Notes To Myself – Part V: February 4, 2018

Notes To Myself
Part V
February 4, 2018

It’s a wet and dreary Sunday afternoon and this would be a great time to just clean off my desk. I’m in the process of doing laundry. Yay for multitasking! But that’s not very exciting or fun. Just necessary. Later today, I’ll probably watch a little bit of that great American past time, the Puppy Bowl. There’s something else going on too, a live concert by Justin Timberlake and some kind of football game. I’d rather watch the puppies.

Happy 70th birthday today to the greatest entertainer of all time, the “King of Shock Rock” and an accomplished songwriter and actor as well as amazing singer, Alice Cooper. And also, Happy 71rst to my favorite Vice President of the United States of all time, Dan Quayle. A two term Congressman and two-term United States Senator, he wasn’t much of a speller, but did a good job as the V.P. And for those who say he wasn’t qualified for the job, Obama had only less than one term as a Senator before becoming President. Oh wait, Obama sucks. Bad example. He (Quayle) was far better than he was ever given credit for and I’m proud that for four years, he was MY Vice President. I wonder if Alice and Quayle have ever played golf together? I’m sure they have since both are (were) residents of Arizona, at least as of a couple of years ago. Let’s move on.

Maxine Waters gave a rebuttal to the President’s “State of the Union” address as only Maxine can. That woman called Trump “divisive”, “unstable”, “racist” and “unfit to be President”. Can anyone else see the hypocrisy here about Maxine Waters calling anyone else “unstable, divisive and racist”? Well, at least she doesn’t wear Cowboy hats that match her outfit. That’s the other crazy one. I think Maxine and Debbie Wasserman Shultz should team up and run for President and Vice President in 2020. Just call them the “Bat-Shit Crazies” and cut them loose. On second thought though, as crazy and stupid as people are getting these days, they might actually be elected. Never mind.

Let’s go clean off my desk. As I’ve accounted before, I constantly write notes to myself. Be it an idea for a topic for the site, a list of random items that I’ve thought about, ideas for a fan fiction story, a shopping list, etc., I’m constantly scribbling down something. Due to the occasional taste of sanity, as well as lack of time, probably ninety percent of these ideas never see the light of day and go into this stack on my desk to die a quite death. The rest get incorportated into blogs, fics and the occasional rant. But what I’m going to do here is give these ideas and cast-aways a second chance. I’ll just go through the notes and give each a little commentary and then trash it, thus it made the site and I’ve “writtten about it” and all is good with the world once more. This gets pretty random at time, but then again, so do I so it’s all good. Let’s get busy and do this…

Notes To Myself – Part V

I listened to the latest podcast by SMF Cyberspace last night. It was Part B of their “Top Unknown And Forgotten Movie Gems” and I’ll be honest here. Brent, Jon and Luke killed it. They listed movies that they thought were great and explained why and well, now my “must see Movie list” has grown by several titles. Go check it out if you get the chance. The podcast is slightly over an hour long and a good, quick listen. You’ll be entertained and learn about some great movies and what makes them great, taught by three very wise men who all dabble and work in the movie industry in some capacity. They know their stuff and if you listen, you will too. Parts A and B are both up at my site (here) or you can go to YouTube and look them up at SMF Cyberspace. You’ll be glad you did. Also, go read my own three-part piece on forgotten and lost movie gems that I wrote after listening to their first podcast. My tastes are a little more out there than Brent and the others, but fifteen great movies that I think everyone should see or at least know about. And I have a follow-up coming soon so watch for that. Fifteen great movies are not enough. I think we need fifteen more. ‘Nuff said.

I haven’t even gotten to the stack of papers on my desk yet. Maybe I should go ahead and start with that? Maybe I’ll go throw some clothes into the dryer first. Be right back.

And now I’m back. Clothes are drying and I even threw a small roast into the crock pot. Added a few onions, potatoes and a can of mixed veggies along with some Cream of Mushroom soup. In about fifteen hours, we’ll be eating good. And now, what was I doing? Oh yeah, let’s go through these notes and see what’s shaking.

Here’s a note that says on “Opposing Views”, a weekly politically orientated piece I like to do, I should do a “Maxine Waters” edition. Answer every question by saying it’s racist and Impeach 45 while rambling like a total stupid idiot. That would be fun to do, but it would get old quickly, kind of like Maxine and except for my own personal amusement, there really isn’t any kind of upside to it. So it probably won’t happen… unless I get drunk or bored. We’ll see.

This paper says “pancakes and waffles”. I must have been hungry. I like pancakes. I like waffles too. Damn, I’m gettting hungry.

