Opposing Views – January 19, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
(Stupid Idiot Edition II)
January 19, 2018

Welcome to my weekly political piece that we call “Opposing Views”. Simply put, I take questions from the Facebook page of a group called “Opposing Views” and I give my own, unbiased, fair and balanced opinion. And just to make it interesting, this is a “stupid idiot” edition where every answer will somehow and someway include the term “stupid idiot”. “Why?”, you ask. Because I can. Let’s do this…

Chuck Norris thinks Obama was a traitor. What do you think?

While it’s hard to disagree with Mr. Norris on anything, I don’t think we can pin the term “traitor” on former President Obama. Surely he is a twisted and corrupt soul and had bad policies and was a poor leader and was in layman terms, a stupid idiot to be sure, but I don’t think his intentions were to betray the constitution and our nation. It just kind of worked out that way.

Do you admire Hillary Clinton?

I surely would admire her, if I was a stupid idiot. Hillary is a piece of crap. ‘Nuff said!

Do you think mandatory term limits are a good idea?

Actually, I do. Power corrupts and even though I think most politicians actually have good intentions when they originally take office, the longer they’re in power and enjoy the perks of the power, they go from semi-honest and well intentioned folks into stupid idiots with only one concern, staying in power and gaining more power. Term limits and limited times in office would help rectify some of that.

Is Trump unfit to be President?

While he’s not the most civil or politically correct person in the world and in some people’s eyes, a stupid idiot, Trump is as fit as any other person who has ever held that office and far more fit for the job than the person he defeated in the election in 2016.

Who was a better president: Trump or Obama?

Let’s see. With Obama, unemployment up to record numbers, the economy faltered, we were looked at as a joke by the rest of the world and cash money was given to Iran in exchange for hostages. With Obama, unemployment is down, the economy and stock market are booming and while other countries may not like us, they are respectful. I think any stupid idiot can see the proper answer to this question and that would be Trump.

Are you OK with restaurant owners banning saggy pants?

A restaurant owner has every right to decide who will and will not be allowed in their business and have every right to bag the saggy pants. No one wants to see someone’s dirty drawers and ass hanging out while they’re trying to eat. And do these stupid idiots even realize where the saggy pants fad came from? Most are homophobic as hell, but are advertising that they want some man-love up the rump. Go figure. Stupid idiots!

Do you think Americans should be proud to have Trump in the White House?

Trump is better than Obama and while he’s definitely no Reagan, he’s doing a good job. American’s should stand by and support their president and if they can’t bring themselves to do that, they’re most likely stupid idiots.

A college professor openly called for Trump to be killed. When the university he works at learned of his words, they fired him.
Do you support the school’s decision?

Absolutely. What kind of stupid idiot would go out in public and call for the assassination of the President of the United States? For every action, there are consequences and this guy is finding that out. He’s lucky he’s not in jail. No matter who the President is, calling for his death, especially in a public forum, is beyond ignorant.

Is Donald Trump the best or worst President we’ve had in the last 20 years?

With the 20 year limit, that would compare Trump to Presidents Obama, Bush 43, and Bill Clinton. In this grouping, I’d say Trump is better than Obama, but so far, I’d give Clinton and Bush the edge over Trump. So he’s somewhere in the middle. Not a total stupid idiot, but not the best either.

Would Joe Biden get your vote if he ran against Trump in 2020?

Not at all. Joe Biden is, from all accounts, a nice guy and fun to be around, but in the political sense, he’s a joke, has nothing to show for his time in the Senate so far as laws and legislation passed or accomplishments and is just a goofy “Uncle Joe” more than an accomplished leader. It would be Obama 2.0 and even more stupidly idiotic than having Hillary there if that’s possible. If it comes down to Trump versus Biden in 2020 (and it won’t – believe me), I’d vote for Trump. My mama didn’t raise no stupid idiot.

And there you go. Comments, thoughts and all feedback is welcome. Let me know what you think. Until the next time, I’m Doug and I’m down and gone. Have a great one.


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