Wrestling Q&A – February 5, 2018

Tossing Salt Presents:
Wrestling Q&A
February 5, 2018

It’s all about the wrestling. You fine folks provide the questions, mainly from the timeline of my Facebook page, and I have the answers. Let’s get right to it and do it, shall we. Let’s go…

Who’s your favorite Wrestler ever and your favorite wrestler now?

For favorite wrestler ever, it’s hard to choose just one or two people, after all I’ve been a fan of the world’s greatest sport since I was walking and that’s a long time. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go over the years. But a few names that immediately come to mind that I will always enjoy and respect and be a fan of include Ole Anderson, The Midnight Express (Eaton and Lane), Harley Race, Arn Anderson, Blackjack Mulligan, Masked Superstar and Ernie “The Cat” Ladd. As for my current favorites, I’d have to go with Kevin Owens, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel.

If you could pick one manager throughout history to be yours, who would you pick?

Again, there are so many great managers out there and who would be best would depend upon am I a heel or face, what territory am I wrestling in, is this from the territory days or the modern day era, etc. I think though if I just had to choose one, regardless of the surrounding situations, I’d go with Jim Cornette. Having Corny as your manager, be it as a face or heel, meant instant credibility and also a chance to work with Bobby Eaton and the Midnight Express at some point. That would be a win-win for anyone.

Name 2 wrestlers currently signed to WWE you can’t wait to see on the main roster.

I’m guessing that you’re talking about currently in NXT that haven’t made their main roster debuts yet. I’m looking forward to Drew McIntyre when he gets called up. I’m also interested in seeing what Andrade “Cien” Almas is able to do when he eventually gets called up to the main roster.

It’s May 1997..RAW and Nitro are on at the same time, which do you watch?

I watched Nitro while my VCR recorded RAW. Then I’d go to work (I worked 3rd shift back then) and my VCR would record the replay of Nitro. And then, in the morning, I’d have tapes of both RAW and Nitro to watch at my leisure.

Do you think the New Day has run its course? Can you see one of them turning heel, a la Seth Rollins in the Shield? Who do you think would have the most success in singles?

Xavier Woods seems to me to be the most likely to have major success as a singles star and would be great as either a heel or face. If and when the New Day finally splits, I think Woods would be the one to keep an eye on and would have the biggest push.

Would AJ Styles have kept his name in WWE if AJ Lee was still with the company?


And there you go. Another one in the books. Comments, thoughts and questions are welcome and appreciated. Thank you for reading. Until the next time, have a great one, stay safe and take care. Love ya – mean it.


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