Wrestling Q&A – January 19, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
January 19, 2018

I’ve been out of action for the past few days so far as posting anything new at the site. My apologies. It’s a mood swing, depression, anxiety, hate the world type thing. I’m over it (for now). But time to play catch up and the best way to begin is with a little pro wrestling Q&A. The questions come from my Facebook timeline and largely from the Kok (Kult of Kayfabe). And I’m supplying the answers. Let’s get busy and do this…

Thoughts on Konnan and Mike Awesome?

I’ve never really been a big fan of either Konnan or Mike Awesome to be honest. Konnan was okay in the ring when he was younger, but was never a stand-out in my eyes. He was good on the mic, but it seemed he would rather cut the same promo over and over (and it worked so who’s to say he was wrong) and live in his reputation rather than evolve or grow as a character. And in recent years, listening to him on his podcast and in interviews, my respect for him and his racist views have made me like him even less if that’s possible. He’s a talented wrestler and a good politician backstage, but not my cup of tea. As for Awesome, he had the look and the “it”, but the move to WCW and the stupid gimmicks they saddled him with killed his momentum and really hurt him career wise. He redeemed himself at the ECW One Night Stand match in 2005 and really stood out as one of the best things in a show full of great moments, but sadly, it didn’t work out in the long run and he ended up comitting suicide. Sad.

Is there any WCW/ECW star who made it into the WWE Hall of Fame without putting a WWE guy over?

Not any that I can think of. Maybe the Horsemen because all five inductees under the Horseman banner, (Ric, Arn, Tully, Barry and J.J.) all had fairly decent runs in the WWE at some point of their careers and were treated with great respect by Vince and WWE management. I guess they would be the exceptions to the rule because I can’t really think of anyone else off the top of my head.

Zbyszko versus Tully in heel vs. heel match – who wins?

In their primes, the 80’s, there were no two men on the planet more hated and despised by wrestling fans than Larry Zbyszko and Tully Blanchard. Tully is probably the only wrestler alive who could make the fans cheer for the heel Zbyszko and vice-versa, only against someone like Zbyszko would the fans even consider cheering for the “Super Brat” Tully. Both men were great performers in that ring and a match between two legends such as these could easily go either way. As to who wins, Baby Doll, who was alligned with both men at different points of her career, would be the deciding factor. If she sided with Tully, he wins. If she’s in Zbyszko’s corner, look for Larry to win. And if she sat this match out, it would be a no-contest because both men really were (are) just that damn good.

I remember reading in Bill Apter’s book that he was the person who got Andy Kaufman in touch with both Vince Sr & Jerry Jarrett to do his women’s wrestling gimmick. Had Vince Sr approved the idea who do you think Andy’s male antagonist would have been in the WWWF? Do you think it would of worked just as well?

I honestly don’t think it would have worked in the WWWF at all to be honest. Memphis was a mix of crazy and wrestling and anything could happen and Lawler was the right person to handle Kaufman and his antics and work with him to get the whole routine over. WWWF was pure wrestling at that point and the silliness and craziness and antics of a Hollywood character like Kaufman wouldn’t have gone over at all in the Vince Sr. enviroment. Maybe Vince Sr. could have worked Kaufman with then-WWWF Champion Bob Backlund, but most likely it would have been someone like Tito Santana or Ivan Putski or Jay strongbow and it would have been the drizzling shits.

Should the WWE have a six-man tag team championship?

With all of the recent six-man teams in the WWE right now, such as the New Day, The Shield, The Balor Club, The Miztourage, etc, it seems as if a six-man title would be a good addition to the WWE right now. But no, it wouldn’t. There are too many titles as it is right now and WWE doesn’t need anymore, unless it’s a TV Champion that can work both “brands” and get the title over. Other than that, no new belts.

Will Chris Masters, ECIII and Bobby Lashley end up returning to the WWE?

Ethan Carter III, aka ECIII has already been spotted at the WWE Performance Center and most likely will be making his debut in the Royal Rumble next Sunday. Chris Masters has already had two runs with the WWE and I think the 3rd time will be the charm. He’s improved so much during his time away, traveling the world and really coming into his own in that ring, plus he’s still a very young man. I think he’ll be back sooner rather than later and will return hopefully this Sunday as well. As for Lashley, he’s much better in the ring than he was during his original WWE run and they always liked him so I think he’ll be back eventually, but it won’t be as soon as everyone expects. He has some MMA stuff to still do and take care of and the main roster is already crowded and bloated. I’d look for him eventually around the time of SummerSlam at the earliest.

Create a new gimmick match Vince Russo would approve of…

How about a “Heath Slater – I Got Kids” gauntlet match. Slater wrestles a gauntlet match and every time he gets pinned or beat, he gives the person who beats him one of his “kids”. And this continues until Slater has run out of kids.

Which ref should the first one to get inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame? Tommy Young or Earl Hebner?

Due to his history with the WWE, I would give the nod to Earl Hebner, but since he’s not really on good terms with Vince and the WWE now, I think Tommy Young would get picked first. But also guys like Bill Alfonso, Nick Patrick and Charles Robinson would get some consideration as well. I’d love to see Tommy get the honor though. That would be cool.

And there you go. One down and in the books. Thanks for reading. Comments, thoughts and questions for future Q&A’s are welcome and appreciated. Take care and I’ll catch you later. Have a great one.


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