Opposing Views – January 24, 2018


Tossing Salt Presents:
Opposing Views
January 24, 2018

How you doing? I have about ten minutes to go before I have to leave to go to work. Ten minutes and ten questions. Can we do this? Let’s find out. This is “Opposing Views”, the weekly piece where I get all political and shit. Let’s get busy and go…

People on welfare have to take a drug test to receive taxpayer funds. Does that mean Congress should be drug tested too?

Absolutely! Test everyone and if someone fails, first time and warning and second time, cut the money out, be it regular person or politican. Politicians are people too (sort of) and have to follow the same laws and rules as the rest of us.

In a new Morning Consult poll, over 50% of Americans said Trump is thin-skinned and reckless. Do you agree with that?

Thin skinned? Absolutely. Reckless? Sort of, but there seems to be a method to his madness and it’s working as things are getting better for our country.

Trump says there’s no doubt Obama’s presidency weakened America. Is he right or wrong?

Obama was a poor President and his policies did weaken America. Just look at the numbers. We’re better since he’s out of office.

Marco Rubio thinks Obama purposefully divided America for his own political benefit. Is he right?

It’s the way of the Democratic party. Divide and conquer. Make people dependent upon the political system and stay in power forever, regardless of the cost to our nation. Obama was a master of this.

Agree or disagree: Whoever wins the most votes in an election should be president.

Disagree: The founding fathers put the electoral system in place for a reason, so every state would have a say and not just two or three states with the biggest population. It’s not a perfect system to be sure, but you want just New York and California deciding the President and not having a say? I sure as hell don’t.

Jeff Sessions wants a nationwide ban on illegal immigrant sanctuary cities. Are you for or against the policy?

Sanctuary cities are protecting criminals and lawbreakers, hence the term “illegal aliens”. Of course they need to be banned and everyone needs to be on the same page that people who are here illegally are breaking the law and thus, need to be deported or removed and not rewarded for criminal behavior. There are legitimate paths to U.S. residency and citizenship. Follow the laws and do it properly or get arrested and sent home. There is no middle ground.

Would you like to see Donald Trump’s potential plan to build a wall at the southern border happen?

Damn straight – build the wall!

Hillary Clinton says there’s no question Obama will go down in history as a successful president. Is she right?

As history reveals more and more facts and hidden truths, I think the Obama legacy will be one of weakness, failed policies and one that hurt our country more than helped. Hillary is, as she often is, wrong.

Rep. John Lewis says there’s no question Obama faces more hatred from Republicans due to his race. Do you agree or disagree?

While it’s true that some people did despise Obama just because of his skin color, I don’t think that’s a major factor. Hell, millions only voted for Obama because of his skin color. A noted racist and shit-stirrer like John Lewis, who sees the race card in everything, has no room to talk about anything and no credibility. He’s a freakin’ joke.

Was George W. Bush a good President?

In some ways, yes and in other ways, no. I think his heart was in the right place and he loves his country, but as the Commander In Chief, I think he’s only a C+ or B- President at best. Still prefer him to Obama though.

And there you go. I’m down and finished. Send me feedback. I’m going to work. Have a great day!


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