Notes To Myself IV – January 21, 2018

Notes To Myself IV
January 21, 2018

Every so often, the pile of notes that I’ve written to myself tends to get a little too high on my desk. These are the notes of different ideas I have for things to write about here at the site, ideas that come to me when I’m at work or driving or chilling with my bro and I don’t have the time to act on at that particular moment. So I write it down, stick it in my pocket and eventually, when I make it home, that piece of paper gets placed on my desk. And some of these ideas, I follow up on and write classic pieces. Most though, don’t get used at all. It’s not that the ideas are not good, but for me, it’s more of a time thing. Who the hell has the time to write? I have a full time job, a volunteer job and every so often, attempt to have a bit of a social life. And these “notes to myself” get ignored and neglected.

Until now, that is. What I’m doing here today is, as I’ve done three times previously, just going through the different scraps of paper and instead of writing long, drawn out pieces on said topic, I’ll just do a few brief thoughts and leave it at that. This way, the topics are used and discussed so the ideas don’t go to waste, but at the same time, I’m not spending hours writing about something that no one besides myself gives a damn about anyhow. It’s a win – win for all of us. So this is it. “Notes To Myself”. I’ll probably throw in a few comments about some other things as well. Just call them the “easter eggs” of this blog. And I’m tired of introducing and rambling so let’s get busy and clear some of this clutter off my desk, shall we? Yes, we shall…

Notes To Myself IV

Before I get started, I want to say “Yay!”. My phone, my spare phone that I quit using because it got wet (thanks to a cold Pepsi can and the lack of attention paid by a one-night-mistake), has started working again. On a whim this morning, I decided to plug it up and see what happens. It’s holding a charge so far and everything seems to be working fine. I’ll give it a few days test run and if things work out, we’ll start getting videos, audio recordings and fresh new pics for the site and my Facebook friends as well. And yes, that is a good thing. I hope I didn’t jinx myself by bragging about it too soon, but I’ve got a good feeling here. So yay for me. Now let’s tackle these notes and papers and what-not’s that are cluttering up my desk. Let’s see what all we have here.

The Obama Presidential Library looks as if it’s going to be located in Chicago, IL. The city with the highest murder rate in the country and more black on black crime and murders than anywhere else hosting the library for the “food stamp” President. Makes sense, after all Obama did SO MUCH for Chicago and the residents of that sh*t-hole of a city while he was President. Things are SO MUCH better now. And the former Senator from Illinois and his former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who just happens to be the Mayor of Chicago, have worked so hard to make things there better. I don’t know where I’m going with this which probably explains why all my note said was “Obama Library In Chicago”. Obama sucks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Let’s move on.

Here’s a note to watch the movie “Remember”. That had to be a suggestion from my boss-man. I’ll save this note and maybe go find the movie later tonight if I have time. That all depends on if a suggestion that I’m planning to make when I finish this (and laundry) about feeding ducks takes hold. If we do ducks, no time for movies. If Disco Dancing Bears takes precedence, I’ll have all the time in the world and can movie-hunt.

I found some questions / statements to use for a “Political Fact or Fiction”. The Wrestling FoF and the Music FoF, both of which were ideas I borrowed from my friends at many years ago, are two of the most popular regular posts at the site. I haven’t done a politicial FoF in a long time, preferring to generally stick to the “Opposing Views” columns to present my political views and leave the rest of it alone. But I might do it… or I might not. I’ll save this and if I do it, you’ll be the first ones to see.

More drink recipes for mixed drinks. I have the recipes here for Sloppy Joes, Damn The Weather and Menage-A’-Trois, among other things. I really need to post these or find a use for them. Maybe I should get the ingredients and mix up the drinks and drink them. After all, I do work in a liquor store so it’s not like I don’t have access to the liquor, right? Only 8 more months to go and then… it’s on.

Right now, I’m listening to my Mom talk on the phone to my sister. I like the way she’s volunteering me to “run stuff by if I get out”. Wouldn’t it be better to maybe ask me first? I hate this place sometimes and the lack of respect as people just take me for granted over and over and over again. Not just my Mom, but everyone it seems. Getting so sick of this sometimes.

Some of these notes, it seems, are going back almost three months and before Christmas. Oh vey! I really need to clean my desk off more often. Either that or write fewer notes to myself about the site.