Next up is a note that says, for Black History Month, do a piece about “Good versus Bad” with a discussion about four black American’s who were true role models and great examples that all people, not just the African American community, should desire to emulate. And then on the other side of the spectrum, Four black Americans who are schysters and low-life scummy stupid idiots and why they’re just plain sucky as hell. My examples of good were Ernie “The Cat” Ladd, Tina Turner, Sammy Davis Jr. and early Bill Cosby. Yeah, I know the allegations that surround Cosby, but before all of that broke, he was a great advocate for education, family and so many other things. If this piece happens, I’ll address both the good and bad surrounding this comedic legend / roofie rapist. And as for my examples of jackasses of color, I had Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson and Black Lives Matter listed. This one may still happen. We’ll see.

Here’s a note to myself to get something ready to cook on Sunday (today). I just put a roast in the crock pot. I’m on it.

Here’s a list I dit noting my biggest pet peeves abouit dealing with customers and doing customer service. I’m going to do this one, maybe even later today. So this one gets saved. Also on this sheet of paper is a note about maybe writing a modern day story / fan fic about the Wizard of Oz or maybe the Three Little Pigs. I did this to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as well as Jack & Jill in the past and they’re somewhere up there on my blog site, as well as available at, under the writer name of TSFiction 19. Go check them out. As for these ideas, could happen, but probably won’t.

And here’s a note that says, “French Toast”. A woman came into the store and wanted to know how to make a drink that she had heard of called “French Toast”. I’d never heard of it and suggested that she google and see what the ingredients are. She said she would, but that got me to thinking. What is “French Toast” and what are the alcoholic ingredients. I made a note so I’d remember to look it up. I didn’t look it up, but I will now. Let’s find out together.

French Toast Recipe

1 part Bailey’s
1 part cinnamon schnapps
1 part butterscotch schnapps
Shake all ingredients together with ice in a shaker, and pour into a chilled shot glass. (Or, whatever size glass you like, if you’re scaling this to a bigger drink.)

And there you go. And now, let’s move on…

How much money was Vincent Price paid for his part on the song, “Thriller”? Let’s find out. According to, Price was offered an option of either taking a flat fee of $20,000 or else a perentage of the royalties for his spoken role in the Michael Jackson hit, Thriller. Price decided to take the money, thus missing out on potentially millions of dollars in future royalty fees. And now you know. I’ll bet he felt like an idiot later on. Still a great actor and entertainer, but just not good at business decisions.

Here’s something about the Anniversary of AWA WrestleRock, their big event from Minneapolis, MN from April 20, 1986. This was the last big stadium show in AWA history and drew 23,000 fans to the event. I think I may have been thinking about doing a parody / tribute to the event and maybe some kind of reunion show, in written form of course. The video for this event is still one of my favorites, in a cheezy and sentimental sort of way. The show brings back some good memories of a better time for pro wrestling as well. I still may do this at some point, but who knows when?

Here’s a list I made of fifteen movies that I would give honorable mention in the “15 Lost Gems” piece. Remember how I noted earlier that we may have a follow-up coming on that three-part series. This list is part of that. I’d better save this.

And here are my lists to do the A to Z spotlights for wrestling and music. I think I talked about this in the last “Notes To Myself”, but the A to Z series, if it ever comes to frutation, will be daily, each lasting 26 days, with the spotlight on the musician or wrestler who’s name begins with the letter of the day and I’ll just give my thoughts and memories and impression of that person. Not so much a biography, but just whatever comes to mind at the moment as I think of whoever is in the spotlight. I actually have a whole list of topics that I could A to Z on and have some fun with. Music and Wrestling are my two first options because, well because it’s me and that’s what I like to write about, but other topics included “Mixology” (drink recipes), Actors and Actresses, Movies, Songs, Comic Book Characters, Cartoons, etc. I just need to get this party started and get the first one going and the rest will fall into place.

Here’s another piece I’m thinking about or at least was. How about a “Whatever Happened To…?” piece where once a week, I just pull up a random name from the past and attempt to learn and explain where they are now and how they’re doing currently, as opposed to their hey-day when they were more relevant. That would be another fun thing to do. I have all these ideas for the site, but I just don’t have the time. Oh vey!

Man buns? On the body, as in a scrumpous butt, they’re cool. On the head, they look stupid. Just saying. Some guys can pull them off and look fashionable and decent so I’m not knocking everyone that has one, but most of the people I’ve seen that do have them, shouldn’t. The only man buns that matter to me are a sexy ass anyhow. As for the others, get a damn haircut, you hippies.

And I’m going to, I guess, close up here. I have many more things, but I’ve made a nice dent in the stack and I have to go fold clothes now anyhow. Thank you for reading. Any thoughts, comments, questions, dirty jokes, cheezy pick-up lines or drink recipes, use the comment box below or send me a line at Follow me on Twitter at @doug28352. And well, that’s it for now. Until the next time, who loves ya, baby? Me! That’s who. Have a great one.

Go Eagles!



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