.  Isn’t that a pleasant thought?  Bleh to the extreme!



I guess I could use this topic and write about popcorn.  It’s a form of corn (sort of) and lots more fun to think about.  Nothing on a cold night sitting in front of the tv set with the one you love, watching a movie, is more intimate or touching than sharing a big bowl of popcorn together.  Okay, I can actually think of several things that might be more fun to share with someone else or to do on that cold night.  Corn is not an easy thing to write about.  So I won’t anymore.  Let’s move on.



Wilmington:  Of course I am talking about the city of Wilmington, NC where I lived in 1996 and 1997.  And I can honestly say without a doubt that period of time was one of the very best in my life.  I was working for Dairy Mart, a convenient store chain, and kind of got volunteered to go to Wilmington, where I had never been before in my life, to work as a temporary store manager.  And though admittingly, I was not a good store manager at the time (wasn’t really ready for the responsibility at that point of my life), I did jump into it pretty handily and tried my best.  I ended up taking the job and moving to that city by the sea and my life was never the same again.



There’s something about that place where I just felt at ease and so relaxed.  I quickly made a couple of really cool new friends in Steven and Marshall, and also was joined in my new home by a long time friend and his then-girlfriend, Michael and Nikki. Living with those two was a struggle sometimes as I learned that some people are not good roommates, but I think we were all crazy and immature so I’m not going to stress it.



I worked pretty much twelve to fourteen hours a day at my store and partied the rest of the time with Steven and Marsh.  And I lucked up big time and met two crazy-ass guys who lived in the apartments right up from me, Brent and Russ, and found some friendships that I cherish and value to this day. And life, for me, was so awesome. I got my first two tattoos while living in Wilmington.  One was a birthday present from my two employees and the other was just because I liked it and it felt great.  I was young, I was slightly wild and I was free.  And I think, for the first time in my life, I was truly happy.



But there were a few serpents in this garden of Eden.  As I said earlier about my job, I was trying my best and our sales at the store went up, but I wasn’t a good manager at the time.  I wanted to be a friend and not a “boss” and had a hard time seperating the two things.  I was damn good at the paper-work aspect of the job and my store stayed clean and looked decent, but I let folks get away with too much and ended up paying for it in the end.



And there was the “love” thing.  I had uprooted to Wilmington pretty quicky when it happened and hadn’t stopped to think about my at the time relationship with a very special guy.  I was his “other woman” and even though I realize now how truly screwed up the whole deal was, I was “in love” and didn’t like being that far away from here in Laurinburg. I was driving back and forth several times a week, a two-hundred mile round trip, and it was taking it’s toll.  But what did I care at the time? I just wanted a few minutes to be with my guy.  Damn, I could just kick myself now, but then, it was all good.  *sighs*.



Eventually it all came to a head and I was “fired” from my job and came back to Laurinburg to work back at the Dairy Mart again.  The funny thing is that I was “fired” as a store manager, but stayed with the company (after about a two week break) and became a sort of floating manager for them (and even eventually ended up back in Wilmington again as a temporary manager, but that’s a story for another day).  Suffice it to say, that city was my home at a very instrumental time in my life.  Not all of the memories are great, but they’re all very special and dear to me.  And if the opportunity ever comes to go back to live in Wilmington again, I’ll probably jump on it without hesitation.  Laurinburg is my “home”, but Wilmington will always be my Mecca.  It’s just a great place.



Let’s close this out with the final topic. It’s “Simply The Best”, which could mean a lot of things. I know that it was the title of a Tina Turner album and true, it does fit that epic pioneer of R&B and rock.  She’s an icon and legend, but what else is “simply the best”?  I’ll just list a few things that are, in my opinion, simply the best that there is for their particular category.  Sounds like a plan, right?



Simply the best all around professional wrestler of the 80’s and 90’s:  Ric Flair



Simply the best rock music showman of all time:  Alice Cooper



Simply the best President of the United States in my lifetime:  Ronald Reagan, followed closely by Hillary Clinton… lol.



Simply the best lunch:  Chinese food from the Golden Run buffet.



Simply the best TV sitcom:  SOAP



Simply the best wrestling territory of all time:  Mid-Atlantic wrestling (Jim Crockett Promotions) from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s.



Simply the best fictional vampire:  Barnabas Collins



Simply the best thing on YouTube: InfamousTV



And there you go.  I’m ending it with that no-so-subtle plug of the new sensation that is taking over the world, one video at a time.  Go check it out, like the page and let us know what you think.  K-Mak, K-Dawg and myself (and a few of our alternate personalities) are taking over.  ‘Nuff said!



And that’s it for me.  See you later with Part 17.




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