Here are lists of my former roomies from over the years. I’m talking about Corby, Jack, Dina & Lisa, Michael, Shelley and Rabbit / Pat (sort of). I think I was going to do a “thoughts” piece about these amazing men and women and their roles in my lives, the adventures of living together and what not’s. But then I decided against it. Probably afraid of offending anyone or spilling family secrets. Who knows why that got shelved really, but it’s probably for the best (for now).

Next is a list of Christmas movies and Christmas songs, probably for a “Top Ten” list column. Well, Christmas is over for now so this gets shelved for now. Maybe next year.

I have a twin who lives up in Laurel Hill. I also have a twin who worked at J.P. Stevens up in Wagram for many years. At least that’s what some of my customers at the ABC keep telling me. I wonder who he is? All I know for sure about all of that is, as Shaggy said in his song, “It Wasn’t Me!”.

Here’s a note about actor Jan Michael Vincent and how rough and old he looks now. And what I have written next to it is a note to find the clip from the movie “Kids”, where a homeless guy with no legs is pushing himself around on the Subway, begging for money and singing “I have no legs! I have no legs!”. Yeah, because Jan Michael Vincent has either lost one leg or two and his name reminded me of that clip. Yeah, I know it’s a bit demented, but maybe someone can do a parody video of that scene and Jan Michael Vincent can push himself around on a little cart singing the song and asking for money. “I have no legs! I have no legs!”. Hey, I think it’s funny.

A guy wearing Mickey Mouse pajama pants and another man dressed like Bea Arthur. I think I already commented on this one, but these were folks that I saw while at work and while I’m all for freedom of expression and dressing comfortably and all that, these two men and their choice of wardrobe made me literally shake my head and go, “What the… ??”.

Branson versus Douglas. BD Productions versus BD Productions in a “Street Fight”. That could be fun to see.

And here’s a list of ten matches, wrestling matches of course, with the title “Fantasy Matches: Superstars versus Legends” where I have made ten matches with legends from my youth, the 80’s and 90’s versus the WWE superstars of today. I think this is an idea for a future “One On One” column. This is one I need to hang on to and do. And eventually, I will.

And here is the outline for a future “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News” column. I haven’t written a full, real column in quite a while and probably should, just to remind Bob and the folks at PWBTS, not to mention my dozens of loyal readers who don’t read this site, that I’m still alive and in the game. Is the world ready for a new edition of “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News”? Before this month is out, I’m going to do this. I have to. It’s who and what I am and what got me started. Got to dance with the one who brought you to the dance sometimes, right? Oh yeah!

I found a list of “Unlikely Duets”, musical duos that just don’t really seem right. It must have been for either a video series or a “Top Ten” blog. I’ll hold on to this and try to do it eventually. It’s a pretty diverse and odd list.

And finally (not really), I’ve got two lists with the “History of Wrestling From A to Z” and the “History of Music From A to Z”. This is an idea I had for a blog series where I list a letter of the alphabet, list a wrestler or musicial artist who’s name starts with that letter, and give my thoughts, memories of that person. It would run 26 Days for each one and could be a lot of fun and expose you, my loyal readers, to wrestlers and musical acts that you may have never heard or experienced before, while also giving me a chance to get a bit nostalgic and caught up in the memories. Those will definitely have to be done at some point, maybe even later this week. I could make new memes, add some new pics and just go totally crazy. Yeah, it’s going to happen.

And I guess I’ll stop here. My list of scraps and notes is now about a third less than what it originally was and I now have a better idea of what I do and don’t want to do here at the site for the next few months. Thanks for reading along and coming with me as I explored a few of these “notes to myself”. It gives you, the readers, a better idea of the eclectic nature of my mind and how I come up with the items you read about and see here at the site. It also helps me to stay semi-sane or at least better able to pretend to be so. Yeah, I got all them doctors fooled. Stupid idiots!

But what was I saying? Oh yeah, thanks for reading. And if you have any ideas for the site, questions, comments, dirty jokes, drink recipes, songs to share or anything else, let me know about them. Contact me here at the site or at my e-mail, And now, time to go check on my phone, take clothes out of the dryer and make spaghetti. Yeah, that’s random. Have a great one and take care. Love ya – mean it.



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